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  1. Yeah, this is more relevant than follow horizon. Considering this game is called Kerbal Spaceplane Program I find it weird that there isn't an automated function to hold attitude, pitch or heading. Especially attitude would be nice, since I am usually at a 7-10 degrees attitude above my current heading when coming down from SPAAAAAAACE.
  2. @sal_vager, sad to see you go. Ever since the Great Exodus took place, I took great comfort in seeing your name in the online list. I'll have to look for another shining beacon now. I hope you enjoy the experiences that life throws at you and that you'll be well. Best of luck
  3. There has just been set a 6 kerbal maximum, leading to a 25 second bonus time.
  4. A visual update is badly needed, and I would definitely like to Porkjets parts come to Life in stock.
  5. What's all the fuss about paying a bit for a DLC? KSP is already amazing value for money, and I'd be more than glad to pay a few bucks because I feel bad at how many fun hours I got for the money I paid... It's rediculous, we all go dining and are willing to spend (I'm making this up) 60 bucks on it, but 10 dollars for a DLC, oh noes.
  6. @KenjiKrafts, under the current format, I'm afraid I cannot allow the usage of a Juno since it allows for far greater speeds. Since there seems to be a bit of renewed interest in the challenge I'll open up a jet category soon! Your craft looks good, though!
  7. Why, it's a space program. Where they're going they don't need roads!
  8. Jibbers crabst. Formula one gone Kerbal. Good job on the top speed! You are now in third place on the scoreboard!
  9. Wow, with what the most Unity developed games manage to achieve graphically wise, I find it hard to believe that this is from the Unity engine... Still, would love to have such level of graphics in KSP... NASA would never want to fire off a real rocket, they'd just be playing KSP all day.
  10. This, and a toggle to switch off sound in space, to get that Interstellar feeling
  11. Some general concerns about this thread; - Many people use drones to bring their stuff in orbit, which are lighter than manned ones. My SSTO's are manned, so inherently at a disadvantage. Perhaps introduce a bonus for the type of crew module taken along? No bonus for drones, small bonus for MK I, bigger bonus for MKII and maximum bonus for MKIV? - The nice thing about an SSTO is that it's supposed to bring the craft back down for re-use. I am a bit disappointed that there isn't an incentive to land back on KSC. - There is no penalty for parts lost underway.
  12. Feel free to use the track of the Rover Race Challenge. I'm currently having different priorities so I'm not maintaining that challenge right now. There is also a complete circle edition, which I was going to use for an extended version. pm me if you'd like to have that.
  13. I'll just leave this here: I use these RATO's on my heavy lifter, which at max load just doesn't have the power to get itself airborne before the end of the runway. They are fully recoverable, minus the spent fuel. So technically not an SSTO, but in that aspect most of my spaceplanes aren't SSTO's (as they often carry small droptanks to minimize the need to carry LF around, which actually increases overall dV).
  14. What's with all the Dutchmen creating racingchallenges these days?
  15. Yes, this.