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  1. Making history is a DLC, not the 1.2.9/1.3 update.
  2. That's 68 huge relays. And probably even more given the fact that they need to have 100% connection. No fun at all.
  3. I don't have Beta channels activated, but I do have newest update available. Hm.
  4. Video recording is very demanding for any PC. Also your epic 8x3.3GHz & 16Gigs of RAM get limited by that GTX 750Ti. That's like the weakest part of your PC.
  5. About the ARM mod. Let's say I have it installed. And official update comes out with the SENTINEL in it. It will break my already existing telescopes if I delete the mod then, right? I mean part files won't be in the same place, so my old vessels will try to use mod files, not stock ones.
  6. I mostly keep it at default when I'm on Kerbin, and I open drogues about 6km, regular chutes about 1.5km. I only changed min pressure when I was landing on Duna. Click somewhere else? Or maybe you have the "keep open" button clicked (small gray button on the right top of window IIRC) and that's why it doesn't disappear.
  7. There should be a small arrow on navball that indicates where your target marker is. If you didn't rotate the command module, (here goes my theory, I can't test it right now) then when the arrow is pointing upwards, you're going in correct direction.
  8. You can build a nice looking car even now. NPCs: Werhner von Kerman, Gene Kerman, and the four with names I don't remember from administration building. Biomes? Plenty of them now.
  9. I failed to orbit, but looks good anyway
  10. I was in high orbit of Minmus once, and I saw it eclipsing Mun, which was eclipsing Kerbin, which was eclipsing Sun.
  11. That you wouldn't see it.
  12. No matter if achieved by regular means of propulsion, by cheating (meh) or due to Kraken. Today I just broke the universe 44 million times. That is over 13 quadrilion meters per second. Thanks, Kraken.
  13. Time warp on maximum?
  14. Then make use of it! Got a contract to put a station in orbit? Expand it on your own, make it a refueling station. Got a contract to land something somewhere? Make a mining facility out of it! Use your constructions, don't leave them.