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  1. No, the next big update is likely going to be focused on even bigger, like changeable orbit colors for ethnic diversity
  2. What is this, Isaac Newton Simulator 1668?
  3. K
  4. I am envious of your rep-to-post ratio.

    1. Aperture Science

      Aperture Science

      Teach us the way of the cubinator for near-2 rep-to-post ratio

    2. cubinator


      A good place to start to analyze why I have the rep I do is my most-liked posts (if there was a dislike button, I would look at the other end too). My highest-repped thread is my 8-bit drawings thread, with 146 likes throughout. Next up is the Stock Rubik's Cube thread, with about 134. My Death Star mod has 19 likes but just surpassed 1900 downloads on Spacedock and that is steadily increasing. My full size Star Destroyer has 16 likes in the thread and 87 downloads. Keep in mind that there are other posts about the Rubik's Cube that have been liked, so it probably surpasses the pixel art as the most liked thing I've posted.

  5. Media = appeal to most people = gets more ad revenue Most people aren't interested in getting a 20 minute long discussion on scientific topics, they want something they can relate to: Oscars and social stuff is the one that appeals to most. You want political news? Go to a news site dedicated to that. Want science news? Go to a site dedicated to that. News that aren't dedicated to a single topic will try to appeal to the masses.
  6. I stand corrected.
  7. Most people go to school not because they're there to be "enlightened" or "be fascinated about the universe", they're there because some day they're going to need a job or because they're being forced to go there by their parents. Also, damn, if you're going to fail a year because of these specific reasons, I think you're blaming the wrong ones the way you dress is directly related to the way you express yourself/your style (what's inside your head)
  8. Why wouldn't it? What do you want people to talk about? Whether leptons are compound particles or not, or if the contradictions between quantum mechanics and the macroscopic world determine free will? No. Not happening.
  9. http://mymentalage.com/
  10. noteveryonehasthesameinterests.bmp noteveryoneisasmartasyouare.mp3
  11. Alright, I'm going to stop binge-facepalming here (I've also noticed I've already replied to this thread once; oops) and leave this for anyone to read before complaining: *Not everyone is as intelligent as you are *Not everyone has the same interests as you have *Nobody is perfect; mistakes happen, no need to mentally suicide if someone says something wrong *For crying out loud please don't be a smartass at school, just try to fit in if it's being that difficult to get accepted, be nice to people in such a way it's actually pleasant to be around you *There is no such thing as going to school to get "enlightened" and "fascinated" by the contents there. People go there because they're forced to. You might not go there for that reason. But most go because of their parents. *Talking during classes is normal. *Stop complaining about fidget spinners; your complaints are as equally annoying as you think such toys are This thread has some decent posts in it, but holy moly, some things I've read here made me wince