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  1. Hello everybody, it's me, NotAgain, again. After gettoing somewhat of a positive reaction to quite a number of my pictures, I've decided to share a selection of the best with you. I probably won't update this as much as my mission report (check my signature for the link), but I'll try and keep it at least weekly. So, without further ado, have some pictures, you wonderful people. Grace - VII looks fantastic during launch on an Etoh Heavy. Korabl 14 witnesses a sunrise in orbit of Kerbin. The Sentinel Scientific Orbiter silhouetted against, you guessed it, Sentinel. A Munar arch. If you look closely at the base of the arch, you can make out the speck that is the Blue Anchor - Firedance VI Munar Roving Vehicle. Bill Kerman's standing on top of the arch. The crew of Oligarch 0D, Metkosmos' first crewed Munar mission, on EVA as they leave the Munar SOI, heading home.
  2. Does anyone know if this'll function on 1.2.2? 'Cause I love the look of this, but my career save (and the one I use for my mission report) is flatly refusing to cooperate with 1.3.0.
  3. Scratch the 'concise' bit, then.
  4. I like the Eggyolk's design. Concise, yet functional, and visually appealing.
  5. Hamal P - 1 Mission: Pre-supply Besstrashnyy station for Expedition 2. Launch Vehicle: R-5a Agency/Launch Site: Metkosmos/Kaikonur Kosmodrome It's been a bit of an R-5a filled week, hasn't it? Anyway, it's time to pre-supply Besstrashnyy before Expedition 2 arrives at the station. Airesat 6 Mission: Launch the Airesat 6 communications satellite into its 120km x 1,200km orbit around Kerbin. Launch Vehicle: Black Knight Agency/Launch Site: ANSEB/Great Ez Kape Now, I shall introduce you to ANSEB's smallest available launcher: the Black Knight. Today, it'll be firing a new comms sat into an eccentric orbit around Kerbin. MCSO - 2 Mission: Fling the second Munar Communications and Support Orbiter at the Mun Launch Vehicle: Matchstick I Agency/Launch Site: ANSEB/Great Ez Kape Less than two days after the highly successful launch of Airesat 6, another rocket is on the launch pad at Great Ez Kape, readly to shoot for the Mun. Duna Ops Mission: Drive Intrepidity, and perform a course correction on Orion 1. While satellites have been disintegrating back on Kerbin, stuff has been happening elsewhere.
  6. Hello, good people of the forums. I'm NotAgain, and I've finally plucked up the courage to start a mission report on my mid-game career mode. First, a little bit about my save: I run more mods than I care to mention, but the major ones are This career's been going on since 1.1.2 came out. I do things my own way. if you don't like it, there are a plethora of other mission reports out there, there's something for everyone. I'm not the best pilot. I'm addicted to screenshots, and caffeine, so you can expect (semi) regular updates, usually at least one per week. I operate several different 'space agencies' in my save, courtesy of Kerbal Konstructs. They are all part of one central 'Kerbal Space Agency', but also operate independently. They each have their own Kerbonaut Corps, except for three. I have weird naming schemes. And, potentially most importantly, the glorious @DiscoSlelge is making some wonderful mission patches, which I hope to use on my crewed missions. The Space Agencies are as follows: The Kenairian Space Agency (KSA). The Kenairian civilian space agency, and the most prominent. Launch site: KSC (Kape Kanaveral) Naming schemes: Uncrewed: Girl's names, or acronyms. Crewed: Pubs (Bars) Crewed spacecraft: Metkosmos. The Metarian civilian space agency Launch site: KSC2 (Kaikonur Kosmodrome) Naming Schemes: Uncrewed: Destination-specific random Russian stuff. Crewed: random Russian stuff and names from Tantares