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  1. Posted by request of @SpannerMonkey(smce)
  2. Some current and new parts, to show the versatility of the sub system. There is a dot on the dock, that is a Kerbal. No tweakscale has been used on these subs. Yes, they are just that big. (K)American (Foreground to background: Sturgeon Class SSN, Los Angeles Class SSN with DSRV, Los Angeles Class SSN FLT III with forward VLS, Virginia Class SSN, and Ohio Class SSB(G)N): (K)Russian (Foreground to background: Akula Class SSN, Yasen Class SSN with VLS, Oscar Class SSGN, and Typhoon Class SSBN):
  3. I don't mind having the fixed point parts personally. But I guess having that extra function without adding parts on all the time will be nice too. SM Marine LCAC, SM AFVs Humvee, and Aircraft Carrier Accessories Tiedowns:
  4. Okay so that's what I figured but I wanted to be sure. Thanks!
  5. @flywlyx What is the 'force ratio' and 'cable preload' on the tiedown parts? (What does it do?)
  6. Use an image hosting site like imgur and upload the picture there. Click on the picture after upload to make it bigger. Right click and open image in new tab. Copy that new tab's url to the picture, and then come back here and paste that url directly into your post.
  7. No problem. There are a lot but there are never too many! Hope you get the problem figured out!
  8. Those aren't SM weapons, those are NAS weapons. You need to go here for that:
  9. Can you post a screenshot? I'm not sure I know what turrets those are. Are you using Kerbal Joint Reinforcement?
  10. You need to specify which turret you're referring to with this behavior.
  11. Man no offense but you're not being very constructive when you're patting yourself on the back for 'fixing' the bug and continually telling @harpwner that something's wrong with his code. And you do it constantly in this thread. I wouldn't listen to you either if you kept telling me how awesome your stuff was and how broken mine was, along with telling everyone who comes in here the exact same thing. i know what I'm saying isn't all that helpful to harpwner either but geez man. We get it. Your nukes in your mod are working. Congratulations! Last time I looked this thread wasn't about next star industries.
  12. Another question: Do you plan to fill in all the new BDAc bullet types and such now that BDA has a new armor and penetration system? (I ask because these turrets are nice and all but they don't do a whole lot of damage to much of anything in my game. I know you made them initially for Tape and Beardy's Youtube series and they use an older BDA and apparently only recently updated which explains why some of their weapons work now and some don't.)
  13. Yeah SMM has a lot of plain hulls that you can turn into whatever you want. Plus you got a tugboat, an auxiliary vessel, etc. Nothing says they have to be military ships.
  14. Pretty sure the latest dev versions are compatible as I'm using IR with no issues.
  15. @allistaAs an update, I found that TCA doesn't actually care about the winch cable at all. When the end touches the water, it ignores it completely. But if something is on the end of the winch it thinks the whole vessel is below the surface and starts to compensate, such as a dipping sonar attached to the end of a cable.