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  1. That looks familiar, from the GPP loading screens...
  2. Is there not yet a Comm Range mod that can check your planned mission in the VAB/SPH before you launch? I haven't come across one and there is a need
  3. ^^ this is giving me Half-Life 2 PTSD flashbacks
  4. ^^^ I'm with Foxster here. I use a stack of 2, 3, or 4 Round-8s clipped over an Oscar all the time. That allows a fuel density not found in other parts, which opens up a lot of creative and cosmetic possibilities when designs made around plain old vanilla parts start getting old. This densified lander is ugly perhaps, but can handle any world Duna or smaller, and packs in a single Mk3 bay with tons of room to spare This 5-ton toy SSTO would be double the length without Round-8s
  5. It would be really nice if there was a mod that could control deploy limits with a slider, like the throttle control on many joysticks. That would feel a lot more like real flaps
  6. Hyped for monoprop balance pass! I thought it was perfect when it surfaced way back in the 1.2 pre, then just abruptly vanished shortly after. Glad it just got delayed and will see the light of day. Thanks!
  7. Haha, nice! Very creative
  8. Really cool ships! ... but that nosepiece is not stock (Mk2 Expansion)
  9. Kerbin, or HomePlanet?
  10. well, there's this:
  11. I always check my total vacuum delta-V, then pull the altitude slider all the way down to check the sea level TWR for launch. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth as I make changes. Otherwise I pretty much follow the numbers outlined above. MechJeb also has a delta-V readout panel that shows both at the same time.
  12. Here are two good candidates. I play with both enabled - Launch Failure can result in booster rockets literally exploding under you, but it only applies during launch phase and only to engines. DangIt affects everything at all times, but parts mainly stop working or leak fuel rather than explode.
  13. As for the original question: long ago, there were problems with craft sometimes spawning partly below the surface of Kerbin, and exploding. A little starting offset into the air is the kludge that fixed that problem. As for the rest - my planes never explode on physics start. Can we see a pic of the problem craft? There might be an easy fix that jumps out at us.
  14. This is a pretty minor usability note, not a bug. I've had a few craft where I get the alert beeping in orbit, nothing listed in the F3 menu so I know it's not super critical. I zoom in and rotate all around the craft and can't ever find anything highlighted in red, can't ever figure out what's wrong. I usually pack things very densely in service bays etc so it's not trivial to inspect everything. The ship keeps beeping every time I come back to the craft scene. There's no way to mute the alarm, other than just disabling all alarms (AFAICT) Maybe at some point (not critical now, while Linux is updating all his mods) we could discuss having a bit more UI to call out failures? edit: dang - now I re-read the previous posts more carefully, perhaps this is zero failures but just a simple beep bug
  15. Let's just float this back up to the top and see what happens?
  16. This mod came up in a KSP stream chat discussion today. Any interest in a realism/difficult setting, where RCS thrusters require some tiny amount of electric charge to operate? So you'd lose RCS control if you run completely out of charge. Not really related to the main features of this mod, but it could be an appropriate place.
  17. Roger on run-once, that's not a problem NeedsHomeWorld is news to me. If I run them manually around Gael's moons, they generate science, the science points show up in my counter, and the experiments are listed in the Science Archives after. They don't show up in Here and Now but operate otherwise normally. I now realize they do show up in Here and Now when flying on Gael. How is this supposed to work?
  18. Having a problem with this point, using some RoverDude USI mods that add science parts. The experiments (for instance Meteorological Survey Package, Materials Study Mini-Lab, Engineering Test Bay etc) show up in the complete list of available experiments. They don't show up in the Here and Now window. KSP 1.2.2, running Galileo's Planet Pack 1.2.2
  19. I had my first green monolith encounter in GPP (1.2.2) on Gael, but nothing happened. I believe that the green ones should award tech nodes, same as stock? No notifier, no tech node mysteriously unlocked, nothing. Is this normal?
  20. They're jets with antennas stuck on to look like props.
  21. Did you happen to notice the names of the propellants used by the engine? It's listed in the resource bar in the upper right of the screen.
  22. This might be a good place to share a Module Manager script to override buoyancy of stock parts? I'd install that
  23. You could try this mod first: