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  1. @monstah: a little late, but perhaps this thread is better located in the tech support section? The OP is basically a request for help, and people may not know to look for this topic in 'suggestions & development'.
  2. Without a craft file to test, it's hard to say for sure... but I've seen it before, and in that case it was caused by struts without endpoints.
  3. You need to contact Google - if you can get their Translator to work like this consistently, you got yourself a job (never mind that little typo at the end). I don't know of a way to disable the debug menu. It's not part of the startup parameters, there is no key assignment in the game settings, and there is no entry in the settings.cfg. Maybe someone else knows the secret but I doubt it exists. I think though that it is rather self-defeating in the end: if you are truly so weak-willed, I think you will find that once you know how to disable it, it is just as easily enabled again... just like how you learned to hit Alt-F12 and click the right menu buttons to 'fix' whatever you were not pleased with.
  4. ¡Enhorabuena! Ahora lo que dices, intenta a ver si haciéndolo de primera vale la pena.
  5. This sounds almost like you made a typo with 'pods'. I expected this to end with 'dude'...
  6. Un truquillo que de seguro te ayudará en más ocasiones: usa una cofia invertida, entre la pieza a la que le falta nodo (en este caso, la garra) y el resto de la nave (el depósito de MP). La garra la fijas en el nodo 'regular' de la cofia, y usas uno de los nodos 'interetapa' de la cofia como nodo para fijar el asunto al tope del resto del cohete. Unas imágenes para aclarar la idea:
  7. Maybe some anti-virus software blocking or quarantining the files, because it -mistakenly- thinks it's infected? I've seen reports of some AV packages falsely flagging Monodevelop files as malware, and KSP uses that...
  8. I'm missing an entry for 'All of the above'.
  9. Could it be that Steam is trying to run the 64-bit version of KSP? I think this is the default now, although I'd expect it to automatically run the 32-bit version, but you might want to check.
  10. Creo que tienes la idea correcta, solo te falta el detalle de la implementación. Las patas (y ruedas, y trenes de aterrizaje) en KSP son objetos muy... temperamentales, como estás notando, y casi garantizan explosiones. No te digo que sea completamente imposible, pero creo que te lo pones bastante difícil usando patas de esta manera. Aún si llegaras a capturar y despegar, si te diera por acelerar el tiempo en cualquier momento, la pieza se te escabulliría, por no estar fijada a la nave (dos naves independientes se vuelven 'transparentes' en tiempo acelerado y pasan a través una de otra). Como alternativa, ¿por qué no te deshaces de las patas, y le pones una garra (Unidad de Captura Avanzada) al fondo del tanque de monopropelente? Obviamente tendrás que alzarlo un poco más, pero si ya manejas lo suficiente como para alinearte por encima como muestran las imágenes, lo único que te falta es abrir la garra, y replegar las patas de la nave para 'caer' encima de la pieza a recuperar... lo que tendría que ser suficiente para que agarre sin causar explosiones.
  11. Yo no diría que está superado el asunto: todos los hilos de antes del cambio están todavía hechos una sopa de letras (por no decir otra cosa). En realidad, con la localización española atrayendo a nuevas caras, es una pena que toda esa información se quede en desuso simplemente por no poder leerse (y siendo que el corregirlo, insisto, es realmente algo que podría hacerse de manera automatizada). Pero viendo que está claro que no se va a hacer nada en cuanto a ello, estoy de acuerdo que este hilo ya no tiene sentido y que haga sitio para cosas más al día.
  12. La versión que hay más o menos trabaja, pero por ahora es mejor evitarlo porque causa un problema en que la superficie del suelo o mar se 'suelta' en cuadros flotantes. Texture Replacer has sido reemplazado por Texture Replacer Replaced, que está directamente disponible para 1.3.0:
  13. Woot, 1.3.2 confirmed! I'll be on the lookout, it'll be very welcome.
  14. This has existed since they made some changes to the SAS code for 1.2.x. I've not noticed it any worse in 1.3.0... but it's not any better either. It seems to happen especially frequently in atmospheric flight when you switch from 'stability hold' to 'follow prograde' while pointing slightly outside the prograde marker - workaround: make sure to manually point more accurately at prograde first before switching SAS mode to avoid it from happening, or if you are already in it, switch back to stability hold to kill the oscillation first. There's another more mild version of it that manifests itself like a continuous trembling of the control surfaces (you may need to zoom in to the control surfaces to see it), which basically makes the craft slowly move away from where it should be holding, be it stability or one of the markers. I have yet to figure out how to reproduce that one reliably, so no idea how to avoid or circumvent it.
  15. Actually, the software running this forum requires one more tiny step to embed the image: hit 'Enter' after pasting in the link. Otherwise it just stays as a link.
  16. Bienvenido al foro de KSP. Añadiendo a lo ya dicho: teniendo en cuenta que los paracaídas frenan menos en Duna, puedes mejorar el margen de error llevando algo de combustible de más (*) para quemar en frenado justo antes de tocar suelo. (*: con 'de más' quiero decir aparte de lo que calcules necesitar para despegar otra vez. Un par de segundos de quema a poca potencia.)
  17. (All rights of the original 1960 'Spartacus' movie belong to Universal. Watch it... it's still the best version.)
  18. Sigh... really? Is this 'protection' something I can turn off at my own risk, preferably with a toggle of some kind? Fairings are the only procedural enclosure option we have in the stock game... don't just take that away.
  19. Pure stock. I enjoy the game as is. Don't get me wrong: I have nothing against mods. Some of my best friends are mods...
  20. More reasons I've noticed for myself: When doing forum challenges, creating and screencapturing the circularization maneuver nodes is part of the/my documentation of challenge attempts. How much is the circularization going to be, in time or dV, if you follow 'my' ascent profile? It's a handy bit of information to be able give when putting a craft up for download. Since I don't use mods I can't rely on KER or MJ to show that, making a maneuver node is the quick stock alternative.
  21. I tried to be as clear as I could on the screenshots, even circled the locations. I guess a video might be clearer: Am I guessing correctly that you imported this craft from a previous version of KSP? It might explain why I wasn't able to reproduce it by simply creating new endpoint-less struts in 1.3.0. Just a FYI: you don't need a single strut for this plane. Remove all the struts, enable autostruts on a few key places (ends of stacks and wing sections) and you get a cleaner, less draggy build with much less mach effect 'polution' in flight. For that matter, the fuel ducts don't appear to have much of a function either; you could remove those too (rocket engines draw fuel the same way as jet engines now). Also, a pair of canards at the nose would improve pitch handling... the FAT control surfaces are almost useless for pitch, being so close to the CoM (you get almost all of your control authority from the Vectors' gimbal alone). And you have roll set the wrong way around (the outer ones are much more effective). In fact, I would.... wait, why is the sun already up?
  22. There is a bug in 1.3.0 causing this: http://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/15410 It's possible to manually edit the part cfg if you need it right now (see the bug report text), but it looks like it'll be fixed in the next patch.
  23. You could ask alexustas in the release threads of his mods: I did find ASET Aviation v1.0 and ASET Props v1.3 in my archives, but I have no idea if those are 1.1.3 compatible, because there is zero indication in the mod files. I uploaded them here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1pn03ev9dyyfyd4/AAD7KrCh4kL9Xf8JEt9QmHhUa?dl=0 Please let me know here when you grabbed them so I can delete them again.
  24. You have a broken link in there. It should be https://kerbalx.com/Ilovetrump/broke-mach-effects. And I already responded to you on that page, with the analysis/solution (struts without endpoints are the cause, see the imgur album).