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  1. They actually might look really good if it's possible for them to not scale up?
  2. So...the city lights scale up dramatically at 10x scale, it is amusing to see though... Other shots though in 10x are AMAZING!
  3. If anyone is still having issues understanding how to install this epic mod, I will be streaming the install process @ starting in about 10 minutes!
  4. That is super slick! Well Done SkyKapt!
  5. You may wish to try that again as I installed SMURFF and did see the gains in 10X scale (2500+m/s dV increase on the basic rocket I made to see). However, there are some parts from mods where it is not applied, for those, you will need to edit the SMURFF .cfg to add those parts. Look on the SMURFF thread for the instructions (also make sure you have the latest version of SMURFF 1.5.5). Even with that though, there are a couple of errors w/ MM & SMURFF that I am trying to nail down. (And SMURFF could use an update, it's being worked on.) Unfortunately, playing in larger scales in KSP is not a simple "plug & play" process, it requires some homework ;-)
  6. So in 10X Gael Volcano is a bit...tall.... On another note, many of the mods associated w/ RSS scale are not yet updated to 1.2.x, many are only 1.1.3 compatible and require more than a simple recompile to function fully. Many are in development, some are in limbo, so I am going to hold on really getting into this until updates are available.
  7. The biggest decision I'd say is going hard core with Realism Overhaul or "less" hard core and go with SMURFF. The stock tanks and engines are extremely heavy (i.e. the Space Shuttle SLWT External Tank weighed 58,500lbs empty and 1,680,000lbs at lift-off, and a SpaceX Merlin engine weighs just 800lbs and delivers 845Kn of thrust at lift-off) to provide a bit of balance due to everything being 1/10 to 1/25th scale. Both of these mods try to bring the weights of tanks and engines back into line w/ reality in order to make 10X gameplay feasible. I would call one of these the base then visit the RSS thread and look at the recommended mods there. Once I have mine set up, I will post a mod list of what I am using if you are interested. ;-)
  8. I am still choosing mods for 10x, I was distracted to play some DCS last night :-P. I should have it set up at some point today and will post some screenshots. The GPP update went perfect yesterday, I still had a couple of things on the surface of Iota, and only 1 was lost as it "spawned" underground and was insta-destroyed. Everything that "spawned" above ground, even way above ground, was perfectly fine. So if you are worried about your save before updating, you will be fine. Especially if you put it back in orbit, you will have zero issues.
  9. Galileo's Planet Pack v1.1 is jaw dropping gorgeous. Seeing Nero in time warp with the rotating rings of gas...<insert adult oriented theme of choice here>. Galileo, OhioBobB, JadeOfMaar, Poodmund, you guys did exquisite work, thank you Good Sirs!
  10. @Galileo and team, you guys are just awesome sauce! Thank you! I will also be livestreaming how to install this mod w/ options today for anyone having difficulty. And how to install mods in general as well if you are new to modding KSP! I'll be starting at Noon PST, all are welcome!
  11. @linuxgurugamer You Sir, are an unsung hero of the KSP community! How many mods now bare your signature in one way or another? I just wanted to show my appreciation and say thank you for all you have contributed! o7
  12. Yes, that skybox is Poodmund's icing on Galileo's cake!
  13. I have way too many epic screenshots of the career to post up, so I am linking my Facebook page where I'll be updating them ;-) But here is a taste!
  14. I have to say:
  15. More GPP awesomeness! E P I C Mod - Truly!