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  1. I don't know, the more I look, more that hoose looks like an electric cable, or a bunch inside a hoose. I'm familiar with a russian turbopump that has an electrical heater in the bearings to prevent it from freezeing during cool/chill (?) down. so maybe this is related. @Ten Key It seems to me that the hoose enters the booster a little bellow those tanks more or less on the turbopumpo height. Don't you think? But my guess is as good yours guys
  2. More info about the test:
  3. Title says all, just watch this beaty!! A shame they didn't show the ignition though
  4. I must have missed that, didn't know! Thanks for clarifying
  5. @severedsolo As I say for a lot of your mods: great work! Love it! Just a doubt, I have two stations one orbiting Kerbin with a crew capacity of 6 and one orbiting Mun with a crew capacity of 4. At a given time I had 4 kerbals at the Kerbin station and none in the Mun one. Still I didn't get the "Upgrade crew capacity" which the only requirement is less than 4 empty seats. As for now, everything else is working wonders on my career, both stations were built under contracts, got send crew, rotate crew and permform experiments contracts also. I'm only waiting for the upgrade crew capacity to grow my station Thanks again for your work on this mod
  6. Tandem is one behind the other, like a plane with tandem seats, or a tandem bike. The word comes from latin, and it is used as avation tarm here in Brazil, so it's probably used in Spanish. I can (maybe) see why they used tandem and 'en linea' even though I would probably stick to tandem only.
  7. I guess tonight I will find out!
  8. @tomf Great mod, used it since 1.0.5, thank you very much for continuing it! Just a question that I have since the beginning, I don't know if I'm doing something worn or not, but why the station parts of the vesse type base by default? And everytime I dock, it resest to base. I can't tell you if it happens always, when some parts are present, or something though.
  9. I made a quick search on this forum and on the wiki and found that EL iintegration will be deprecated in favor of Ground Contruction, at least that is what I understood. But for now, theres is no conflict and the MKS EL parts still exists and fucntion. But as of now, how is the interection between MKS and EL or OSE Workshop? There still use/need for them? Thanks in advance and sorry if I missed something!
  10. I only get logged out when I close the browser, other otherwise I stay logged in for any amount of time (closing the forum tab or not).
  11. @magnemoe I don't recall anything extending on the Soyuz, but I'm not sure
  12. @kerbiloid I heard of that ignitions system before. But what are those red cylinders, near the sitted guy in the first image of the OP?
  13. @Ten Key Good hipotesis, it really look like they are going to those thanks, but the booster in the manual has a fin that these don't have, so could be a old version or something. The point you made about the Russian and French rollout is really interesting, I know that the French facility is more modern than the Russian, so I thought it could have a different ignition system and that thing would be ralated to it. But the Soyuz in Vostochny also have those things, and this facility is, as far as I know, more a like the French one. Also I found that the Soyuz ignition system uses hipergolic fuel, and by this manual (PDF) it appears that the hypergolic fuel is kept in the main fuel line. Soyuz at Vostochny:
  14. @Gaarst Those looks more like electrical wires, don't they? The boosters ones go to the vernier region, but the core one goes way down then enters the side of the core (looks like at last). And they are to loose to be kept during launch, loose enough to be burnt by the exaust.
  15. I was looking some Soyuz pictures and saw this that I don't know what it is. Assuming that, for being red, it will be removed before flight, so maybe a safety equipment? I'm refering to the red cylinder that the guy is working on. I don't even know how to search this, I tried "Soyuz engine caps" but the results were totally off.