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  1. There is one problem. Steam/console achievements can be done only once. With replayability KSP has, it's kinda useless. On the other hand, in-game achievements could work, stored once per save, but then we have World's First milestones, which kinda do the same job.
  2. Somewhere after release of 1.2 SQUAD asked the community to look for terrain seams all around the Kerbol system, and they were fixing them since then. Most of the holes should be fixed by now.
  3. You can click on mod name on kerbalx, and it links to spacedock. BD Armory expansion
  4. But there is a mod bug tracker for that. If the issue was already there, it was probably seen by Squad. Now it comes to the point where they can fix it or not.
  5. I just want to reach places. Hopefully in one piece. So I guess that meets the definition of an Engineer.
  6. I think dlcs could include features that were implemented in mods - but mods that have been abandoned long ago. There is no need to expanding game features (for money) in the same direction as current mods do it (for free).
  7. You'd get enough science to get the Stayputnik just by rollimg around KSC in a construction made out of two Fleas and a capsule. Just saying.
  8. Laythe is so close to Jool that the rings would get sucked up by Jool. Same for moonlets. What do you mean by flag? You can make one. Continent. Where, on Laythe? It's water world, basically. No need to change its surface. Nah, five moons is enough. Though I'd love to see one just at the edge of SOI moving retrograde. For space Easter eggs, there is already a Magic Boulder. Mountains, again, changing surface. No, it doesn't need to look more like green Jupiter, no.
  9. How the hell did this thread go from "why does one need KSP_x64" to "why is steam so bad"? Guise.
  10. Nononono that's not what I meant (I'm fast). Now I found proper words, yay me. I wanted to know the closest approach. Like that one we see in map mode but in meters. ..Not to mention that map view is inconsistent. We see orbital distances in meters, but rendezvous data in kilometers. Pfeh.
  11. Finally home after few months on lonely EVA on the Mun.
  12. Get also Texture Replacer and one of the few skyboxes, Stock Visual Terrain, RealPlume, Engine Lighting...
  13. I still have no clue how people work without Numpad. About @topic, small correction to the above - you can re-root even unattached part while it's semi-transparent. No need to change subassembly.