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  1. @Lord_Archaic, you are on the right track with your design but it needs a few adjustments. The main problem is that the rear wheels are too far back. This will prevent you from being able to pull the nose up and lift off the ground. Take a look at some real planes or load up one of the stock example craft and you will see that the rear wheels are usually attached below and just behind the center of mass. This allows the center of mass to easily pivot. also, the fixed wheels are difficult to tune, you may have better luck with the retractable gear.
  2. Is it snowing?
  3. What a week! I just started a new job and had to catch up with the action. It sounds like the crash was somewhat controlled, so I guess there is no question of negligence on Jen's part is there?
  4. And then there is weather like this... too hot for planes! The question (for any mod that adds realism) is: does this make it more fun? The answer of course depends on the player. A weather mod would add a bit of piloting difficulty, but also a lot of scheduling and logistical work. Is that more fun? Actually, i used to really want weather in the game, but I think I would be happy with a button that let you set wind speed and direction.
  5. Also, If using a part failure mod, then you could have a partial failure.
  6. @cakepie, thanks for this mod, it is has become (yet another) necessary mod for me, like the docking port indicator on the navball. Do you (or any other users here) have a favorite mod that adds airlock parts to the game?
  7. @FuzzyHead, @LemonSkin, I haven't had this problem but I do know that recent Versions of Kopernicus have been altering the stock solar panel module. Do you have Kopernicus?
  8. It might be better if it ONLY worked from the tracking station.
  9. I've not experienced this, but I haven't done a lot of crewed rover trips.
  10. Are you using a life support mod?
  11. Thanks, I did figure that out. Is there a reason to auto apply continuously rather than just when the Build button gets clicked?
  12. This sounds like it could be related to a problem I experienced this AM with this aand procedural wings, the game would start to lag wit every adjustment of wing size. Let me know if more info would help.
  13. Hi @Drew Kerman, big fan of KSA. I don't have an answer to your question, but perhaps a workaround. Even though they've improved much in the last releases, I've pretty much given up on the stock gear because I could never figure out what the adjustments were supposed to do, and I would always end up sliding all over the place. I've found that the Adjustable Landing Gear from the Kerbal Foundries mod behave much more like I expect. I've started to reconfigure the gear from that mod to look and work like fixed gear. I remove the steering and motor modules in the config and change the strut and wheel rotation limits to allow for the struts to be angled 45-60 degrees so they stick out like the stock fixed gear Limitations are that the gear are still retractable so I have remember remove it from the action group or at least not to hit "G". Also the gear bays are still visible so you have to clip them to hide them, but this may be adjustable in the config too, but I haven't gotten that far yet.
  14. Great question @XrayLima, got me thinking. What conditions would have to occur before such a mission need be taken? I can think of only two. 1. Capsule is out of fuel and cannot return from orbit 2. Capsule is damaged (i.e. Heat shield or parachute) and would not survive reentry. In in either case, the safest solution would be to send a replacement rescue capsule and abandon the damaged one. This assumes crew could actually transfer between vessels, I don't know if that is possible with current crew vehicles. For the first case, an automated probe that could attach to the "hulk" and deorbit it and then detach would be best. For the second case, I really doubt any hastily assembled in space construction would survive a Kerbin Earth reentry intact. so no, it does not seem plausible to do it this way in reality. But Kerbin is a special place with an easy road to and from space, so they obviously have a different evaluation.