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  1. Try making a node that falls over to KSC or attempt to get as close as possible. If you can get close, you're already starting. It also takes practice to land there too.
  2. Thank you DD and Kryxal.
  3. So I launched a space station but since I am bad at docking, I'd like to know simply when to start the mission and what's the time frame to dock?
  4. I was looking at the KSP store recently for some T-Shirts and then I noticed the Kerbalizer was free... Then I read the description. What does this mean?
  5. Well, during the switch to the new forums my name got jumbled up to a bunch of letters. I don't know where to change my name because I forgot. Anyone know? Thanks. Sorry for this thread if it's bad. Anyways, I like the new KSP forums but it's more or less a somewhat downgrade. But good job Squad.
  6. [CENTER][SIZE=7]attention! do you have creations that you want to keep alive? post download links here! [/SIZE][/CENTER] [SIZE=7] This thread will host anything that was lost on 11/27/15. Please post anything you have on Rocket Builders here before the deadline. [/SIZE][CENTER][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/qciQA.png[/IMG] [SIZE=7][FONT=arial black]By Giggleplex777 [/FONT][/SIZE][CENTER]Z-50 Cobra -[URL]http://www./download/n2pf22oqlb9sppl/Z-50.craft[/URL] [/CENTER] [SIZE=1][FONT=arial black][FONT=arial]ZL Z2000 - [/FONT][/FONT][/SIZE]http://www./download/e926rd2q9cd2ad0/ZL+Z2000.craft [SIZE=2]R-2 SSTO - [/SIZE]http://www./download/9d4srk344v67cnu/R-2.craft Damselfly - [URL]http://www./download/f557nl516qd9i58/Damselfly.craft[/URL] [SIZE=7][FONT=arial][SIZE=2]c-7B - [/SIZE][/FONT][/SIZE]http://www./download/rwm81tusm5yyrue/C-7B.craft [SIZE=7][FONT=arial][SIZE=2]C-9 - [/SIZE][/FONT][/SIZE]http://www./download/lan2k6d6fyym6rk/C-9.craft Odysseus STS - [URL]http://www./download/z6fyoy6hgvohvvv/Odysseus+STS+Block+V.craft[/URL]! Kerbal G - [URL]http://www./download/hhw6z7cpr53nuha/Kerbal+G.craft[/URL] XF-108 - [URL]http://www./download/bkw45hnwcqusoqu/XF-108_Rapier.craft[/URL] [SIZE=7][FONT=arial] [/FONT]Welcome to the new forums! Please PM me if you would like me to remove your entry.[/SIZE][/CENTER]
  7. Rest in Peace.
  8. I was just thinking about the STS-107 incident. Couldn't we get a recreation of it?
  9. I want to thank my family for giving me 199 United States Dollars and I want to thank Mexico and Squad for creating such a unique game. Thank you!! Also, I might make a new KSP series very soon but it's a mixed desicion. Thanks again!
  10. World War 3
  11. You won't believe how much crap can occur on the horrors of these 12 days. Singing Christmas Carols Stale TV Specials Batteries Not Included Finding Parking Spaces Buying Kid's Candy Charities Facing your In-Laws Five Month's of Bills Sending Christmas Cards Hangovers NOW WHY THE HELL ARE THEY BLINKING!!! The song is from Bob Rivers. His album, Twisted Christmas is available on youtube.
  12. This is an old feature. I think it's from 0.1x but I don't know. Don't feel bad, just listen to this
  13. I was wondering if I could use a VISA credit card to purchase the game? I was wondering since I couldn't find an option to pay.
  14. Happy Birthday to ME! Amazing things that happened today... 1. As I live in CA, Los Angeles was amazed to see a streak of light pass and it was confirmed a rocket launch. 2. I got birthday presents! 3. I get to hang out with my friends tomorrow! Yep. I'm kind of a spoiled brat but no matter, I must still continue science work even on birthdates.