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  1. I'm having an issue where the Instances of statics that I've added do not show up in the KSC screen, but show up when in fligh. Prepacked instances such as @SpannerMonkey(smce)'s Harbors show up fine everywhere. Is there a step I'm missing while saving?
  2. Thank you for this, going to try it now!
  3. This looks awesome! Thanks!
  4. That looks awesome! I've got three more days of finals then I'd love to take that for a test whirl! Do the props keep the craft balanced, or does it need a ton of RCS?
  5. Hey @Ger_space, thanks for keeping this going. I just had a great time beautifying the KSC in Kerbal Landscaping Program with some of @SpannerMonkey(smce)'s great statics. Mostly just putting rocks everywhere.
  6. You might want to check out the Test Flight mod, it goes WAY in depth for part reliability. I have used that in the past in a realism overhaul modded game and found it to be interesting. I just started using this mod and it seems to be far simpler, which I appreciate since I have less time to play lately, but still want to be challenged to design for various failures. Thanks @linuxgurugamer for keeping this going!
  7. Interesting. Maybe kerbals would have a small chance of having a Panic Attack upon being revived.
  8. There are few I've used and one I am looking forward to SSTU The trouble with most of them is that they are too small to be realistically useful to humans. From what I understand, a ring would need to at least around 50m in diameter to provide artificial gravity equivalent to Earth/Kerbin. The only thing I've seen that looks close is from Lack's SXT download
  9. Well, you are kind of stuck in a catch 22, You want to fill up the tech tree but keep your install light weight. You may have to resort to some picking, choosing and moving of things to get it all looking how you want it. As far as lightweight goes, textures seem to be the biggest drain on the RAM limit, however, I would also be more concerned about mods like remote tech than Infernal Robotics, since RT is always running in the background. SXT is the ultimate lightweight mod, however I don't believe it supports the CTT. You might find it rewarding to learn to use Module Manager to customize part configs. For my game, I made patches to move stuff like the Large Mars Habitat and the huge habitat ring to appropriate nodes.
  10. Try updating Modular Flight Integrator to the latest. I think a bad version comes bundled with Kopernicus.
  11. These sound like a great solution for bouncy bases. #4 and 2 sound promising. I would love a totally flexible inflatable passageway, visually similar to those in @Angel-125's Pathfinder mod. Thanks for your work!
  12. There is a button on the bottom of the post that says Insert other media. Looking forward to checking out the new parts!
  13. Also Pathfinder, MOLE, and IXS offer some cool spacedock parts.
  14. I've never heard of such a thing. However, many gameplay mods like KCT and TAC can be turned on/off per save. I don't think that would work for a parts mod though.