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  1. That is a good question. I am really not sure, I wanted to see if I could maybe get a daytime landing but ultimately succumbed to laziness and thought "I may as well land it now instead of time warping yet again.
  2. The planet I am going to is from this mod: The craft is 100% stock.
  3. I am going to do this but I am not going to use life support.
  4. Wouldn't dust oceans eventually compact or be pushed down as a rover or rocket lands on it? If you do make it I will be happy to install it. It is an interesting idea. Also a random question: how much gravity does this moon have?
  5. Except for the ocean thing I am all in. Although I would suggest making the moon have a thin atmosphere and dark oceans. Also how do you guys make custom planets and moons? I would love to find out and make some.
  6. It's possible, just not in a conventional way.
  7. Agreed, I sympathize with those who bought KSP and can't play it due to it being on a console.
  8. You know what I want added to KSP when 1.3 drops? Stuff! And Things!
  9. I support this, in 2061: The Third Odyssey (A Space Odyssey Book) they took the monolith they found on the moon to the United Nations headquarters.
  10. The rules don't clarify so I want to be clear on one thing.. Can I have the ship split up so that the Jool stuff can capture at Jool and the Sarnus fuel reserve can detach, flyby Jool, and capture at Sarnus to await the Jool ship to finish up and then come to Sarnus and meet it there?
  11. Is it compatible with the Mios mod? I know that both orbit between Jool and Duna.
  12. *Jupiter's moon Io busts through the wall* "Did someone say volcanoes?
  13. Good point, although considering that this is Kerbal technology we can't be sure they aren't venting trace amounts of oxidizer without realizing it.
  14. I think not because if it did would it not burn when a usual rocket engine burns in the atmosphere or ocean?
  15. This seems cool, in my Jool 500 submission log I sent an asteroid and relays to Jool. Once I deploy them I should be able to do this in career mode, although I will need to do a tiny bit of testing... Seems like a fun challenge though, and I always enjoy a good Jool 5 challenge.