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  1. I had similar issues with this combo. I observed the ALG wheels would continue to glow after landing while Collision Effects was installed. I ended up abandoning that install for other reasons so I never unraveled that mystery.
  2. Cool Idea! maybe instead of Ven's maybe build in Porkjets revamp parts?
  3. Does anyone know why Falcon uses cold gas thrusters on the Falcon instead of SuperDracos?
  4. Uh oh, whats actually in those tanks of LIQUID Oxygen? I've definitely noticed the weird burnout/obsession loop with KSP. Lately I haven't had the big blocks of time to devote to playing the game so I spend my time lurking on the forum, updating mod (that I don't get to play with) then wondering why I spend so much time maintaining and worrying about a game that I rarely get to even play...
  5. Sorry to be obscure @Tex, just a little homebrewer humor. I applaud your efforts both at self improvement and analysis. Also, (as a homebrewer) I really think that learning to make something (usually edible in my case) that you love, so if you love soda, try making your own. You would never be able to add as much sugar into your own as a store bought soda has.
  6. I prefer to let yeast predigest my sugar water.
  7. Definitely not as cool as an X-20, but I've recently wanted more realish communication and military satellite parts. I always end up sticking lots of extra antennas and stuff on just to get the payload up to a resonable mass.
  8. I play on a ultrabook style Lenovo laptop and it works well enough. Major upside on my system is the SSD hard drive which loads the game very fast. Major downside is the Intel virtual graphics card which means I can't use graphics mods like Scatterer without a big hit to performance. Oh and an external mouse is helpful.
  9. What mod are you using to add Hydrazine? I don't see Real Fuels on your mod list and thats the only mod I've used which adds that. You might have better luck in the thread of the appropriate mod.
  10. Which mod?
  11. It works with just Firespitter (and USI). I don't know if it has exactly the same functionality... but it switches fuels and colors.
  12. Been there .
  13. I haven't played RO in 1.2, so I may not be up to date, but... Do you have MechJeb installed? If so, is it trying to throttle down at a certain dynamic pressure or acceleration? That will cause the engine to shut down and since it is not restartable, you would get that message. If that is the case, turn those MJ setting off and you should be good.
  14. TWR is a ratio, so either increase your Thrust, or decrease your Weight. In the context of KRE, you want to try to land with as little extra weight as possible. Assuming you don't change your engines, you can keep TWR high by landing no extra fuel.