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  1. ISEA's offical website is now up at ISEA's Manifest for 2017 is acsessable on google spreadsheets here
  2. Its not role play.
  3. I am hereby pulling out of this competition untill it transitions to RSS/RO and I am focused on ISEA We are taking payload submission to full about a dozen launch slots this year. So feel free to submit somthing.
  4. I will slash prices and give you a price of 18,500 even with the 10% markup that would be cheaper than the Iridum Lifter. And it is able to carry 2 payloads also and the 18,500 is for a dual launch.
  5. I would like to provide the launch for this payload on the Theta 1 launcher from the Baikerbanur launch site assuming you havent picked a Launch Provider yet.
  6. No you could become a launch provider and compeat against ISEA for contracts. or you can join ISEA asa a staff memeber
  7. ISEA would like to take a look at these rockets when their finalised or You could become a competitor with the ISEA for launch contracts.
  8. @Tristonwilson12 any news on SLC 6 or 37B for this mod?
  9. See the OP for launch controller requirements.
  10. Here is the submission Form. Explore just died after cliff quit so we started this.
  11. The first launcher form the Kerbal Launch Alliance with the first epixnet satilite for a launch to geostationary orbit.
  12. I would like to present the Kerbal Launch Alliance Our first LV the Theata 1 is a mostly recoverable Launcher that is capable of putting payloads into any orbit for up to 25,000 funds. Further launchers are in development.