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  1. *facepalm* well yes, but the filepath to the file too, just block any of your name or such with a box from paint
  3. Huh? I heard my name. Oh? What? Your talking about the guy with the lowercase name? Ok then.
  4. The United Nations declare the claim to be invalid. Australias hill.
  5. The Australian infantry take over the hill as its in Aussie territory the U.K. Helps. Turnbull Governments' hill.
  6. Again, complaining about it won't get you anywhere. Switch your computer time to 2nd April or something, or simply go stock for a day.
  7. You've been a year late... you'll have to put up with it.
  8. And the damm powers cutting out every fifteen minutes, so I can't play GTA or anything at all...
  9. Last night lost power, had some good 35kt wind gusts according to ABC News, flooded, turned out that Debbie had an eye still, and yeah pretty much stayed indoors and hoped that we didn't lose a tree. Constant thunderstorm warnings from BOM. I'm actually surprised at the fact that "schools are closed for today and tomorrow and businesses are asked to close early". I'm yet to see the amount of damage closer to Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, but I'm expecting to find quite a lot of stuff... If it gets that bad down your end I'd recommend staying indoors and keeping the pets inside. You might still get a lot of wind after the clouds pass, as it's still going this morning with not a speck in the sky.
  10. I know, was making a point the amount of rain you get within a few months doesn't exactly change your drought status.
  11. That doesn't mean anything really. The section of South East Queensland I live in is still a drought affected area, even with four cyclones heading south in four years and a ****ton of rain from NSW. Looks as if Debbie's gone south pretty far. And Sydneys getting hammered.
  12. SEVERE WEATHER WARNING: All Schools from somewhere up north to the NSW Broder are closed first time in my whole life even with Cyclone Yasi
  13. I mainly created this thread because Ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie's swung down towards Brisbane and is currently starting a three-day dump of its rain on us (if you haven't heard of Debbie, she's a Category 4 (AUS) cyclone which hit the coast of Queensland on Tuesday at the McKay Area. She's the worst cyclone in Australia since Cyclone Yasi (Category 5), and both were bigger than Cyclone Tracy, which hit Darwin head on and demolished it). Which raises the question, who here has been in a natural disaster before (things like morning storms don't count )?
  14. Banned for stating the obvious ( Spacetrain in space)
  15. Nope! I summon @max_creative.