parts. Crewed spacecraft: Metarian Army. Does what it says on the tin. And spies on you. Launch site: KSC2 (Kaikonur Kosmodrome) Naming Schemes: Uncrewed: Destination-specific random Russian stuff. Crewed: random Russian stuff and names from Tantares parts. Crewed spacecraft: Elenvarian National Space Agency (ENSA). The Elenvarian space agency. May or may not work for the government. Lanch site: Round Range Naming Schemes: Uncrewed: Random Chinese stuff. Crewed: Random Chinese stuff. Crewed spacecraft: Airnian National Space Exploration Bereau (ANSEB). The Airnian civilian space agency. Lanch site: Great Ez Kape Naming Schemes: Uncrewed: Acronyms. Crewed: Variations on the word Explorer. Crewed spacecraft: The Orbital Access Alliance (OAA). A private space exploration firm. Launch site: Central Lakes Naming Schemes: Uncrewed: Elements. Crewed: Elements. Crewed spacecraft: The University of Ken-Tech. A University. With a space program. (They're Kerbals. What did you expect?) Launch site: KSC (Kape Kanaveral) Naming Schemes: Uncrewed: Names of Tantares parts. The National Airnian University for STEM Studies. Another University with a space program. Launch site: KSC (Kape Kanaveral) Naming Schemes: The word box in many languages. Rocketplane Kerblar. Another private space exploration firm. Launch Site: KSC (Kape Kanaveral)/Goldpool Naming Scheme: Uncrewed: Mission-Specific. Crewed: Acronyms. Right. On with the (somewhat) exciting bit. Half Mun Flight - 20 Mission: Deploy the Serena X and XI communtiactions satellites, and test the new RCS thruster placement. Orbiter: KSS Dauntless (OV-7) Crew: E1 Pepe Kerman (Commander), P1 Duddas Kerman (Orbiter Pilot), E1 Wensie Kerman (Mission Specialist), S1 Bob Kerman (Mission Specialist). The Half Mun orbiter Dauntless launched on her 4th mission carrying the Serena X and XI communication satellites to orbit on a Prometheus - III 122K launch vehicle. The plan was to insert into a 160 x 160km equatorial orbit, deploy the satellites, which would use their own engines to enter eliptical orbits 90 degrees apart. But, of course, no plan survives first contact with the enemy. The payload release mechanism failed. so the orbiter came back with the satellites in the cargo bay. Despite the the payload rendering the orbiter hideously unstable in flight, mission pilot P1 Duddas Kerman sucessfully got the orbiter back to the Kape and deployed the emergency landing parachutes, saving the orbiter, payload and crew. (OOC, I screwed up and forgot decouplers. My bad.)
  7. Yeah. I use it, but I'm not exactly very savvy in these matters.
  8. Katie XXII and the Minmus Polar Lander Mission: Test out a new (bloody expensive) booster, map Minmus in high definition and land a small spacecraft near Minmus' north pole. Launch Vehicle: Firestorm - III It's time to kill three birds with one stone: grab a high-resolution altimetry and slope scan of Minmus, test-fly the new Firestorm III booster, and launch the long-awaited, long-delayed Minmus Polar Lander. Nauchnyy Sputnik 2 Mission: Launch a surplus Type 1 Smotritel satellite on a scientific mission for Metkosmos. Launch Vehicle: R-5a And now, the 3rd last flight of an R-5a carries a huge dish to the edge of Kerbin's SOI.
  9. Crikey! That was quite a mission, and a fantastic entry into the forums! Welcome aboard, @ichaleynbin.
  10. Half Mun Flight - 21 Mission: Deploy the Serena XII communications satellite, and grab a couple of EVA reports Orbiter: KSS Dauntless (OV-7) Launch Vehicle: Prometheus - III 122K Crew: P1 Tedgee Kerman (Commander), E1 Bobcott Kerman (Flight Engineer), S1 Diacca Kerman (Mission Specialist), S1 Erfel Kerman (Mission Specialist). The Half Mun orbiter Dauntless launches on her 5th mission, carrying the Serena XII communications satellite into polar orbit.
