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  1. @Shadowmage Seriously, epic mod! The tweakable parts design is ingenious, I think Squad would be wise to take notice! As many mods as I use regularly, I am surprised I have not run across this gem before now. @Akira_R Thank you for the .cfg for SMURFF! All I needed to do was lower the thrust multiplier a bit and it and it nails realish values for my 10.6X GPP career.
  2. I believe you are missing this:!vUowhKgB!PAIeK8M1KlBOXhcBNglxGTq6MzSiqFxF27fAXYOD8_w DL and overwrite in Gamedata/Kopernicus/Plugins Link and detailed instructions is the main GPP readme :-P Have to ask, are you launching in 64bit? Also, Kopernicus is version locked to KSP, so you want the latest version as the earlier ones will not work.
  3. Lots of awesome shuttles in here! Well done! Anyone that watches my stream will know I prefer SSTO's, but I made a shuttle just for this! (It's even stock:-P) It'll put 6 Kerbals in a 150km orbit and has ~3500m/s dV once there to go quite a ways and return.
  4. Jade Science Station is now operational!
  5. @Tuko Seconded, installing more than 1 LS system will mess everything up since each is installing new resources into the game. And Kerbalism isn't just a LS mod, it's an overhaul, so if you remove it for USI LS, there is a good chance it will break your save as well.
  6. From what I know of SCRAMjets, the limits you are hitting are right inline with IRL limitations, even facing the same brick wall; drag and heat. If materials are able to withstand the heat, the design optimized for drag and riding the perfect pressure curve, the theoretical limit of a SCRAmjet is about mach 15 (~4400m/s) at an altitude of 75km. There simply isn't enough oxygen and air pressure above that altitude for combustion, regardless of speed. Thus far, the record is mach 9.6 (3,268m/s) at 29km altitude set by the X-41. As for real scale SSTO options, rockets based on methalox if using Real Fuels is a viable option.
  7. Just adding some eye-candy of this epic mod in 10.6257X scale - Best shots of our career thus far... This is Gaelputnik - First object to orbit Gael... First probe to return from Gael Low Orbit... GaelScan-I, The first probe in polar orbit (this shots is from 300km altitude)... First flyby of Iota... First manned orbit (shot from an altitude of 5,000km apoapsis)... First flyby of Ceti... First Iota lander on sub-orbital approach... First Iota lander on final... Launches at this scale are very epic... Just after booster separation... Clearing cloud level... The very long second stage burn to low orbit (it is typically 6-9 minutes from launch to low orbit; have to achieve 7,800m/s velocity)... And reentry is just as dramatic as the launches... No space program is complete without the obligatory spy satellite being launched into orbit... And we have launched several probes for various reasons, here they are...
  8. I don't think AJE would help on that front since it goes more for realism; a RamJet & Scramjet are fundamentally different. You could have a turbojet/ ramjet hybrid (like the SR-71 used) but a scramjet has almost no moving parts as it doesn't use turbines to compress the air, it uses the hypersonic shockwave for this. For realism that would mean 2 different engines (if that is your aim) and the only mod that I could find that is current for a scramjet engine is Hypersonic Systems but I have not tried it myself.
  9. Hey @MaxL_1023 Not sure if you are using this or not, but it makes jet engines behave much more realistic and is now standalone from FAR:
  10. Had to share this beautiful polar orbit in 10.6X scale.
  11. That is a stock shuttle I just threw into my test save. But the mod that does that is Indicator Lights. And @Thomassino it is indeed Eden Sunflare Sunflare
  12. I was just looking through the Scatterer post, a RSS scale version of Scatterer is still "in the works".
  13. I am still adjusting the cfg's for draw distance as it makes huge difference in the view, but scatterer goes nuts on atmospheric bodies. Anyone with any tips on adjusting that? I'll be back to streaming tomorrow (getting over being super sick) and I will be going over again how to install/ upgrade GPP live to assist anyone that needs it. @Noon PST. It's a dark image, but epic shot of first probe into orbit at 10.6257x scale and just an awesome screenshot while testing cfg's.
  14. Thank you, Sir! I wasn't trying to make Gael an exact Earth clone, just wanted to nudge it a bit closer. Mostly as having a 24 hour a day time scale and a ~18 hour rotation is kind of annoying.
  15. I adjusted the scale to 10.6257X and it sets the equatorial radius to 6,375km (Earth is 6400) but the rotation period is 17hrs, 57min, 40 sec, the same as 10X. Rotational speed @KSC is 612.5 m/s in 10.6257X vs. 576 m/s in 10X (Earth is 463.89m/s @ equator). So what would I need to adjust in the 10X cfg? The dayLengthMultiplier?