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  1. the link I posted is a bit dated, but it works. also try a different browser because the updated link posted by scart works fine for me.
  2. Just posted one page back and in the op, and in the readme
  3. Any text editor will open it (notepad, word) just right click and click "open with" and choose notepad.
  4. If you do decide to try it, Just know that the compatibility patch for GPP to work with KSS is not an official patch from the GPP team and is largely untested by the GPP team. I have no idea if it will break your career. From what I have been told, the code was taken directly from Galactic Neighborhood, and it includes bits of code that is only relevant to Galactic Neighborhood, and may cause issues with kopernicus.
  5. Far too many bodies in my opinion. That alone would scare me away, but with that tool above, you can easily do it yourself
  6. @kraden @AG5BPilot It was separated so that in the future when GPP is updated, you won't have to download a 600mb file, only a 300mb because you will already have the textures. It's also so I don't have to upload a 600mb file every time I have to update. And always read the readme file included in the download. It's also mentioned in the change log in the OP: Separated all base textures into one directory (GPP_Textures\ ) and its own download to ease the downloads of further releases. Initial load time of KSP will take a little longer (Not too long), however, Mac and Linux users can now use .dds textures and save some ram. I concede, the instructions aren't as explicit as in the readme, but it was mentioned.
  7. That's not a compatibility issue with any mod. That is an issue with OpenGL systems (Mac and Linux), and how KSPRC is structured. OpenGL systems do not like textures being in a "PluginData" folder. To fix this, you have to move the textures out of the "PluginData" folder and in to a new location. I would just create a new folder an call it "textures" to keep it simple. Then you must change all of the directories in the cfgs to match the new location of the textures. Also KSPRC doesn't need Kopernicus expansions, it was just a cool mod that added more visual stuff. Doesn't hurt to not have it.
  8. Just use Sigma Dimensions.
  9. Yep you are still using PQSMods{} instead of just Mods{} and you need to check the opening brackets on those PQS mods. You are not using an opening bracket, instead you are closing then closing again.
  10. Yes from the GPP readme: Recommended mods with support for or by GPP Environmental Visual Enhancements - min-version: 1.2-2 Scatterer - min-version: 0.0300 TextureReplacer Distant Object Enhancements PlanetShine JX2 Large Antenna Kerbalism Strategia RemoteTech MechJeb ResearchBodies Waypoint Manager Decal Stickers USI Constellation
  11. I am very happy that non English speakers will now be able to enjoy the game as much as I do, but as a native English speaker, it's hard to show excitement for the localization update even if I wanted to. It's wonderful that it's happening, but the waiting game is getting a little dull and I think that has put a damper on the enthusiasm for the patch. On the plus side, the longer 1.2.2 lingers around, the longer the mods aren't broken!