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  1. Success!! Thanks to some testing from @Well the issue has been traced to the Example ships, they weren't updated when the USI Dependencies were stripped. I'll release a fixed version this weekend, until then just don't use the pre built ships and you should be good to go.
  2. Don't worry, i want to get this working for you too But, i don't know what else to suggest, I had this version of the mod running fine on both my test build and my main career install. I've just reinstalled a completely fresh version of KSP, installed the latest download from SpaceDock and everything is working as it should be. There have also been over 4000 downloads of v0.2.3 with this being the only bug report. I'm afraid i don't know what to try next. I can only assume you are doing something wrong but I've no idea what that might be.
  3. Ahh , , , CKAN This is similar to the bugs i found in USI Tools(well it's actually a stock bug but USI Tools is pretty much the only mod that uses that but of the AP and so it broke USI ToolsI), we no longer use USI tools for anything other than the Kontainer Models, i think CKAN might be doing something strange. Can you delete those mods from the gamedata folder and replace with just the files available here https://spacedock.info/mod/1332/Coyote Space Industries - Cargo Freighter if that fixes it, which i'm pretty sure it will, i'll go and have a chat with the CKAN folks and see if we can get CKAN installs working again.
  4. I have no idea what is going on there i'm afraid, I've been using the same version of the mod since release and nothing like this has ever happened. Can you try and see if it's still present on a clean install, there might be a mod conflict. I'd be happy to take a look at this for you.
  5. It should work. I'll take a look. I haven't made any IVA'S yet. But you do have the internal EVA spaces. What version of the mod are you using and which game version? For the two construction vessels you need Extraplanetarylaunchpads or OSE Workshop mods.
  6. I have had issues with varying file formats in the past too.
  7. You've got the correct object name, it is Size3to2Adapter @JadeOfMaar to be fair a lot of the stock parts are named that way You are correct though, installing blender and the .mu importer is what @Bottle Rocketeer 500 needs to do.
  8. @Bottle Rocketeer 500 I'm confused by all your edits, has this issue been solved?
  9. You can edit the cfg, however, they are carefully balanced and to call the need for them 'a complete joke' is extremely rude. There are countless posts made by both Roverdude, me and others that explain in detail why these are required. If you want to screw up the balance of your own game go ahead but don't complain here when things go wrong.
  10. Latest Release v0.2.3 v0.2.3 Updated To KSP 1.3 Added New Custom Plugin - CSI Tools Added Docking Feature To Kontainers & Rear Truss Added New Docking Port - Size 3 (To Match Kontainers) Removed USI Weight Balancing Features Added New Custom Weight Balancing Feature Fixed Crew Transfer Bugs (for good this time) Added Temp IVA's For All Crewed Parts Added New Custom Animated Docking Port PartModule New Docking Feature 5m Kontainer Docking Ports Integrated Into Rear Truss. Deliver Kontainers at your destination and bring back empties.
  11. I decided i wanted more features, so i'm still working on the plugin, here's a teaser
  12. @taniwha I just wanted to let you know I've included parts and configs for EL in my mod.
  13. That's a nice blurry image. What are we looking at?
  14. I don't believe you can use :FOR[MaErDa] because you do not have a mod(C# Assembly/.dll) called 'MaErDa'. Might be wrong though. So what i think is happening is MM is looking for a dll called MaErDa, does not find it, and so does NOT apply your patch.