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  1. Propulsion sounds interesting, though i know the dres fandom will say otherwise
  2. Bringing this somewhat back on topic, another group of researchers thinks there's a different planet 9 in the outer solar system at 55 au
  3. What planet pack(s) are you using?
  4. Orbital tested the launch abort motor yesterday
  5. Also kestrel is a vacuum engine and has an ablatively cooled throat, not good for reusability
  6. Nano racks main business is deploying cubesats from the ISS and selling lab services they sent up there
  7. Looks like this idea got back revived, I'm seeing a lot of problems with it but i hope it works
  8. Looks like Elon has confirmed that the launch of f9 heavy will be in 4 months
  9. Looks like spaceflight 101's mistake, rocosmos's video has the smoke
  10. Um no, because that would say that they are in the same position
  11. huh a couple of these people are still somewhat active
  12. That diagram is from the article in the first post, pretty sure that he is referring to retrograde moons which are really common