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  1. For a new DLC I would love to see some near future stuff, possibly based off of 2001: A Space Odyssey and it's sequels. (I would love to do a Joolian aerobrake with the Leonov
  2. Wait when was there a barn
  3. Will Jacob see any additions or modifications like gysers? Once I finish this current project I am on (100 kerbals on the laggiest Tylo mission ever) I am going to check out Jacob. Question: What sounds cooler; a Jacob SSTO or a Jacob Base? I feel that each one could be very interesting.
  4. Pleasure intensifies
  5. Thanks, the 100 sub video is going to kill my frame rate though... imagine how bad the frame rate will get once 100 Kerbals meet Tylo's surface.
  6. yas I like this title..
  7. Over the last few days I designed, launched and returned a craft carrying 50 Kerbals to the surface of Moho and back, since mining takes the aww away I didn't bring any mining equipment. Oh yeah, and it only took 1 launch
  8. I'm pretty sure nobody has taken 50 Kerbals to Moho's surface and back without refueling in 1 launch.
  9. You should make both of them into a binary planet pack.
  10. Does this mean the new moons are out?
  11. hehehe...
  12. Hi, I have designed a big big ship to send 50 Kerbals to Moho and back. However, I want to be as efficient with possible with my ejection so I don't have to wait 1 hour for my ship to match Moho's inclination with a giant correction burn. What inclination should my Kerbin orbit be before I begin my escape burn? I plan to achieve this inclination by launching in that direction.
  13. I am happy to announce I have developed an SSTO to visit the moons once they are added. Can't wait.
  14. Thanks as always for continuing to compliment my work! Thanks!