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  1. So I tested this a fair bit and it appears that the reliable load distance limit is around 20Km or so between craft that are 'landed' although there has been reports of 30Km distances without a RUD between craft that are 'splashed down' ... I'm not sure, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but it appears that the distance that KSP has for loading terrain is round abouts a 20Km radius There is one caveat to this which is between the KSC and the Island Airport. It appears that the KSC runway and the Island Airport runway stay loaded in memory or load at the same time as the craft loads when switching between crafts at distances over 20Km Evidence of this can be replicated by using Vessel Mover to place a craft at the Island Airport, loading another craft on the KSC runway then switching to the other craft at the Island and watching how the ground spawns a fraction of a second slower than the craft and runway Anyways, hope this gives you some insight into the terrain loading issue
  2. There's no problem with your posts, especially since BDAc v0.2.0.0 was released today ... If you or anyone come across issues feel free to post in this thread, however we ask that you open an issue on Github if it appears that it is a bug (Issues Link: On another note, here's a video that shows some of what you can do with the physics extender that @jrodriguez came up with ... Competition mode between the Island Airport and the KSC anyone?
  3. If it can land and take off on water I don't see why it wouldn't work If it needs to take off from the ground you might have some problems as there ain't much land on Laythe, let alone places that are long and flat enough to take off
  4. She floats, she flies, she survives atmospheric entry, can mine and refine fuel herself as well as being able to serve a secondary role as a fuel depot ... I now present for your approval, the CANUKWorks Can Can 177 Room for 14 Kerbals (I may add a couple command lawn chairs and maybe a fishing rod or two) Full Science Package 4 Large Drills 2 Large Converters Massive Fuel Capacity 3 Goliath Turbofan Engines Red Lights Takeoff Speed: 88 meters per second
  5. So me gots to wonderin aboot how much space KSP actually takes up on my system, so I clicked on my Kerbal directory that contains everything related to Kerbal ...... 199 Gigs of data in that one directory
  6. No actually, I'm not missing the point Did Squad say that the languages that the have done the localization for are the end all be all of the languages that they are going to do? Didn't think so .... Have you ever been on a software development team that not only is localizing their software but also have performed a refactoring of said software ... if you had then you would have a better understanding of what this entails let alone the fact that the refactor that they have done will make it much easier to add more languages (such as the other ones that they have said they plan to do) And if you see what I said as whining, then perhaps you should use some critical thinking and analyze some of your own posts for examples of what whining is .... I congradulated someone for proving that MOSL is a real thing, that's not whining Squad said that they plan on doing 9 languages and they have added 4 so far Citation below: Methinks you've missed my point since even if they did manage to get all 9 done, which they would be hard pressed to do, there would still be MOSL types complaining about whatever they could find in order to feel rightous in their complaint That is all
  7. Wow ... seems my Murphy's Oil Soap Law is totally on the money No matter what you do someone is going to complain that it isn't enough ... good for you @mustard, you've just proved the validity of my theorem Keep on keepin on Squadies ... don't let the MOSL people get you down Fantastic job so far
  8. Well here is the craft file .... Good Luck A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away ....... Anywho, I am making a few small additions to the Can Can ... That would be a small refinery and a couple small drills so that you can roll up out of the water on the landing gear and refuel
  9. The localization effort and especially the refactoring of many thousands of lines of code is quite the achievement in such a short time ... This has also provided an opportunity for the newer members of the Squad team to get their hands dirty working with the KSP code ... I have great confidence that Squad will continue to bring us many new goodies in the future This is what 1.3 has brought in addition to my prediction below I'll just leave this here .....
  10. Hi @Kroltz, welcome to the forum I thought I'd share the link to the BDArmory Continued thread as Baha has taken a leave of absence since last summer The BDAc team has updated BDA Continued to KSP v1.2.2 and will be releasing another update in the near future with some additional goodies to play with The team has also released updated versions of many Baha mods such as Vessel Mover, Camera Tools, BDMk22 and Improved Chase Camera (among others) ... Here is our thread which contains links to all of the mods maintained by the team: Keep on blowing stuff up ... it is the Kerbal way after all Great video by the way
  11. Kerbin has no axial tilt which makes every day/night cycle on Kerbin the same ... therefore it is not possible to have the same timing for an equinox since it is the axial tilt of earth that creates an equinox If every day has the same daytime length vs nightime length then you can't have an equinox as every day is the same as the last in terms of light cycle
  12. Yeah, I drove right into the shallows and hit the surface below the water before I hit 88m/s Ladders: check Red Lights: check Refueling ports: check ... although they aren't at the water line due to the tendancy for the ports to explode on landing in the water. I placed 2 sheided docking ports at the rear of each pontoon (you can see them in the video) There is also a complete science package onboard I can provide the file but I seriously doubt you will succeed in landing the Dooblydoo without it RUDing into a beautiful disaster ... I came up with the Can Can due to myself being unable to get the Dooblydoo to survive entry into Laythe's atmosphere (terribly unbalanced in flight) Getting it into LKO and to Laythe is not that difficult .... As we would say at SPAR: "We can always get it up ... Getting it back down, now that's where you run into problems"
  13. I'll just leave this here ...
  14. @Cunjo Carl - Did you guys still want/need a science exploration vessel? I now present the CANUKWorks Can Can ... Still testing but it floats, it flies, survives atmospheric re-entry and has all the comforts a Kerbal could ask for except the fishing rod
  15. Aliens vs Predator in KSP?