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  1. You don't need three copies of CRP... That's not normal.
  2. @linuxgurugamer, this seems like a perfect use for the Stock Upgrades feature, so you wouldn't have to write a new mod. I think mass of all tanks should slightly decrease with progression. Otherwise you only the larger volume tanks, late in the tech tree will benefit. You could add buy the upgrades in tech tree nodes related to materials or production techniques. I was experimenting with something similar in my own game. The upgrade feature is somewhat limited in scope, but it should be easy for simply changing masses with tech progression.
  3. @Ger_space, thank you for all your work on this project! I'm really looking forward to your refinements. FuelTanks: OK for now, but could need some love (more storage options for other materials) This would be a great feature. I would probably have it default to being able to buy any resource, but be able to restrict it to a particular fill when creating a building. Hangars: (they could be better and might get some love soon) Hangers: I have no idea how it works, but Magico13 is currently developing Landing Guide As someone who plays on a small screen (laptop) my biggest challenge using KK has always been how intrusive the UI is. The landing guide and associated features have always taken up too much screen and not been very usable. As someone else said, I would rather see integration with other mods or an ingame way to add landing targets and more Regarding the economic and production features of KK but i've never quite had the time to wrap my head around how it all works. That goes to say, I would be sad to see the feature go, but I'm not sure it would actually affect my gameplay.
  4. A fair portion of that article details NASA's struggle to name it. Why is naming stuff so hard for NASA these days? Its not like they've run out of giant mythical creatures to name things after, yet we end up with the boring SLS, instead of something awe inspiring like... Fezzik. Maybe NASA needs to hire some writers and poets to name these missions.
  5. Well you can place static models on the terrain. If you had a model of a different terrain you could place that. Mostly it is used for adding building, runways etc.
  6. Did you install KerbinSide in addition to Kerbal Konstructs? If so that could potentially cause some weirdness. KerbinSide includes bases all over KERBIN. They probably won't show up at all in GPP but there could be some problems. Can you post a screenshot of these other sites?
  7. Last I played RO was in 1.1.3. In that version, an additional mod, RP-0 (and several more dependencies) was required to play career. With RP-0, The tech tree progression is very well balanced. I haven't heard anything lately about RP-0, I assumed it was waiting for a 1.2.2 release of RO.
  8. Thanks! I will try it out.
  9. I would call that a speedometer, since it is measuring current speed whereas An odometer measures distance travelled.
  10. Does anyone know of a mod that adds an odometer to a wheeled vehicle? Or some other way to determine distance covered across the ground?
  11. I believe you can adjust the transparency in the settings somewhere. I made mine totally clear, so I assume you could make it go the other way.
  12. The wiki has had that same notice on it since I bought the game 2 years ago...
  13. Wow! I guess I never got close enough to one of those antennas to realize how gigantic they are! Thanks for your report.
  14. Kerbal Konstructs allows you to build bases similar to the KSC while in game. Building does require a ship present at the location, but doesn't require resources so you would have to somehow roleplay that aspect. It is a very ambitious mod with a lot of capability, but also a steep learning curve, so be prepared to study the forums a bit for answers.
  15. Are you saying you don't want to use ANY mods? If you are willing to use a mod, look at Sarbian's Smokescreen. Otherwise you can just edit the config files.