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  1. See my most recent reply about HEMTT cab, short chassis, and KF tracks.
  2. I've found you can make a more-than-halfway decent M270 by using the HEMTT cab, short chassis piece, KF tracks, and the NKD MLRS launcher.
  3. Especially since there is an MLRS launcher in.. uh.. NKD I think.
  4. Here's a nice mix of SMM and LBP. All ships are real scale. I have some more parts to tweak the scale on after multiple testing versions of everything, but overall everything is as it should be. LPD-17, DDG-1000, LCS-1, Type 45, and CK Missile Cruiser.
  5. "Camo" paint scheme, plus "gotta love BDA Physics Extender" Aster30 vs MiG-21s at long range:
  6. Uh.. like all of them? Are you asking for a list?
  7. @dboi88This is a similar issue to what @SpannerMonkey(smce)had with using the Hangar mod with LBP. We eventually got it to kind of work, but it takes a lot of trial and error with moving the spawn point and spawn orientation and junk like that IIRC. (For instance, trying to load a 6m tall aircraft in an area that said it should fit 11m but it was spawning high and wouldn't let it load.) I'm sure if you guys got in contact with each other you could get it figured out if you haven't already. As I am lazy and don't often read full threads, you might have by now!
  8. With permission from @SpannerMonkey(smce), here's the first "official" images of the finished Type45 Destroyer due to hit an updated SM Marine as soon as he's happy there are no bugs to work out. Keep in mind that this is tweakscaled to real world size, along with the weaponry with many config edits involved, so YMMV.
  9. That's fine but if you aren't using it as intended then you can't really call it a bug.
  10. 1. Other mods and possible incorrect installation as @SpannerMonkey(smce)said. 2. As one of the testers I've never experienced a slowdown of shots from the Leopard, and I've had these bits for quite some time now, putting them through their paces. 3. I don't want to launch my Shilka from a plane and shoot a chase plane and end upside down in the mountains. I'd rather position my SPAAGs strategically around on the ground and let them shoot at aircraft they detect on radar. Anything else is just uncivilized!
  11. So happy to see this finally getting a test release! Glad to have helped shape this. You've done an excellent job making these.
  12. I don't know if it matters but the hydraulics realistically won't work like that. (From a "how it should look in real life" perspective.) Either one end or the other should sit further in, and probably the top. It should sit at more of a diagonal, otherwise it has ineffective pivot points.
  13. I usually avoid reaction wheels except with rockets/spacecraft and choppers.