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  1. I never use any of the initiatives at all.. they seem a bit underwhelming to me. I never want to trade money for science (progression becomes too fast that way - also why I limit the use of science labs). Trading science for money seems crazy seeing as money is never an issue after the early game.. that might just be me though haha
  2. I know. I'm saying it'd be nice if the stock game had a basic impact science feature. Could be done with one extra part and it could provide new contracts for those of us that use them.
  3. Not a bug The materials bay is simply overheating, the same as it does when re-entering Kerbin. The heat shield is only protecting the bottom surface of the bay, not the sides, so the whole thing still gets too hot and goes boom. If you want to land a materials bay, you're going to need a bigger heat shield to protect the whole thing That or a boat load of dV and just plop into Eve's atmosphere at extremely low speeds. I can't remember when, but certainly after 1.0, the thermals of the game was changed
  4. I've always been slightly annoyed by this tbh.. it wasn't a failure! It was a totally successful mission! It also makes me wish impact probes were more built into the game... like an actual science part designed for lovely explosions
  5. I watch Scott's stuff for his wealth of technical and historical information on all things spacey. I'm not particularly impressed by his designs or flights etc. Though having said that I'm not particularly impressed by anyone's work... even landing on all bodies in a single launch. Why? Not because I'm a KSP master or anything, but because I know I have the tools to do it (KER) but building and flying such a design/mission just takes a LOT of time (so I guess I do admire the patience people like Inter, Vaos and other I can't remember atm have). I prefer more realistic/role-playing missions like sending out a probe to a specific system, surveying using ScanSat, choosing a specific landing site (probably near an anomaly) and heading to it in the next transfer window. Oh, and using as few parts as possible because my pc sucks.
  6. I'm never sure why people mentioned Remotetech when talking about comms.. it doesn't really resemble the complexity of remote tech but it is extremely similar to Antenna Range.. just a personal gripe, I never think Antenna range received the attention it should have and now its being forgotten entirely lol Also I don't use KerbNet much... is it really like SCAN? Can't imagine not using SCAN these days! Welcome! Always love to see a new player Has anyone mentioned the newly integrated Asteroid Day mod? It was an "official" mod (produced by Squad) but is now part of the base game. Wish they'd do the same with chatterer!
  7. Honestly... probably planning transfers. Simply because the stock manoeuvre node tool sucks Oh, also landing on the Mun. I use KER and the suicide burn readout seems to be miles out but only for the Mun :S
  8. Well bugger. Haha!
  9. Yes, "direct" and "relay" (afaik on relay) antennas stack, but with diminishing returns i.e. 10 Communotron 16s will have better range than a single 16.. but it wont even be close to 10x range. Realistically, you want one direct antenna with the maximum possible range you have access to, to keep costs down. If range is turning out to be the main problem, you could do with creating a relay, and bouncing the signal around to your target, though this is inherently expensive (not as expensive as catastrophic mission failure due to lack of probe control, mind). It's also worth checking to see if you have probe control enabled in difficulty settings or not. It means you will retain some control over your probes with 0 signal, but only max or zero throttle etc Finally, if you're that strapped for cash in career mode, you could do with doing a few contract missions for easy wonga
  10. Wouldn't it be simpler just to turn off auto-updates for the game in steam rather than moving folders about and junk?
  11. MM updated fixed the issue, cheers! Also, why does it matter which instance I mod? That's a genuine question, not meant to sound narky haha
  12. There's my data folder.. I removed all other mods (KAC, KER, Chatterer and ScanSat - I would have been surprised if any of those caused conflicts tbf). Also, can I share the output log with you via google drive? If so, here's the shareable link
  13. How do i get a log? No lumberjack jokes please!
  14. I cant figure out why but this mod is no longer working for me.. at all. It's like I haven't installed it, but I definitely have. I've tried redownloading from all sources of the mod, extracted the files, placed the contents of the gamedata folder into my KSP gamedata folder, all 4 components are moved successfully (the three folders and MM). As far as I can tell, all the files moved too.. The annoying thing is, I've had the mod working many times before, and recently too. Also, the description added to engine parts in-game is missing too, like i said its as if its not even in the gamedata folder. But it is Kod Damn it!
  15. Backspace has always been Abort unless you're in map mode Just to avoid some confusion with that one