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  1. It wasn't because I thought no one likes it. It's because of the double posting rule. What's too simple about them?
  2. Project: VERITAS Those were the words that started it all. A quest. To find out all there is to know about everything that we could, and then some. Hi, there! This is what I'll be doing during the downtime in my other mission report. It follows my career game using the Career Evolution contract pack and the Engineering Tech Tree. Penumbra - Part 1 After finding some discoveries scribbled on a napkin, The KUSI(Kerbin United Space Initiative), whose origins and many details are lost to the mist of time, got enough science to get a few things. This was the beginning of the Penumbra Program. No Pictures can be found of Penumbra-1. Penumbra-2 the first confirmed flight of the program, returned barometric data. A Proof of Concept, really.
  3. I had Jeb disembark a rover. I think he getting senile.
  4. Known for being a glitch.
  5. Archibald Beckons As a Ground hardware test, we shall be exploring a mun arch. A likely site has been located at Site TXDC6F. I will update as progress advances.
  6. Insert Duna Reference Here I was planning a jool mission when I realized a Duna transfer window was opening soon. I'm decide going to duna instead would be a good test. I guess you could call it a reference mission. This is not story based at the moment, but it is being split up into Chapters. Chapter List: EDITOR PICS IN THE FUTURE The Cast and Contraptions - Part 1 I created a new LV for this mission. The NP-1H(NovaPunch-1 Heavy) NP-1(NovaPunch-1) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The first Module launched without a hitch. FOOTAGE NOT FOUND The second module also did it wonderfully. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The third one...well... TWR: 0.95 Yep. 1.5 hours and some coaxing of the persistance later... COMING SOON: Easter eggs and some obscure references.
  7. Ah, darn it. Im still going to try!
  8. It's Happened before.
  9. Did she appear as an applicant or was some alt-F12 involved?
  10. The Crew and Contraptions - Part 2 Before we get to the juicy part, we have our Outdated Reference of the Day! With Te original Four Lined Up, we present: Svetlana Kerman! You probably have no idea who this is. It won't be so flashy next time. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Tomorrow I'll put up "PathFinding A Design".
  11. If the interest levels continue the way they are, then I'll probably go to Chapter 10 and then stop. I'll still leave the thread open for discussion though.
  12. Penumbra - Part 4: "We approach, at last, the boundary" At last. Y1, D4. We reached the upper atmosphere. Everyone was crossing their fingers, so no one pressed "Record". But we did it. All experiment's carried out successfully, the ship began to fall. The parachute deployed. The craft slowed. Slower and slower. Touchdown. A minor scrape. Minor. 45 science.
  13. Your probably wondering why I went off to the side of the KSC. It's because when I turn on SAS, It Yaws to the right automatically. I'm trying to fix it.
  14. I believe those are boosters. 7/10 Triple-third letter of the english alphabet, p
  15. It wouldn't let me put in all the letters.
  16. I get flooded with so many notifications these days...
  17. I put my name in ad it was THE EXACT SAME! That's what 2 letters get you I guess. I also put @cratercracker's name in and it said "frustrated".
  18. That's what i said when I first saw it. Now I'm trying it out and it isn't that bad, except for the signal setting, which I changed.
  19. "And suddenly a word echoes throughout the land. KERBALISM"
  20. Look at the front of the plane.
  21. Well, MY jeb never changes.
  22. Jeb doesn't like being called a BadS? Why hasn't he told us before? Or is it just your Jeb?
  23. Not again...


    Why can't I make good planes?