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  1. This is block colours + basic shading This is with the detail work
  2. UV on the engine is done and all the base colours, time to start detailing
  3. You kept this quiet. Nice job! I love the new parts.
  4. Tonight's work on the engine/mount, with an incorporated viewing deck for overseeing the cargo operations
  5. Got to justify those hab multipliers somehow
  6. @Urses @RoverDude @plausse Thank you for your kind words, they help to keep me motivated. Ok, so after some discussion with @Nertea and @Angel-125 I've decided to take their advice and redo the rear engine mount/engine and command pod completely. My skills have come a long way since i modeled them a few months ago and i can do much better. The engines are going to be more sci-fi orientated, something like this. I'm not sure on the exterior of the command pod yet but i'm going to base the shape around having a IVA command deck with this sort of layout.
  7. This is going into my main career save as soon as I get time to play again. Gorgeous!
  8. @RoverDude that new module looks amazing *drools on the keyboard*
  9. More progress shots
  10. I would be more than happy to include/work with anyone who wanted to provide translations in any of my projects.
  11. I know how he feels though. it literally took me weeks to get my first fs texture switch working and it was my own model!
  12. I'm aware, i just didn't want to confuse OP any further.
  13. You should only have one object name. The name of the mesh you are switching.
  14. Cheers! I'm finally starting to feel like things are coming together.
  15. Don't throw out any part mods because the models and art work were low quality, if it was a good idea implemented badly it'd be something i'd be interested in redoing. I'm excited to see what might be in there