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  1. I went for science mode (as there was no career mode) and it was fun, even though I finished the game right after first unmanned landings on Duna and Eve. It's easier to do, you don't have to worry about economy too much. Some people say "let's start with sandbox" but meh, too much parts at the beginning does not help you learn how to play. Like, you can build a monster capable of reaching everything at once, but you still can't fly. What is the point?
  2. And since now I've tried everything except reinstalling the game. I hope this works. EDIT: wait no, nevermind. I don't have "SVE-Settings file", and this config I have inside StockVisualEnhancements\SVE_Scatterer\Sunflares\Sun\Sun.cfg
  3. Mind you guys, there is probably a solid core of some sort, but hell, no ship would survive the temperature and pressure there. Ever seen The Core movie? Because the Virgil is probably what you would need.
  4. Saying this for the hundreth time: I'd feel more bad for accidentally flying into innocent flying birbs than for killing Kerbals in spectacular explosions.
  5. Where were the decouplers attached anyway? For me the best way to place a payload is to attach it to a decoupler at the end of cargo bay.
  6. And then you have stranded crew on collision course with Kerbin/Mun and you have to react FAST. Nope, you can't, because weather.
  7. Sure, sure, hundreds of different systems, all procedurally generated, with multiple options to choose at the beginning... Ever heard of Space Engine? There are spaceships.
  8. This is the curse of development. It's even told in rhymes. /out
  9. You can also use Mechjeb. And I'm not talking about autopilot, just SmartA.S.S, set it on, IIRC, PAR- which sets you parallel to target port, force roll to desired degree, and dock manually.
  10. Autostruts maybe? They remove 90% of wobbleness. I use them even on conventional rockets, because stock joints are ultra weak.
  11. Uh, no? There is physics bubble, (2.3km?) so not instantly. If it were the way you say it, dropped stages would disappear as soon as you hit spacebar. I also made a drop probe and I could totally switch between it and the plane it dropped from, as long as they were within physics range. Also plane engines were still working.
  12. As in the title. For years I'm trying to improve my gravity turn curve, and I still haven't figured out the sweet spot. I know what to do until I am about 20km up. First part is good, 1.3TWR on liftoff, first turn at 1km/100m/s, 45° at 10km, and so, but then I am never sure. What vertical speed do I need to keep till I reach desired apoapsis and turn off the engines?
  13. Well that would make Kerbals even more useless. Why even bother with manned missions then?
  14. The possibility of hitting something is really low (come on, Gravity movie is a lie) but as above, you can do something about it. You just need some brain to plan your mission.
  15. I played one savefile since 1.0 until very recently. Few things changed in the meantime (Thud engine model, for the most part, my landers looked weird after 1.05) but nothing broke, I had very few mods and waited patiently for them to update. I needed a fresh start, though.