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  1. Just throwing this out there .... if you are running BDAc v0.11.1.6 and the latest release is 2.1.1, I would guess that you aren't running the latest version of BDAc
  2. At the speed that a railgun fires its projectile it may as well be water Watch this, explains the concept being discussed here better than I could
  3. You're looking for a mass driver, not a cannon as @SpannerMonkey(smce) mentioned above Here's a link that may be of interest:
  4. You will find the download in the OP of the following thread: Scroll down and open the second spoiler - BDAc Family Mod links
  5. DCK is seperate from BDAc, however I will be doing some of the BDAc parts (some already done) Possibly, although it would be a lot of work ... Please stand by
  6. @Raptor22 - Unity has issues with finding shaders when you force opengl ... don't use the force opengl switch and BDAc will work fine
  7. @NotAnAimbot - My question is how is one supposed to launch their crafts when the KSC is supposed to be the area of operations if the only launch site is at the KSC? Perhaps setting up your defenses at the Island airport may be a better idea as it would allow a person to set up their 3 crafts and go in for an attack See the videos below:
  8. You need to install Firespitter seperately and you only need the pickle (the .dll) ... you will also be required to download module manager seperately for the time being This is just the first iteration of DCK ... I have started work on some BDAc parts and plan to make the camo patterns seamless so as to make each part flow into the other
  9. Not sure but I'm fairly confident in my assumption that Canada is habitable and wouldn't require 'paraterraforming' as you call it Plus methinks that someone would be hard pressed to appropriate Canadian lands in order to try and prevent overpopulation ... if you need to do this you are already overpopulated On that note, the last time someone came to 'appropriate' Canada we roasted marshmallows over some white house that was on fire ... actually, IIRC, we did that twice As for how many people the planet can support ... well that is a big question and people who are smarter than me figured out that to maintain a stable ecosystem planetwide it would require the human population on earth to drop by 70% or more. The reason for this is not that apparent, however it can be summed up by simply thinking about all the other life on the planet that we eat How many cows, sheep, goats and chickens are needed to sustain the worlds population ... did you know that cow farts are a substantial contributor to global warming (methane is a greenhouse gas) The planet Earth is a living organism with which we humans (as well as all 'life') share a symbiotic existence with ... the problems we face with the planet warming, the great barrier reef being declared 'dead', holes in the ozone layer of our atmosphere, severe weather, earthquakes (caused by fraking), acidification of the oceans, air pollution, antibiotic resistant viruses/germs, the accelerated extinction of various living organisms, massive starvation in parts of the world, aquifers drying up, massive toxic algae blooms in the pacific ocean and many more 'planetary' issues are directly or indirectly caused by human overpopulation and greed @Frybert summed it up nicely:
  10. I suspect that any engine from the allowed mods is good although it's JR's call CKAN is likely the culprit ... when installing BDAc it is best to manually install Also vessel switcher has been integrated into BDAc as of v0.2.0.0 and CKAN may have installed the unintegrated version alongside BDAc which would cause conflicts Not unless you set yourself up some Kerbal Konstructs launch points I made a probe that would float and survive re-entry then used the orbit cheat to put me around Laythe ... after I landed the probe on Laythe I made a save and used Vessel Mover to spawn the crafts CKAN I recommend that you go to the BDAc teams thread and manually download and install the mods from the links provided in the OP Hope this helps
  11. Here's one for you
  12. Yes, a weapons manager is required in order for your weapons to work Consult the in game BDPedia (KSPedia) for detailed information concerning the operation of BDAc
  13. Vessel switcher has been integrated into BDAc as of v0.2.0.0 ... no need to download it as a seperate mod anymore Please read the release notes spoiler in the OP of our thread If you have further questions feel free to contact the team in our thread ... We shouldn't fill up this challenge thread with support questions
  14. The weapon parts and ammo are in BDAc, however the engines are from KAX or Firespitter .. not sure which one
  15. Physics Range Extender is bundled with BDAc. As for vessel mover, the link can be found in the OP of our thread (in the second last spoiler at the bottom of the post)