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  1. Thanks. I am trying to use OBS to do so but it will not show the videos when I tell OBS to film their windows. Is there something specific I need to do for them to show up?
  2. I think this is a record. Most Kerbals taken to Moho and back using 1 launch, no mining, no refueling.
  3. I think this is the right subforum because this is video related and not KSP related. I am currently working on a video I made for an SSTO that visited Thatmo from the Outer Planets Mod. Like most SSTOs I build it had no testing to ensure it could make it there and back. I ended up using many many gravity assists to get myself out there. I want to put 4 clips, each a flyby, into a 2x2 formation so the video can show 4 at once instead of a whole bunch one at a time. Does anyone know how to do this? I use movie maker. (I doubt it helps but you never know)
  4. No worries, welcome to the forums. Your English is fine.
  5. @sdj64 I know there is a Level 1 Low Mass subchallenge but might I suggest a level 1 low cost challenge? The idea being to make it as cheap as possible. I am going to do another Jool 5 sometime later. I am going to aim for the price instead of mass this time. Just a suggestion.
  6. Thank you.
  7. I think I can get less than 50,000. How about less than 16?
  8. It would although in my testing I had to use 2 engines since the craft, if fueled to a certain point, cannot use a single engine to land. I didn't know how much fuel I would have when I got there and I didn't want to risk it.
  9. I did not consider that, ditching one of the nervs would boost the craft's range by quite a bit. Although I am not sure if the reaction wheel would be powerful enough to counteract the offset thrust. I might look into that real quick.
  10. First off I am glad you liked the video. 1. For the wings I just spammed them until I could get the center of lift where I wanted it, that's why they were shaped weird. At least it looked cool. Yes I did use autostrut, it is my best friend. I probably didn't need it and normal struts would have done the job but it has become habit since my large ships need autostrut so that they can be firm and not kill frame-rate. 2. My launch window was so that I would have an orbit that would get a Jool encounter one of the nodes for Eeloo's orbit so I could almost match Eeloo's orbit using Jool. 3. Thanks. I knew I was tight on fuel to begin with so I tried to find the lightest way in terms of mass to right the craft. I originally tried airbrakes but those kept poofing away and I would crash the craft instead of liftoff. I then remembered how the large landing legs would flip when they open and I though "hey if these things flip maybe I can have one flip me into the air". 4. Pretty good I think. Thanks for asking.
  11. Don't worry about it. Currently I am attempting another challenge involving Eeloo and I made sure the ship had similar delta-v levels to prove that the mission can work. Thanks.
  12. The suits come form this link. I don't know why the visors aren't working but I didn't want them too anyway. The download should have texture replacer in it but it may be outdated.
  13. In the video the craft has a maximum capasity for 6,480 units of liquid fuel, the exact amount for that fuel tank. There are no fuel tanks inside of that fuel tank.
  14. How much fuel did you spend getting into orbit? Which engines did you use? Did you remove the oxidizer?