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  1. As an aside, SXT has a 225-ish "Osaul" cockpit and ramp and with some tweakscale you can get a good 225 from it.
  2. And I'm pretty sure blackheart said he wasn't going to add "physical" tweakscale support to the mod so people continuing to ask about it being added after it being said that it won't be is just counterproductive. The cfg isn't hard to download or install so I don't understand the issue.
  3. If you've seen the Kollaborative Warfare series on YouTube, they have placed the city in other places so I assume it's possible, just don't know how, myself.
  4. Gotta make sure the missiles are above the waterline when the boat is placed. Conversely, you can bump up their 'crash tolerances' a few m/s to compensate for hitting the water.
  5. I said that about the f18 cockpit but he made one anyway. Id like to see what he could do with one, but I think more to the point is he said he was pretty much done with working on 1.25 sized cockpits.
  6. I do not think that Paolo's github is going to have the same coding that BDAc has now. IIRC, the team did some extensive changes in order to get it ready for 1.2.1/1.2.2, so what you're attempting may not even work within the current version of BDA. (Not saying don't try, but it seems highly unlikely that that would match up considering the changes made.)
  7. You also want to make sure that your center of mass sits very low on the craft, or it will roll. Or use lots of reaction wheels.
  8. You don't want to use the center of lift, you want to use the center of thrust.
  9. Well C-5s do transport C-130s, but they tend to have their wings clipped and reassembled on delivery.
  10. @kiwinanday So I put a plane in yo plane, so you can fly while you fly.
  11. I need to make the C-130 a hair bigger, but this is with a scale C-5 Galaxy. Omnomnom:
  12. Also there's no stock BDA AIM-7. There's an AIM-9.
  13. The release was basically @SpannerMonkey(smce) getting everything back up and working with the new BDAc as well as with 1.2.2. With the backlog of mods he's working on, fixes to things will come in time. I CAN tell you that the nuclear explosion with the Falcon is an issue between PEW and North Kerbin Dynamics so you should make sure you have the most current NKD. Is this a.. suggestion or just because the names are incorrect? Spanner was working with what he had, plus a new texture for an alternate version. (Range can be fixed if you're using a newer BDAc that has the Physics range extender included.)
  14. C-5M Super Galaxy with copious amounts of Tweakscale to build it to scale: