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  1. Agreed. I've got a launcher capable of it (the Firedance V), but have never actually done it.
  2. @Abrecan, what was the brown thing on the side of the Gemini 3 capsule?
  3. This, I did not know of...
  4. Actually, I belive it's two years. From Year 1, Day 1 to Year 2, Day 1, it's only one year. As KSP saves start on Year 1, Day 1, not Year 0, Day 1, it must be two years.
  5. I checked. This time I attempted to launch it, it behaved. Instead of a normal launch, I quicksaved on the pad and immediatly reverted to that quicksave, and it behaved.
  6. Yes, I went through the whole rigamarole. Looking at the mass, there shouldn't be a problem, even totally full of fuel. I could add another couple of tons and it should still be okay, looking at the figures.
  7. I'm running the engines at full throttle, and I've launched this type of rocket before. I know what kind of performance to expect out of it, and it's not delivering.
  8. Has anyone had a problem where engines simply don't deliver the thrust they say they're delivering? I have a KER readout saying the rocket has a TWR of 1.9+, and the thrust output of the first stage (this is a Muo V) corresponds to that, but the navball G-Meter and the actual performance of the rocket are showing around 1.1g to 1.2g. This problem has happend before. Once with a Daleth II and twice with Muo 1s. My output logs, if they're any help:
  9. @Hotaru, how on earth can you afford that many kerbals? I've lost track of the number you've got, but it must have cost a pretty penny to buy them all. And what's the date in this save now?
  10. Has anyone else run into an issue where some cameras display the UI, the markers for other craft, the mouseover names of bodies in Distant Object Enhancement, but no image of the actual view? It's not all the cameras. I've only seen it in the NavCam and Night Vision Camera. I haven't checked them all, but the Wide Angle Camera and KerbPro certainly work fine, as do the first person EVA cameras. Oh, and the docking cameras don't appear to work. In any port, modded or not. If my mod list and logs are needed, I'll post them, I just wanted to know if there was a quick fix.
  11. I'm going to recommend the entirity of the Xen's planet packs. Moons of Duna adds rings to Duna, so that may infringe upon 'moves or replaces stock planets'. The others are cool. I can also recommend adding Kerbal Komets, to add some nice comets.
  12. Hey, @Majorjim! and @Dafni:
  13. This is a wonderful idea, which I entirely support.
  14. That, sir, was glorious. I honsetly didn't think it was possible.