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  1. Hi, I have the same issue with really uneven pointy terrain on Iota. It does not lend itself very nicely to ground bases. I really liked the terrain features on Iota, including the flat sections to land bases on and use for MKS resource generation. After the update, I used SCANSAT and did not find a single area to develop. The slope display was almost completely yellow (very high slope) Will this be the new normal for Iota?
  2. Personally, I love Urses' posts... they are kinda cool.
  3. What is also really useful is that I put landing engines under my base, fuel tanks on top, and landing legs where they can fit. I can usually land any base that way on most bodies. Then, I disassemble the engines, fuel tanks and the legs last. You now have a clean base on the surface without having to worry about making hover style landers and decouplers.
  4. I appreciate the offer, but I could just pack the kerbals onto the orbiting station and maybe hyperlink the bases to a better spot. I did note the terrain enhancement in the release notes and wondered if this was the issue. It does look really beautiful with the updates. I guess I need to reset and rescan the planets with Scansat?
  5. HI, Tried to update to 1.2.3 on my KSP 1.2.2 save. Pretty sure all went OK with the update, but when I look at my bases, the terrain is very different on Iota and Ceti. Some of my bases are floating in the air and on Ceti, the nice flat spot I was on is now a steep hill. Any thoughts?
  6. When you say vessel B is manned, is it a pilot? The pilot is required to push to PL if you are using the Logistics module. As of this version, the easiest way to have a remote drilling site push resources into PL is with a MPL. All you need is a vessel with the -A drills, a container with PL enabled, power, and a MPL. The drills fill up the container and the MPL will push to PL. Note that the PL has two separate functions: an automatic push function and a resource conversion function. You actually do not need to use the resource conversion if you don't want to. I had that case recently, so I used the smallest MPL, took the machinery out to make it lighter, and things got pushed to PL just fine.
  7. Yep. Happens to me all of the time. I believe the catch up processing thinks it's running out of something during the six hour periods. I have a few theories, but my best guess is that it may have to do with using multiple tanks. Chemicals and Silicon are the two largest volume things that get consumed. From a vessel perspective, it looks like you have space. But Warehousing is on a per tank basis. If you use multiple tanks, my guess is that catch up processing doesn't consider all of the available space correctly in the calculations. When I switched to larger, single tanks, the problem did seem to go away.
  8. About 25-30 seconds with GPP and about 30 mods total. Go Samsung SM950 Pro.....
  9. Sorry, catching up on forums. Voicy99 was correct, but to be very clear, a pilot is not required to be resident in any specific vessel. I have a cluster of six vessels in my base, five logistics modules, and only one pilot. All works fine. Actually, the pilot in in the Hab vessel, the only one without a Logistics module. The pilot just has to be in a 150M range of the vessels to enable the function.
  10. This. Very Much. Don't want to say how many times I forgot to press the button. Double check the top of the window to make sure you actually set it correctly, then check it again.
  11. Having it in the right place is good, but it's not the only consideration. If you use custom textures and cfg files, they were moved from the Gamedata\scatterer directory to the Gamedata\GPP\GPP_Scatterer and Gamedata\GPP\GPP_Configs directories. I needed a few times to get everything where it belonged, including needing to edit GPP_Scatterer.cfg to use a custom sunflare when the old install had a separate .cfg in the scatterer directory that is no longer needed.
  12. Is the GPP_Scatterer directory under Gamedata\GPP set up OK? Also, is GPP_Scatterer.cfg under Gamedata\GPP\GPP_Configs correct?
  13. I hear oldest was a poor grad student for 7 years, Now, she is a poor post doc. No, have almost identical install, without Planetshine. Just doublecheck the locations of things. With the new MM install structure, things need to be the right place. Maybe go one install at a time?
  14. Have often considered to do a "MKS for Dummies" like section, but it's hard because the USI suite is very flexible and I've noticed that very few people approach it the same way. To restrict people's imagination by giving the impression there is a limited way to use it would not be very helpful. You have to ask yourself why you are interested in using MKS in the first place and go from there. Here are some things to consider: MKS is designed to build colonies consisting of individual bases (vessels) and provides the capability to manufacture resources to keep Kerbals alive when life support is enabled. Life support can be enabled by USI-LS. Don't try to use other LS systems in the beginning. All aspects of life support can be turned on or off, made easier or harder, etc. Configure it the way you want. MKS without any LS becomes a construction exercise, similar to other base building mods. Other USI mods support advanced construction if that's your goal. The best part of MKS is that, by following some rules listed in the wiki, you do not need to interconnect your bases to share/transfer resources (with very rare exceptions). This is to prevent the physics engine from getting too stressed out and causing large designs to shake, jump, and explode. Many people interconnect them anyway and take the risk. Once all these things get sorted, then use the wiki for the more detailed kinds of things to know (like when is a greenhouse not a greenhouse).
  15. You will need MKS to manufacture fertilizer. They have at least three different ways to manufacture fertilizer Mulch is different than fertilizer. The MKS wiki has a lot of information that describes these resources.