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  1. Agreed. Same, I bought KSP in July 2013. All in all, this DLC idea is an absolutely horrible idea, as a free update or a free DLC, it would be great, as a paid DLC, it's a terrible idea. Even if SQUAD does release the DLC as a paid DLC, which I'm hoping will not happen, using the Paradox free updates when a DLC is released model would be great (but still not as good as releasing the DLC as a free update.)
  2. In full seriousness, great work on the story! And, @daniel l., great work on the cover!
  3. Happy birthday!
  4. Hi salty


    1. AlmostNASA






    2. CAKE99


      Lol, who are you on Discord?

    3. AlmostNASA



      THE ORCA

  5. Nope. @max_creative
  6. Nope. @max_creative
  7. Nope. @SparkyFox
  8. totm

    I am fluent in English. Ich sprechen ein klein teil von Deutsche (I speak a small part of German). I know a tiny bit of Russian, but less than the amount of German I know.
  9. I chose my avatar (Alucard from Hellsing Ultimate) because Hellsing Ultimate is a great anime, and it's a great sauce of avatars.
  10. In HoI4, that game, there is a command that allows you to start a civil war of any ideology in any country, I was using it, and I accidentally used it on myself.
  11. At it was said that you are maintaining BDArmoury, however, the thread URL in that post says " Sorry, we can't show this content because you do not have permission to see it." , I've been to that thread (BDArmoury Continued) before, but I can't access it now, do you know what happened to it?


  12. The Tor Browser routes your internet traffic through 3 nodes, the traffic is encrypted the entire way from your device to the exit node, where it is decrypted and sent to the target website, in other words it can be used to bypass website blocks, it is also completely free and open source.
  13. You walk around, avoid the rocks, pick up green things by walking through them, find a portal, there are a bunch of green/red dots on it, if there are any red dots, DO NOT go through the portal, you win the game when you go through a fully green portal, you make the portal moar green by picking up the green things.
  14. Ja! Ich spreche Deutsche! Aber... Seine nicht gut Deutsche...

    Translation: "Yes! I speak German! But... It's not good German..."

    For large sentences I have to use Google Translate, which is where I learnt the German I know.

    (For those who don't know, this is related to TRS's location)

    1. The Raging Sandwich

      The Raging Sandwich

      Cool! I'm taking a German class at school, so I don't know too much either.

    2. NSEP


      I know a little German because it is simulair to Dutch, my native language. I still poop at it in school.