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  1. Banned for stating the obvious ( Spacetrain in space)
  2. Nope! I summon @max_creative.
  3. IIRC the mod author had a bit of trouble finding the functions that the mod uses in Unity 5. If anyone does take over, they should be aware of this.
  4. Ummm... *looks up eggwar* *finds server list* *finds no definition* *gives up* I don't think the server does have eggwar (notice that I don't play on the server very much) but if it's a simple enough game and you can join the server than by all means ask Sparky if he can make a tournament for it.
  5. Can you make that question clearer? Do you mean: What game is on this server (Minecraft) What happens on this server (Community building) Why is this server here?
  6. Tone it down a little please? It is not required that a user post their attempt. (Though I haven't been on the forums that often so it might have changed.)
  7. Well, I'm still here. Ive changed my mind tho to @0111narwhalz.
  8. Sorry, but no. But I'll still ping @munlander1.
  9. For some people we have extremely low power CPUs not designed to play games. For example mine is a 256Mb AMD Radeon HD 2600 (or in my new Surfaces case, Intel HD 4000). With these GPUs, especially while playing games, texture management is vital.
  10. This mod doesn't just save CPU RAM. It also saves GPU processing as textures are not loaded immediately. A GPU works harder if multiple textures are loaded at the same time rather than a single one. That's why some people have CPUs that can run the game fine but their GPU is limiting them to much laggier experiences. AFAIK, the only CPU- related part of this was model compression.
  11. The only mods we have are the server mod and forge. I completely disagree with you in the modpack, I can barely run five mods without massive lag
  12. Neither, and I'm not sure it will be.
  13. But also deadly to some of us... remember I already have lag issues, so don't go increasing them on me...
  14. Don't worry... I believe max has cleaned it.
  15. What we need is you to upload the flag to Imgur or some image hosting site and put it here so we can check that it should work. Also post a pic of your Flag Directory with the filepath at the top clearly visible (edit it if you don't want your name to show up)