  11. As promised, normal broadcasting shall now be resumed... Letayuschi Kirpich Approach and Landing Test Mission: Test out the LYK's atmospheric handling characteristics. Crew: P1 Maldin Kerman (Commander), P1 Barina Kerman, P1 Nataise Kerman Spacecraft: MKK Ponyatnost (OV - 12) The time has come for the orbiter MKK Ponyatnost (OV - 12) to make her first flight. (Hey, @UnusualAttitude, you might find this interesting.)
  12. Riiight. Sorry about not getting that update uploaded on Saturday, but I spilled my drink on my laptop, and it's been drying out. It appears to work, and normal service shall be resumed on Friday. Thank you, The management.
  13. It got trodden on and snapped. In other news, I'll put together another update later today, but this thread could be a bit quiet over the next week, as I'm on a residential work experience placement.
  14. That's now my quote of the day.
  15. StrutCo - 1 arrival Mission: Complete a couple of contracts relating to StrutCo - 1. So, the StrutCo - 1 probe has arrived. It'll be entering orbit around Aden (Eve's third moon). There won't be much commentary on this post, as I've just spent several hours in hospital, and I'm typing on a broken finger. Sorry.
  16. To: Director Sergei Kerman, Metkosmos. From: Major Arletsonov Kerman, Metarian Army Space Force. Re: Retraining of Kosmonauts and other matters. Greetings, Komrade. Due to the recent increase of tensions between the Motherland and the United States of Kenair, coupled with the collapse of the recent treaty, the Military Orbital Operations Executive Council has decided to step up the MASF's operations in space, back to the level that they were in the Krepost 1 era, or even further, if relations between the KSSM and the USK deteriorate more. To acheive this, they request and require your own cooperation and the cooperation of your agency on the following matters: 1) The MASF will need Kosmonauts if it is to operate in the desired way. To acheive this, the council has requested that the entire Kosmonaut Korp recieve training in orbital reconnaisance and espionage. The council understands that Kosmonauts Barina, Crisla, Nauki and Narigh have all flown on military missions, but that was multiple years ago, and they will require training using the latest techniques and technology. 2) To ensure that Metkosmos can continue to operate in its scientific capacity (as this has brought great prestige to the Motherland), the MOOEC will cover the costs of training an additional class of six Kosmonauts, under the condition that the EPK - 1 mission proceeds on schedule. The disciplines of these Kosmonauts will be left up to you. 3) Building on the success of the Type 1 Smotritel missions, the MOOEC has decided to push ahead with the launches of the Type 2 satellites. The same security procedures from the Type 1 missions will be left in place for the non-military staff at Kaikonur. 4) The Council has also demanded a continuation of the Krepost programme in order to keep an eye on the "squishy bourgeoisie" in Kenair. This, too, will be from their own pocket. Given the success of the new Besstrashnyy station, they have decided to leave many of the details of the project up to you. They have, however, stated that the station must enter an 80km x 80km polar orbit. The members of the council have said, though, that the launch of Krepost 2 must be "glorious and highly public", but must not allude to the actual goals of the station. Therefore, some missions to the station must be civilian missions with scientific goals. I think it would be wise to allocate an impressive launch vehicle. The ALV should be perfectly sufficient for the payload, but personally, I'd go bigger. The MOOEC have appointed me as the Metkosmos Liaison Officer. Well, actually, I fought long and hard for the position, as I know you don't play nicely with the alternatives, and we've been friends for going on thirty years. I should be able to offer you some leeway with the council, but remember that, if you mess this up, it'll just be a cattle-class ticket to the Brennenbek Salt Mines for you and some serious photo editing for us. I look forward to hearing from you, Komrade, take care, Arletsonov. To: Major Arletsonov Kerman, Metarian Army Space Force. From: Director Sergei Kerman, Metkosmos. Re: Retraining of