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  1. I'd honestly love an electric, rotating centrifuge hub, which would allow you to build your own centrifuge, and control the spin speed with a right-click menu slider.
  2. Honestly, I'd love to see improvements to the biome system. Sure, have a few large biomes, but add a couple of dozen little ones that actually require effort to get to, and perhaps give the smaller biomes slightly higher science scores, to encourage people. I'm kinda sick of just 'Lowlands, Midlands, Highlands and Poles'. In real life, you won't expect to get identical scientific results from halfway around the world from the original site. Also, as a further improvement, you could add smaller, procedurally generated 'areas of interest' where you could get slightly more science. These would have to show up on orbital scans, and some would yield more science than others. Just my thoughts.
  3. @Pretorian28715, are you some form of god? 'Cause this is shiny as hell!
  4. Blue Anchor - Black Lancer IX Mission: Launch Kerbin Outbound Expedition 2 to relieve Expedition 1. Crew: E1 Eliti (Commander) P0 Trizy (Crewkerb) Launch Vehicle: Black Lancer 1A So, after we had to give them a fifty day mission extension because we just couldn't prepare BA - BL IX in time, we finally have the crew ready to relive Janzy and Nelrim as crew of the station. Let's fly. Blue Anchor - Black Lancer VI Return Mission: Return Kerbin Outbound Ex-1 to Kerbin Crew: P1 Janzy Kerman, E1 Nelrim Kerman After 476 days in LKO, and two more days training up the next crew bringing the grand total up to 478 days, it's high time two of our most experienced Kerbonauts, and our only ones to spend more than a year in space, return home. *Yes, that is an admiring nod to @UnusualAttitude.
  5. Georgia - XV Mission: Launch a little science sat on a shoe-string budget. Launch Vehicle: Etoh So, after all those Eve launches, we're pretty tight for cash, but I didn't want to wait out the whole transfer to Eve (when we'll make a fair amount of cash off of contracts), so I built Georgia XV, a little solar-observation satellite to alleviate the atmosphere of boredom around the KSC and net us a little science. I challenged myself to build a scientific mission on a VERY tight budget. This ended up costing (if memory serves) less than 6,000.
  6. EOTER (Eve Orbital and Terrain ExploRer) Mission: Land on, and orbit Eve. Launch Vehicle: Matchstick II - CES EOTER is to be ANSEB's second interplanetary mission (its first was DOEX, a Duna orbiter). It is comprised of a Solar/Radioisotopic powered mini-lander carrying a tny compliment of intruments, and an equally tiny orbiter. This is also the first flight of a Matchstick II, and the first use of the Cryogenic Exploration Stage (CES). This starts off the process of Kerbal - rating the Matchstick II for orbital Explorer missions. StrutCo - 1 Mission: Enter orbit around Eve, then Aden (Eve's first moon). Launch Vehicle: Black Lancer 1A StrutCo - 1 is set to be the first ever commercially owned interplanetary spacecraft. It is also set to be the first ever Argon fuelled spacecraft. And the first ever spacecraft to orbit Aden. That's an impressive number of firsts. Wow. That was actually gruelling to do. Those last two updates took over two days to put together in the midst of exams.
  7. MEGA UPDATE TIME!! Evera 2 Mission: Land on Eve. And take some pictures. Launch Vehicle: R-5a This, and Evera 3 and 4, are Metkosmos' first attempt at putting a spacecraft on the surface of Eve. The Type 2 Evera consists of a lander, outfitted with several instruments, which will parachute - land on the Purple Marble, and a support orbiter, which will provide communications for the lander. The orbiters also have a camera array aboard, capable of imaging stuff in the visible, ultraviolet, and infrared spectrums. Metkosmos are the only agency ever to successfully send a probe to Eve, with the Evera 1 mission, from several years ago. Evera 3 Mission: Land on Eve. And take some pictures. Launch Vehicle: R-5a Evera 4 Mission: Land on Eve. And take some pictures. Launch Vehicle: R-5a Cassiopea 2 Mission: Orbit and land on Eve. Launch Vehicle: Daleth 2 Cassiopea 2 is The University of Ken-Tech's second attempt at probing Eve. Their first was launched at the same time as Evera 1, but was lost to a Kraken attack about 30 days after launch. The University have decided to try and fly a tiny lander on this mission too. Elizabeth - I Mission: Enter a polar orbit around Eve and map it. Complete an Eve Ore scanning contract, too. Launch Vehicle: Muo V 211 Considering their reputation for spaceflight firsts, the KSA have been remarkably slow to launch an Eve mission. I have no idea what they've been doing. But, finally, they're rectifying the situation, and sending a GEB (General Exploraion Bus) orbiter mission. This will be the GEB 3 mission, with GEB 1 being the Katie - XX Minmus Sample return mission, and GEB 2 being the Rose - I Dres orbiter mission that's currently cruising to its target. Elizabeth - II Mission: Go and investigate Eve's second and third moons, Neith and Gilly. Launch Vehicle: Firestorm - I 412 Along with their Eve mapping mission, the KSA want to go and have a closer look at Eve's two minor moons, discovered by Evera 1 (Aden, Eve's first moon, was discovered long before Kerbalkind reached space). Little is known about these bodies, as they've only been subjected to one flyby each, by Evera 1. Elizabeth - II will attempt to enter orbit around both.
  8. I'll give you lot a brief look at the beginnings of the previously-mentioned Wind Flower Class Interplanetary Transfer Vehicle. This is the core component of the upcoming Wind Flower Class spacecraft, the Command Module. It incorporates the spacecraft's bridge, its communications array, its auxillary batteries and solar arrays, the Vehicular Airlock, and the Crew Recreation Facility.
  9. Just one mission for now, as I have an English essay to get on with. Explorer - Matchstick IV Mission: Launch E0 Neilnand Kerman into sub-orbit on ANSEB's second crewed spaceflight. Launch Vehicle: Matchstick I In order to prove that E-M III wasn't a one-off, ANSEB have decided to fire another Kerbal into space.
  10. One quick question: is there an adaptor for @Nertea's MK4 spaceplane parts available?
  11. @Plecy75, it was Moons of Eeloo, one of the Xen's planet packs mods.
  12. Hey, look! Another double bill! Smotritel - 3 Mission: Launch the Smotritel - 3 spy satellite. Launch Vehicle: R-7a This is the third time you lot have seen a Type 1 Smotritel launch, so I shan't bore you with too many details. Lauren - I Mission: Launch the Lauren - I Moho probe. Launch Vehicle: Firestorm I It's occured to me that I ought to do something a bit more exciting for you guys once in a while, so here's an interplanetary probe.
  13. Eeek. Double eeek.
  14. I think that I've just found myself a new life motto. @Kuzzter, I just felt more emotion about anything that's happened in a couple of years. This either says something awful about me, or great about you. You can decide that one.
  15. @UnusualAttitude, can you remind me what LDRO stands for?