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  1. ok i see the issue. im fixing it now
  2. RSS expanded is a different mod that adds the missing bodies in RSS. constellations may do the same thing.
  3. Be sure to install the latest kopernicus from the kopernicus thread. Do not include kopernicus that in bundled in RSS
  4. I still dont know what you are talking about. Im not getting this issue. I just tried with the alternate cfg on version 1.1 and have zero issues.
  5. I didnt raise the land anywhere. The issue is with kopernicus. I believe the dev know but there is no fixing it.
  6. I have no idea what going on in your game. I just landed on thalia over and over and never had it disappeared.
  7. Can this thread be moved to addon releases?
  8. Awesome! Thanks!
  9. The mods need to stay as is. Many mods rely on the proper directory or they won't work. Putting them into new folders will break almost everything
  10. It's too much to explain in a single post. Basically you create a new cfg to tell module manager what other cfgs to target and edit. This is the best place to look to figure out MM
  11. HOT FIX Change Log: v0.0.2.1 Fixed performance issue on Titan Fixed Scatterer cfgs for Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Mars. Atmosphere tweaks Current state is PRERELEASE. Please look for bugs INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS included in download DOWNLOAD @linuxgurugamer mind lending me a hand at putting this on CKAN?
  12. I would wait about an hour before downloading. Some pretty important things had to change. so im about to upload....again and for the last time today
  13. QUICK UPDATE Stock Size Real Solar System v0.0.2 Change Log: Fixed exception spam around Saturn Increased Enceladus and Mimus' SOI Fixed install instructions Current state is PRERELEASE. Please look for bugs INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS are included in the download DOWNLOAD
  14. i actually thought about that.. its a really cool name