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  1. So Burn Together is not designed for the purpose you are trying to use it for What you are looking to use is the Wing Commander module built into BDAc ... Consult the in game BDPedia (KSPedia) for detailed instructions on how to use this feature You can also see an example of Wing Commander in action by watching the video below:
  2. Ok ... give me a chance to change my fuel loadout then before you start the competition I'll be home in a couple hours and can do it unless you want to do it for me ... there are 3 Mk1 liquid fuel tanks on either side of the Kaiju, empty the two forwards ones and the 2 rearward ones and she is ready to go under the new rules
  3. It isn't required It says 'mods allowed' .... nothing about a requirement
  4. I now present for your approval the CANUKWorks Kaiju P2 ... It has been added to the competition hangar Craft file: Video:
  5. It is always best to manually install BDAc as there are issues with AVC and CKAN You can find all the links and information needed to properly install BDAc in the OP of our thread:
  6. This was fun ... Here's my HOG driving down the runway hitting over 83m/s Done in my BDAc environment but fully stock with no part configs other than the Camo from DCK EDIT: 3 laps coming soon to a video near you
  7. Methinks it is You can attach the floats (if you use floats) to decouplers that have been set to stage when the landing gear is triggered (Should still work without landing gear on the craft) ... That is if decoupling floats is allowed It handles it quite nicely ... You don't even need floats
  8. BDMk22? Works fine in 1.2.2
  9. Murphy's Oil Soap Law
  10. The only people who can fix ckan issues are the group taking care of ckan ... would you ask a performance racing garage mechanic in Huston to fix the pot holes on a street in Dallas? If you use ckan you're bound to have problems unless that is how you play KSP ... if installing mods and other dependancies like win-doh's update is your cup of tea then I can see how it might be enjoyable If you manage to get your modlist working that is how you win, yes?
  11. This is a good example of why people should buy directly from the KSP store and not steam
  12. I'd like to see another 'Stress Out The Devs' challenge My entry
  13. @MinimalMinmus - Fantastic, this is what I am talking about Make a claim and provide the evidence .. no more, no less For the record I wasn't doubting the claim, however nor was I doubting it @Rocket In My Pocket - I wasn't criticising you ... I was just asking for evidence to back up your claim
  14. @Rocket In My Pocket - extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence Citation requested ... what you quoted is not intrinsic evidence, just an opinion until evidence is provided