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  1. @insert_name, I'm using OPM, Arkas, all of Xen's Planet Packs, Asclepius, Duna Restoration Project, Kerbol Expanded Bodies, OPM Plus, and one or two others that I'm forgetting.
  2. Does anyone know what part I actually need to exploit/harvest geothermal energy? I can't for the life of me find it.
  3. Nearly there... The Eve missions are nearly over... Evera 2 orbital insertion and landing Mission: I think you can guess that pretty easily... At last, the final Type 2 Evera has arrived. I'm particularly proud of the last few pictures of this album. Elizabeth - II arrival at Neith Mission: Enter orbit around Neith. And maybe take an excessive risk and try to land. While Evera 2's been landing, Elizabeth - II has been creeping up on Eve's second moon, Neith.
  4. As far as I can tell, this is turning out to be very good-quality work. It's sufficiently descriptive and in-depth about the ships, their systems, the worlds and the crews to be immersive, but not so detailed that it becomes boring. That's often a hard balance to strike, and I'm certain you've managed it, @TotallyNotHuman_. I'm utterly enthralled. Keep up the good work. In fact, I wouldn't mind a relay system planet pack...
  5. Sorry that I'm being a bit slow at the moment, but I've got exams to get through. I'll pick up the pace again in the summer holidays. Evera 4 orbital insertion and landing Mission: Put Evera 4 into orbit around Eve, and land the lander. We're back with another Eve arrival! This time, it's Evera 4, a carbon copy of Evera 3, which landed previously.
  6. I wouldn't. I'd like to see different biomes for inshore lakes and rivers, and preferably seperate 'biomes' at differrent depths, like with the submersible experiment in DMagic, as pressure would interact differently with experiments at different depths.
  7. I'm currently in lower sixth form, and I can recall that, even with the tutorial, figuring out how to rendezvous and dock took nine hours of hard work on the kind of computer a broke student's budget can buy. Eventually, I had to totally disregard the tutorial's instructions and figure out cancelling velocity and docking myself. A better - worded version of the tutorial would be a great idea, and one I would totally get behind.
  8. After a few days off due to being swamped in schoolwork, sleep deprivation and total burn-out, WE'RE BACK! Elizabeth - II orbital insertion Mission: Put the Elizabeth - II probe into orbit of Eve and onto a trajectory to intercept Neith. The ambitious little Small Eveian Moons Mission has arrived at Periev and is about to make its orbital insertion maneouver. Cassiopea 2 landing Mission: Land the Cassiopea 2 mission on Eve. The time has come for the first privately-owned off world lander to land. Let's hope that these students didn't mess up.
  9. I once had a kraken attack on EVA in orbit of Kerbin, which cancelled all of Pepe Kerman's horizontal velocity, and he fell from 94km. After that little incident, I downloaded an EVA parachutes mod.
  10. Crikey, that last bit had my heart in my mouth. i didn't realise I was so invested in the success of your mission!
  11. I think that it's about time to share another 'glimpse of the future' with you guys. This time, we're looking far into the future. The first time this'll fly is Year 12, on Greenwood 3. This is my prototype Duna base for my upcoming Greenwood missions, mostly made up of inflatable modules, and solar powered. With a little hope, it'll have enough life in its batteries to see it through a Dunan night. It's equipped with a greenhouse, mainly for contingency purposes, two labs, an ISRU, two habitation modules and a recycler module (again, mostly for contingency purposes). This design will support six Kerbals as the crews of Greenwood missions 3 through to 9. That's one test mission (Greenwood 3), five science missions (Greenwood 4 to 8), and one last mission to construct a permanent habitat on Greenwood 9, which will then be used as the primary outpost for exploration of the Dunan surface from Year 25 onwards.
  12. Evera 3 Arrival and Landing Mission: Arive, enter orbit around Eve, and deploy the lander. Mere days after the Eve Terrain Explorer landed, Mekosmos have rocked up and told ANSEB that this state of affairs just can't continue, and they shall now demonstrate their dominance of the Eve system. Elizabeth - I orbital insertion Mission: Put the Elizabeth - I mapping orbiter in low polar orbit of Eve. Third in this window's Eve flotilla is the KSA's first Eve mission, a mapping orbiter, which is about to enter orbit. Cassiopea 2 arrival Mission: Put the Cassiopea 2 probe into an elliptical orbit around Eve.
  13. EOTER Arrival Mission: Enter orbit of Eve, and attempt a landing. After a tense period of waiting, the highly ambitious Eve Orbital and Terrain ExploRer mission has arrived at Eve.
  14. AMV - 02 Flight 4 Mission: Go and invesitgate some anomalies detected from orbit. Crew: S2 Bob Kerman (Commander), P1 Tedgee Kerman (Mission Pilot) Today, we go looking for trouble, and choose to run away from it. WARNING: Spoilers for anomalies within. I've put them in their own spoilers within this one, just to be sure.