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  1. Is there a way to change the Kerbin map to an Earth map?
  2. Launch Scrub due to lack of people will try again on a date TBD.
  3. The Real Space Program is working towards the launch of a Zeus rocket on Friday March 3rd with the RSAT 1B payload to Geostationary orbit. This is the First GeoNet spacecraft for the RSAT network we are looking forward to launch. streaming @
  4. A Zeus rocket is being prepared to launch the RSAT 1B spacecraft on March 3rd 2017 to Geostationary orbit. It will be RSP's second launch of 2017 following the anomaly in January.
  5. another weeks delay
  6. we pushed the launch by 1 week
  7. We have a date for RSAT 1D of January 27th 2017 and then 1B in febuary.
  8. Yes we still are on 1.1.3
  9. For all launch team positions pleas apply on our website here;
  10. @KAL 9000 Thanks for your input but we are reviewing all information and the engine was still powering on at the time of cutoff so we cant tell what happend right now. And as for a Taurus RTF we do not know when it is scheduled for and the inaugural flight of Zeus is planned for no earlier than January 27th 2017.
  11. @KAL 9000 You want to be a part of todays launch team?
  12. @sciencepanda Love the look of all the towers
  13. Happy New Year and we would like to announce that our first launch of the year is going to be a Taurus 1A4 carrying RSAT 1C into low earth orbit. Launch will happen on saturday the 14th of january 2017 kicking off a fast paced year for RSP.
  14. What about Delta IV will that still be released?