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  1. You could try this mod first:
  2. It wasn't clear to me if that goes for existing GPP games or for stock Kerbin system, I guess
  3. awesome, can't wait to update. I think you need to update some of the install instructions in this post though? Any problems with just installing in place in existing GPP saves? (deleting the old mod folders first ofc) Nothing in orbit of any changed bodies mentioned in the patchnotes
  4. Is there a simple way to change the impact tolerance of all engines with a single patch? Like, anything with ModuleEngine (I have no idea if there is such a thing), override impact tolerance to 0.1m/s I'm not going for hardcore realism, but this is one area where stock KSP encourages you to make ships that don't look like real life. It's too easy to just skip landing legs and land on the engine bells.
  5. I definitely want the default setup to force me to multiple planets (I even choose ~30% science payout to make it harder, and use CTT which costs tons more to fill out). But I think it does make sense to have a bail-out strategy available for other kinds of players. I'd maybe like to see the wording on that strategy more clear about what it is?
  6. I just came here to post how much fun I'm having with DangIt. I've added lots of redundancy on probes, have failures along the way (most often batteries and solar panels), have to adapt around them to complete primary and secondary mission objectives, think about how to minimize active hours, remember to set things to a fail-safe config before long timewarps, etc etc. It's a thick layer of interesting complexity on top of standard KSP. I love it. I'm using both DangIt and LaunchFailure, as they're fairly distinct. I have no idea what the performance impact is, if any.
  7. I'm trying to bridge the large ocean to the east of KSC on Gael in Galileo's Planet Pack. I have mountaintop relays on either side, and there's a small island near the middle that might gain line of sight with a tall enough tower. Otherwise I have to chain all the way to the pole and back down again. Which is doable if I have to.
  8. utterly inconsequential typo in 03-MoonExploration.cfg "we no know"
  9. Nope, it just takes advantage of the stock high-density sorta clippy magic of the Round-8 fuel tank stacking
  10. I'll play: 5t SSTO
  11. @Papahemmy more details? I need to build a radio tower to extend my ground relay network.
  12. Great stuff in here!
  13. Community Tech Tree. Its placement in the tech tree is fine, just shows up strangely in the parts grids in the VAB/SPH build editor. I'll start the mod elimination game to see what's interfering.