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  1. Just to make this more explicit - you're running version 1.0.4. 1.1 was a major update in April 2016, 1.2 was a major update in October 2016. There have been a couple smaller bugfix/updates since - the current version is 1.2.2. The Kerbnet feature was part of the 1.2 update and didn't exist before that. Any version purchased from any of the legal vendors is entitled to free updates to the current 1.2. If you got yours through some other method - well, everyone here would like to see Squad continue to provide updates to this game, and game developer salaries are paid by buying games. So you know what you should do in that case.
  2. Then this might be the right place to start:
  3. Red drag arrows, or an actual number readout of drag? The arrows don't always reflect whether the game thinks parts are properly shielded or not. Hit Alt-F12. Go to Physics -> Aero -> and check 'Display Aero Data in Action Menus'. Now right click the parts in question, and see if they say 'Shielded = True' or 'False'
  4. What the heck, I've never formally entered one of these before. This ship isn't really an efficiency award winner but she looks nice, flies nice, and gets to orbit in a hurry with a very simple (ie overpowered) flight plan. All the design details here: 76.6 tons of fuel delivered to 101km orbit, returned to runway on a once-around mission. Got mechjeb installed but not used during this run. I know for sure piloting by hand cost me about ~80m/s in orbit vs the very precise SmartA.S.S. flight profile. Fully fueled weight on the runway at start is 216,835kg. Cargo is 76,600kg. 35.33%, plus 10, final score 45.33?
  5. Got a link? Does it go beyond aerodynamic heating now?
  6. Any update on the thermal modelling feature talked about a while ago?
  7. is there a way to just individually strike out particular textures (ie the batteries)?
  8. probably best to post in the KAX thread
  9. I keep looking for a mod that makes spacecraft thermal management more interesting. Real spacecraft have huge thermal problems: you almost always need both heating and cooling systems and significant power to run them. The difference between being in sun and shadow is way more dramatic than KSP makes it. Temperature extremes cause part failure (and astronaut failure too). Currently in stock KSP there is a wide range of suitable radiator parts, and absolutely no reason to use them or even unlock them in career (not talking about mining here - but steady-state spacecraft ECLSS) There was a RealHeat mod, which mostly was about reentry heating and seems to have been abandoned after KSP made reentry heating better. The life-support mod Kerbalism has talked about a more detailed heating model but it's a complex and heavy mod, and so far it's just talk in the dev channel
  10. Excellent question. Here's a great one that expands the CoL display to account for all parts, and also provides a graph window with a lot more info about stability: Sounds like just what you're looking for.
  11. I LOVE the 1.25m service bay. Built an entire tiny SSTO out of them, with a chair, full RCS, docking, and power system: Early career I always have one on the bottom of the Mk1 command pod. Science parts inside stay protected from reentry heat and get recovered, and the bay is essentially a heatshield all by itself with its high temp rating.
  12. Just want to point out that this creates a huge buff to very early career science returns (before the expensive astronaut complex upgrade which allows EVA in flight), when science is still comparatively hard to get. Is that intentional? I'd probably agree on philosophical grounds that the crew report makes more sense as a detailed planetary observation than the EVA report. But I would personally go so far as to call this swap (in my usual Hard mode rules, where building upgrades are ruinously expensive) cheating. Cheating myself out of the enjoyable challenges of early career.
  13. I like the K2 - it's stock-alike, a bit cartoony, and the stats are carefully chosen to fit in the career progression.
  14. SVE is a set of configs and textures for EVE and Scatterer. You can choose low, medium, or high detail textures depending how boss your computer is - I don't know how the low compares to standard EVE but the high-res will melt a potato. No problems on a 1070 here though.
  15. Question - (hope this is an effective place to put it) I'd like to make a version that works as Option 3 (replace textures, fall back to stock on export), but has no upgrade function whatsoever, no new parts, and all original vanilla stats. Basically just a texture refresh. Any pointers? In case anyone is wondering why - I have a list of stock career challenges that I want to do with stock parts. The upgraded Terrier is just too OP, makes Tylo SSTOs trivial and no fun (for me, for this particular playstyle).