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  1. Those who are on the IRC pretty often should understand this one he reminds me of that guy
  2. I had a truck made to flip over but I don't use it, not enough power to go uphill. Also I did mention quicksaving but I didn't do it once in the challenge, when I saw stage 4 I was like "huh maybe I should" but I was already going quite fast and flipped half a second later.
  3. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA NOOOO I flipped and forgot to quicksave so I will restart all the race, when I get over it.
  4. Maybe a serie based on the original storyline that was planned for the game would be nice
  5. My truck can easily cruize at 70m/s (and that's with only the four big electric wheels) I don't often drive at that speed but it still comes handy to have extra power.
  6. I just finished 2nd stage in 20 minutes and 2 seconds, I took it slow because it was quite a ride! I popped two wheels and had a few big air time, Manley was watching over me because else I would have died at least 5 times! that was scary
  7. Just finished stage 1 in 11.7 minutes with my big truck, it went smooth with only a few dangerous air times beggining end
  8. I made this thing It can cruise at 50m/s, run for a long time on solar pannels and have some slightly modded fuel cells that run on IntakeAir to recharge the batteries. It can survive small jumps but if it flips, it's over. Two driver seats and one probe core in case the guys want to stay in the pod!
  9. Oh man this looks like fun, I will def enter that! Tomorrow, vehicle design!
  10. The word "drone" has gotten a very bad connotation because of the mainstream media so I never use it and explain to peoples to avoid it as much as possible. Most flight controllers can support autonomous flying (but you still need to tell them what to do before and you need to keep radio contact with them)
  11. Im on a discord group about rc stuff, we can discuss there because knowing myself, it will get pretty long https://discord.gg/hm6XWEF im quite enthusiastic on the subject. I fly a lot of rc planes and my couz has pretty much the same quad you have, it's basic but works well
  12. Someone broke several parts of the circuit at the Paradise station, I don't know wether it was one of the ones who built it who was going to upgrade it (very unlikely) or someone that wanted to annoy everyone. Only specific parts were destroyed and it wasn't blind destruction so my guess is that someone is playing with us.
  13. There is probably a way to monitor the server activity, either it's someone who somehow didn't get the memo or (more likely) someone who is trying to annoy us. that wouldn't be the first time
  14. Default samsung ringtone with a really loud vibrator. Whenever I hear it when im not supposed to it feels very weird.
  15. @Magzimum true, the submarines mechanics are not good enough and I reclaim a full submarine update! For real tho, sometimes peoples forget that KSP is a game. If every new player needed to take a year to get a aerodynamics and design degree to play with games it wouldn't be fun. KSP is one of the most wonderful game I know and it has come a long way, I remember the souposphere and the infiniglide glitch and let me tell you, current aero is great compared to that! (I was serious about the submarine part, subs are cool)