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  1. Looks like launches have been suspended indefinitely. Definitely will affect ses 15, maybe future launches.
  2. Seems to be labor related, not sure who though.
  3. @SaturnianBlue congrats on finishing your story, and best of luck on your next one
  4. @Galileo just put my first probe in orbit of lili, that was one of the most frustrating experiences ive had in ksp. what is the minimum safe height for lili, considering it is only a couple km smaller than its SOI?
  5. F9 is the first fully reused first stage, STS is the first partially reusable launch system. There really doesn't need to be a page long argument.
  6. TLDR instruments have been tested, areobreaking begins
  7. anyone else catch the new hope reference in the last episode
  8. this we do not speak of
  9. my main crew ferry is similar to daring, I just use the 2.5m heat shield, inflatable seems like overkill
  10. It's obviously a flying saucer. Wake up sheeple! Lol jk
  11. this sounds amusing, please share
  12. Lol whoops, didn't see the 0
  13. Looks like ISRO won't hold on to the most satilites in one launch record for long. Surprised that they are using hlv as a cubesat launcher
  14. It looks like a bullet with fins.
  15. 1. 7 tourists have been on the ISS. 2. Dragon 2 definitely doesn't have the Dv to change inclination from a lunar flyby to the ISS, and definitely couldn't rondesvous to the ISS from a lunar flyby