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  1. is there any chance that it could in the next update feature a downrage distance setting like mechjebs?
  2. RSAT 1E is into an orbit but it had a partial success due to a second stage failure so the on orbit life by about 3 years.
  3. I am sorry I got a little to into the company battle I didnt mean to upset anyone and I will no longer post on this fourm page. and I Feel stupid about letting this get out of hand and i understand if there are going to be consiquences for my actions.
  4. Dont give up just because someone out there is better than you. keep going because it is fun no matter what and I admit I let this get a little bit out of hand. For that I am sorry. Anyways lets keep going with this it makes no diffrence who gets there first.
  5. anyways why such a gap between launches? My team is working had to meet the scheduled of three launches this month.
  6. RSAT 1D is on orbit at 57.8 Degrees west.
  7. OK you win FOR NOW! However our new rocket is still under tesing and is being finished at the various factories that ISEA uses.
  8. Just wait and see what we have planned next... its going to be big... literally.
  9. Going to try back to back launches with weeks.
  10. We just put a payload into orbit while your sounding rockets are well you get the idea.
  11. RSAT 1D Deploy and confirmed mission sucsess.
  12. (insert dramatic music here)
  13. Forget i posted that