Kosmonauts and other matters. Good evening, Arletsonov, I was very glad to hear of your appointment as liaison officer for this new spate of projects. Almost as glad as I was when my new assistant made me some djeng that didn't taste like the old ration packs we used to send our kerbs up with this morning. Honestly, Tvetslyana is the best assistant I've ever had, but I have no idea how she can drink the stuff she usually comes up with. She must have a stronger stomach than even Crisla. Anyway, with regards to the MOOEC's new set of demands: AAARGH. Well, I suppose I ought to be thankful for the new Kosmonauts, but seriously? Another station? We're barely managing the logistics for Besstrashnyy! But, if they're certain, then I suppose it can be achieved. If they want to make a spectacle of the launch, then I'd recommend using the Letayushchi Kirpich. That should certainly be impressive. I've consulted briefly with the Letayushchi Kirpich team, and they've said that a payload could be flown on LYK - 2, our second crewed flight, and the first polar orbital one. It'll be risky, and I'd prefer to put it on a later flight, but given the MASF's record, I don't think you'll particularly mind. Regarding Smotritel 4, 5 and 6, that should be achievable. We still have large amounts of the hardware for launching R-7s. The new upper stage could pose a challenge, but nothing we can't deal with. The security protocols shouldn't be a problem. EPK - 1 is the only bit of those demands that is actually on schedule. I'd stake my career on it flying on schedule. In fact, I suspect that I'll just 'disappear' if it doesn't. Alnair 0A is slated to launch within half a year, and the first crewed mission of the ship should occur in just over a year. Thank you for warning me of this before it comes to my attention via cafeteria gossip. Your overworked, but ever loyal friend, Sergei.
  17. I need to stop reading these in school. People are looking at me weird for laughing like it's going out of fashion.
  18. The Type 2 Muttle (KSS Hungry Ghost) This is my Mun Shuttle (Muttle, for short). It's primarily built for tourism and surface base crew rotations on Mun and Minmus. Weighing in at over a hundred tons fully fuelled, she's quite the beast. In effect, the Type 2 Muttle is constructed from an S-IVB's tank with an S-IVC's adaptor. The engines are Contares. The landing gear are from KRE, The bridge is a five-seat Kane capsule. I have no idea where I got the RCS thrusters from, but I know the monopropellant tanks are Tantares.
  19. Muttle 2 launch Mission: Launch the KSA's new Muttle and dock it to Kerbin Outbound, ready for operations. Launch Vehicle: Firedance IV So, here we go with another Firedance IV. The time has come for us to finally launch Muttle 2, which will allow us far easier and cheaper access to both Mun and Minmus.
  20. Rover Ops Mission: Drive the two operational rovers that I currently have. I, at the moment, operate two rovers across the Kerbol system, one on Duna and one on the Mun. There is another, but it got messed up by a Kraken attack after I updated from 1.0.5 to 1.1.2.
  21. @insert_name, I'm using OPM, Arkas, all of Xen's Planet Packs, Asclepius, Duna Restoration Project, Kerbol Expanded Bodies, OPM Plus, and one or two others that I'm forgetting.
  22. Does anyone know what part I actually need to exploit/harvest geothermal energy? I can't for the life of me find it.
  23. Nearly there... The Eve missions are nearly over... Evera 2 orbital insertion and landing Mission: I think you can guess that pretty easily... At last, the final Type 2 Evera has arrived. I'm particularly proud of the last few pictures of this album. Elizabeth - II arrival at Neith Mission: Enter orbit around Neith. And maybe take an excessive risk and try to land. While Evera 2's been landing, Elizabeth - II has been creeping up on Eve's second moon, Neith.
  24. As far as I can tell, this is turning out to be very good-quality work. It's sufficiently descriptive and in-depth about the ships, their systems, the worlds and the crews to be immersive, but not so detailed that it becomes boring. That's often a hard balance to strike, and I'm certain you've managed it, @TotallyNotHuman_. I'm utterly enthralled. Keep up the good work. In fact, I wouldn't mind a relay system planet pack...