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  1. Laroqe supposedly broke up during areocapture. However given the boards shining record of honesty, there is small chance that they are alive.
  2. Also they found a repeating plume on Europa on top of a thermal anomaly Depends on what we find
  3. There are hydrothermal vents similar to those on earth on encladeaus!!
  4. 10 minutes till it starts
  5. Negative mass has been created in a lab.
  6. delta 4 heavy with a star 48 third stage, and a bunch of venus flybys
  7. considering that the board plans to send some of these kerbs on a suicide mission, I would be surprised if they didn't have some sort of fate worse than death that they could use as leverage against camwise or whoever he threatens/decives into going along with his scheme
  8. NASA scientists plan to make an announcement regarding extraterrestrial water. Several members of the cassini team are going to be involved, so maybe something to do with encladeaus
  9. We discovered a methane/water vapor atmosphere on a super earth with only 1.6 earth Mass and 1.4 earth radius, the smallest yet. Link
  10. um why was the whole booster trying to dock with the ISS?
  11. guys, @Kuzzter doesn't seem dumb enough to make a major announcement like this on april 1st. He probably just had something come up.
  12. This is amazing
  13. 4 candidates! Hype!
  14. No, the planned orbit doesn't have a focus at earths center of mass