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  1. Latest Release v0.2.3 v0.2.3 Updated To KSP 1.3 Added New Custom Plugin - CSI Tools Added Docking Feature To Kontainers & Rear Truss Added New Docking Port - Size 3 (To Match Kontainers) Removed USI Weight Balancing Features Added New Custom Weight Balancing Feature Fixed Crew Transfer Bugs (for good this time) Added Temp IVA's For All Crewed Parts Added New Custom Animated Docking Port PartModule New Docking Feature 5m Kontainer Docking Ports Integrated Into Rear Truss. Deliver Kontainers at your destination and bring back empties.
  2. I decided i wanted more features, so i'm still working on the plugin, here's a teaser
  3. @taniwha I just wanted to let you know I've included parts and configs for EL in my mod.
  4. That's a nice blurry image. What are we looking at?
  5. I don't believe you can use :FOR[MaErDa] because you do not have a mod(C# Assembly/.dll) called 'MaErDa'. Might be wrong though. So what i think is happening is MM is looking for a dll called MaErDa, does not find it, and so does NOT apply your patch.
  6. I managed to remove the remaining issues with the animated docking port module last night as well as compiling everything to be 1.3 compatible, doing some last polishing and should be able to get the new release out later tonight . I can also confirm the crew transfer issue is also resolved, you can now transfer crew between all parts using the stock crew transfer functions, god that one was annoying.
  7. I'm really sorry to hear that. I've made a pledge to try and assist. It's not much but it's sustainable. Keep up the good work.
  8. Ok, so I've been a little quiet for a while because I've been trying to find a working system to allow the Kontainers to be docked to the rear truss(and learn C#). Unfortunately the USI-Tools weight balancing feature seems to be suffering a stock bug, and really isn't designed to deal with docking ports(it was never designed to be used this way at all). So, I've wrote a new weight balancing part module from scratch. It deals perfectly with docking ports and so far during testing the latest version is working perfectly and removes ALL of the bugs with the old system. I'll be polishing off the docking port model, textures and configs and i'll be ready for a 0.3.0 release for the new features with my first plugin
  9. Welcome to the forums. The crew portraits is due to the IVA's not being completed yet. I'll put in some stock ones in the next release as place holders for you. I'm still struggling with the hangar support. I'm aware of the issue with redocking craft, I'm working on it. Thanks for the report
  10. Another quality work of art from @DiscoSlelge You should go check out the rest of his work!
  11. My god, they are all so beautiful!
  12. As i said i don't pretend to understand it but I'm sure if it was that easy it would have been done.
  13. Yeah careful organisation is the Key when working with that many layers, this texture is the culprit, the source file is 4k but the mod release only includes a 2k version https://github.com/dboi88/CSI-Cargo-Freighter/blob/master/FOR_RELEASE/GameData/CoyoteSpaceIndustries/Freighter/Parts/FreighterShared001.dds most of the layers went into the surface details. Oh that sounds good, (the fact you can tweak everything in photoshop) I'll take a look at the tutorials before installing then, thanks for the advice. I don't pretend to fully understand it but IIRC all the KSP shaders are custom and mostly custom to deal with part highlighting (when the part glows green when you hover over it) which means any PBR shaders would have to be custom created for KSP which i believe to be a very difficult job.
  14. I've noted there is a Substance Painter 2 free trail, I might give it a go and see what it can do with it. But I really enjoy physical painting all the different elements and layers in photoshop though so i'm not sure it'd be as fun. With modding being only a hobby i'm not sure i'd call them affordable though lol. 20 Seconds? The main texture file for my freighter hull has over 6000 layers, is over 1.5gb and takes nearly 10 minutes to load, I'd love a 20 second load time.