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  1. are those news reporters set up on the taxi way? seems like it would be pretty easy to blow them off with one of the jet engines just say it was an accident
  2. ah I didn't know about it fitting in the service compartment. thanks
  3. @Angel-125 great mod however i wish the oms kit came with an optional interstage faring
  4. Hmm so it sounds like the dead kraken secretly merged with thompberry?
  5. Fair warning, Lili, the shepherd moon makes Gilly look like Eve in terms of gravity/soi. Also your probe will be in darkness for over half it's orbit so be sure to pack lots of solar panels and batteries
  6. it can drive them in the background as well (you can timewarp or do other missions)
  7. Looks like another transit is occurring Hype!
  8. After realizing our latest Mars orbiter was launched outside the transfer window we decided to send it to Venus instead
  9. This is a note about one of the celestial bodies, author do not read
  10. As far as your Rover goes in would recommend the bon voyage mod, adds Rover autopilot
  11. thanks, also I cant seem to find that carrer saver thing anywhere, is it not on the FP?
  12. Do gas giants have biomes in this? Otho window is coming up, debating how to allocate the probes.
  13. Actually STS-135 was the last ISS assembly mission
  14. Yeah, Elon musk said in the comments they recovered it though
  15. infinite money? not sure how physics would react to something of infinite mass. my gut says everything would turn into a singularity fast, but I don't have the skills to figure out what would happen.