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  1. Speaking of bar bugs, do you know the "GET OUT OF HERE STALKER" guy? I was once walking by him until I noticed he was incapacitated, screaming in agony, with Petrenko mysteriously standing next to him. I gave the wounded guy a medkit and he became green (friend) on my PDA. But as soon as he got up, he told me to get out. I think I still have a save of that situation. I might upload a video if I find it.
  2. I really hate dogs in STALKER. Every time I hear their barking I put out my pistol and see if I can put them down. They were especially annoying in Shadow of Chernobyl near Duty's base (100 rads bar), whenever one of the dogs saw me they'd go tell their buddies to get the party going and flock towards me barking like crazy. But yeah, I've also went back to the base to get sweet revenge. Also made a lot of roubles selling their equipment. There was also this time when I went to some kind of tower near freedom's base in SoC to kill two bloodsuckers, and near it there was an abandoned village with a controller in it, constantly ringing my ears. I searched the whole place and couldn't find him, so, not taking the ringing anymore, I tried getting away from the place, only to find him casually walking around next to me. No idea why he didn't attack.
  3. Ho boy, the Zone is growing in the KSP Forums... I've played STALKER:CS and STALKER:SoC, both of them on Master Difficulty with a realistic damage mod (I can't take bullet sponges). There was this part of Clear Sky where you first went into Cordon and you had to get past the military base, that marksman machine gunner is responsible for at least two thirds of the number of deaths I had in the savegame. And what the hell was he shooting, I tried hiding tree-to-tree but his anti-tank bullets or something would penetrate them without mercy. I'm not sure which one I prefer, though: STALKER, Fallout or Half-Life. I love their universes, and if Half-Life got an open-world game I'm sure I'd grow roots in front of my computer. They're just amazing.
  4. I've played NFS:MW as well, in fact it was the second NFS I had. I didn't really like the way cars handle on it though, they seem to handle too sluggishly as if there were a delay between pressing the key and steering the car. I've also played NFS Pro Street and NFS Undercover, but I really didn't like them. Pro Street lacked the open world aspect that I really liked, and Undercover was just "meh".
  5. Decided to revisit Need For Speed Underground 2, the first "real" PC game that I got. It's old, but without a doubt it's my favorite one from the series, since it dragged me into gaming (and I was an easily impressed kid when I managed to copy it from a lan house to my internetless computer; the original plan was to copy GTA:SA, but my poor 4GB flash drive couldn't handle it (and likely my computer wouldn't handle it, too, it had a 32gb HDD, a single core Celeron and probably 1-2gb ram) so I went for the racing game.) I can still see the riced Civic with flame vinyls that the 7-year-old me had back in 2007 racing in the low-settings Bayview, mysteriously winning races against more powerful cars. Ah, the memories.
  6. Honestly, I haven't been disappointed by any combat-only multiplayer FPS games that I actually had (a.k.a. not including the ones I'd play every once in a while at a friend's place), and I basically only play that kind of genre. I'm really fond of Counter-Strike 1.6, Counter-Strike: Source (probably the FPS I've played the most), Battlefield Play4Free (RIP, even though it was pay-to-win), CoD 4 and CoD 6 (also played a lot of CoD 6), Ace of Spades (back when it was in beta, before it got steam, it was a completely different game), Team Fortress 2, Insurgency (my favorite shooter), Battlefield 2, and probably many others that I can't remember.
  7. I was trying to play HL:BS too but I just couldn't take playing it with that "new" GoldSRC engine they used for the official game, looked too pixelated and wobbly when walking. So I downloaded Blue Shift: Unlocked, a mod that would convert that game into a mod for the actual HL1, and it worked flawlessly, except that I'm stuck because the game can't load a certain map. Still, I like what I've seen so far. It's really interesting how a great part of Black Mesa didn't know what was going on when the Resonance Cascade happened, so in Blue Shift you get to be part of them. Also, Barney has two conspiracy theory books in his locker. Apparently in HL:Decay Gordon's locker has one, too.
  8. Whenever you eat blackberries, do not swallow.
  9. Known for winking at all kerbals.
  11. Rule #30 of Clocks: there are no clock rules KSP Forums. please use a real rule
  12. I've also once dreamed that I was going to sleep and that I had a lucid dream (I was not lucid; I dreamed about lucid dreaming, good job brain)
  13. remove windows 10 insert windows 7 problem solved forever
  14. Yeah, if I posted my weirdest dream here I'd be banned, too.