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  1. No, this is still a 4000 ton freighter, put 50 tons of shuttle off center in the hanger bay and you'd notice almost no difference at all. This is correct, and i REALLY wanted to have this ready for release, but unfortunately after following the given instructions something isn't working and I'm hoping Allista has the time to read my messages and provide some support at some point. I have absolutely no idea why that would be. Maybe something to do with autostruts? I'll be completely honest, i'm also finding it EXTREMELY difficult to obtain in the quantities i expected. I might switch to Karbonite. This Eeloo support network is a tad more difficult to set up than Minmus. I won't be doing any legs/vtol engines. I love shuttles too much. In regards to the modules, i'd honestly love to be able to do that but i just can't come up with any reasonable ideas on how to achieve this. I'm open to all suggestions. This is the current issue with the 'Hanger' support It calculates everything correctly but then won't let me load anything no matter the size into the bay.
  2. You could watch the review Kobbottas did as well, he shows how everything connects together. This is a really cool ship, but it looks like a bioship, the aesthetics don't fit this mod. I'd imagine this would be something that Kerbals might 'grow' 1000 years in the future, my mod is more like the next step up from the current Stock parts being what a Kerbal might construct 100 years into the future. Moderation note: a comment has been removed to prevent an argument. It didn't break any rules, but it was part of a larger problem. No penalty was assessed about it.
  3. Well no. I should have been clearer on that. The weight balancing only works when the part is a leaf part and only moves the weight one step down the tree, so you couldn't balance the weight of a module through 1 or more docking ports/parts. So docking ports are fine depending on the intended use.
  4. I was just making the point that artstyles aren't limited to the old vs new gen tools and techniques.
  5. Go for it! They're basic attach nodes so depending on Mod's they could be swapped out(KAS), no docking ports though, that'd break the weight balancing.
  6. I meant the art style, not the modelling and texturing process. You can make textures in your style without PBR shaders and you can make textures that are stockalike while using PBR shaders. Heck, take a look at the unreleased work from PorkJet that was using PBR shaders, they are absolutely glorious. In regards to KSP upgrading to PBR i can absolutely completely guarantee you that is not happening with the DLC pack, and i'd also bet my mortgage that it never will be implemented. Here's a blank module that i sent someone a while ago, this will give you the dimensions for the module slots. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_nRjcqonDoUUVk5NEhROF9KSEk/view?usp=sharing I can't guarantee i'll use anything but i'm looking forward to seeing what you might come up with.
  7. Cheers i'll take a look at those tonight
  8. I wouldn't agree with that, modelled or flat with normals would both work perfectly well on something like that. They look modelled and they look damn good(I'll be even more impressed if they are just normals) i'd be interested in the knowing the poly count if it is all modelled. I think i'll download when available and take a good luck at the models and textures, these look really good!
  9. Are those details in the inside modelled?
  10. To be fair that's exactly what i would have expected trying to land a 100m long 4000 ton freighter on the Mun If you want you could replace the engine.cfg with this version which should resolve the issues https://raw.githubusercontent.com/dboi88/CSI-Cargo-Freighter/master/FOR_RELEASE/GameData/CoyoteSpaceIndustries/Freighter/Parts/Engine.cfg I'll play test this tonight and include in the next release if all working ok, probably at weekend as i've got a few more things to polish off for the next release.
  11. Only if you were going to emulate the Stockalike look, no organic steampunk stuff. . . Yes, i know why that is, an easy fix, will make sure it's included in the next release. You mad man, no seriously what are you doing!?! pics please! On a serious note i've taken a look and it looks like i've not upped the joint strength on the Engine module, only the rear truss and hull. I'll do some play testing tonight, i think i can make it so that the engine doesn't break. Keep in mind however that this is way outside of the intended use
  12. You are correct, I'll take a look at the reactor tonight for you, see what's going on there. Yes i'd completely forgot about docking to be honest. I'm going to add a node to the front of the command bridge for a docking port and will have a think about integrating one somewhere with a mesh/texture adjustment.
  13. Ahh I see. The Med has been sorted already. I'll make sure that passenger cabin is too. Cheers