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  1. I can't tell what those screenshots are showing. Are you taking a picture with a phone?(probably doesn't help that I'm on a phone right now) Why not just use F1? It stores screenshots in the screenshots folder in your KSP directory.
  2. I have been getting an itch to play the original Fable again. Looks like it and all of its DLCs are on sale.. well, here goes my attempt to escape KSP for a while
  3. @Snark thanks for the feedback! I haven't played much in terms of a career, but I would probably be a little disappointed by the lack of a reward. We can change that for GPP Eventually, Grannus won't be alone, and there will be many science points to gather. There is no release time for that expansion though, so for the time being we could definitely raise it I think
  4. UPDATE Version Made some sounds louder so that they can actually be heard in game. Blame my headphones DOWNLOAD
  5. That is by design. When I took over SVE a year ago, I made it look more realistic as opposed to a big flying purple kerbal eater.
  6. After reading about the scenarios, the answer is still no. Those are built into the game and I can't change them.
  7. What do you mean? If you are talking about tutorial scenarios, then no. There is nothing I can do. GPP is not intended for newer players. By the time someone stumbles upon GPP, they should probably have an idea of what they are doing. If this isn't what you are referring to, then you will have to explain more, because a "scenario" is not a common term thrown around in KSP
  8. You can use Photoshop or Gimp to do a batch convert to dds so you don't have to do each one individually. I recommend Gimp. It's faster than Photoshop when converting. there are also some stand alone programs you can use to convert your textures. This is also a pretty good program to use: it was made for Skyrim, but it works with anything really. AND it does automatic back up which is really nice
  9. Oh I see. I have had it happen too, I just thought you were saying it could have happened in this case I gotcha now
  10. Icarus was a combination of 3 different maps that I bought. The ridge that wraps itself around Icarus was from one map, the veins and some other formations were from another, all laid on top of a rather bland grey map. There was a lot of feathering and blending and blurring. Icarus is my first map I have ever put together and took me longer than any other map by 3 weeks at least. The rest of the maps were either bought or much easier to edit. Icarus is really the belle of the ball
  11. We may never know... but history and evidence point to lazy.
  12. it's actually really simple and I intend on making a tutorial page one day so everyone can use the same techniques I did. But just as @Snark said, I used a lot of tutorials that I found through Google and made changes to suit my needs. Before GPP, nearly all planet packs sported a stock-a-like style to their textures. RSS was the exception, but those textures weren't made from imagination and were readily available through multiple sources. I feel like I had to pioneer some new techniques to get the results i wanted in KSP, but really what I am doing here isn't any different than what you can find all over the internet. It just hadn't been done in KSP yet. Some of my textures I actually didn't make myself, but I paid for them to speed up development, as I was at a point in my life where ksp was going to be cut out entirely. Fortunately, that didn't happen and the textures I bought are great. Anyway, when it comes to the islands that have recently been found, many were necessary for one reason or another. On Gael, they were for the CommNet stations or anomalies. Other times it was because a particular place in the ocean looked too empty. So, instead of just drawing out a new island, I thought it would be cool to use real land masses from real maps. I honestly didn't think any one would ever notice, and for the most part I have been right If the demand for a tutorial is high enough, I can make that happen sooner than later.
  13. Ha! You and @OhioBob are the only ones who have found things like this! I have sprinkled a couple other real land masses in there, but none were intended to be Easter eggs. Good find! OhioBob found Madagascar lol
  14. You don't generate a biome map. You make one in Photoshop or whatever image editing program you use.