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  1. That probably needs testing. Because when I tried disabling greenhouse in the VAB, the planner didn't reflect it in the radiation calculations, unlike when disabling habitat on other modules. That makes me think, it would be great if there was one or two more parts that could do the ECLSS function. I mean, adding an additional pod to your ship just so you can get that extra scrubber doesn't make a lot of sense...
  2. I found the problem. My MK3 pod had full shielding, while greenhouse had none. But then again, how do I disable habitat on greenhouse during CME's so that Kerbals can "hide" in the pod? Or is it intentional (food radiation poisoning)?
  3. Dres is inclined so much, that the dV requirements would shoot through the roof. Then again, what about Sarnus from Outer planets mod? It takes 4 years at minimum from Jool to reach Sarnus. Or Eeloo from stock system. That's a whole bunch of CME's to survive. You see where I'm going with this. We need a different solution, because avoiding CME's is just too impractical in long trips. Thanks for your answer. But in my Eve mission, I had all my crew in the MK3 pod, with maximum shielding, and no other habitats. They all went from 30% radiation to 90% radiation in just 5 hours, and died soon afterwards. Even the maximum shielding didn't protect them enough. Is there a way to know when the next storm is going to hit, so we can plan missions in advance? Ok, got it for the greenhouse. But it would be great if the VAB planner would somehow indicate more accurately about how long can the crew survive. My mission failed because the planner predicted that the crew will have more food than it actually did.
  4. Well, you might be right about that. Anyway, it would be great if there would be a way of predicting CME's so that we could at least make 2-4 year trips without getting Kerbals fried. I mean, even if you use Jool as a mid-trip stop, it still takes almost 3 years to reach it... And as of current, there will be at least several CME's along the way.
  5. Yeah, I know, but I love the fact that CME's are happening. It makes a lot of sense and adds another challenge. But it is a bit unfair at this point, because it's random and there's no escape from on if you get caught on interplanetary flight.
  6. That's quite tedious... I mean, it makes certain sense, but if you only have to do it because of CME's, then this issue really begs a different solution. Yeah, we really need @ShotgunNinja input on this. I certainly can't get it to work, so I've put all my manned missions on halt.
  7. Yeah, that's possible, I suppose, but it would take one hell of a craft, plus lander, plus refinery, etc... I doubt it would be done this way even in the real world. I reinstalled Kerbalism 1.2.8, and tried once again to get that electricity symbol to appear. It just doesn't. I slapped all the science instruments on a new probe, put it on the orbit, tried everything you suggested up to now. It still doesn't show up. What am I doing wrong? I could swear I've seen that symbol sometime earlier, but didn't pay attention to it.
  8. A lot of things aren't exactly realistic in KSP. I am, in fact, realism freak, but if a particular issue makes gameplay unreasonable, then maybe something should be done about it... Just my opinion. My solution would be like this: implement clear CME prediction method, so that one could schedule short trips (say, up to Jool) to avoid CME's. For long trips to the outer planets, maybe some heavy shield or something, that would be costly, but still reasonable.
  9. This sucks big time... @ShotgunNinja, are you reading this? I'm sure you would agree that this issue needs a better solution...
  10. No, no CME at the moment. I am also using 1.2.8. Uh, this is getting tedious - isn't there another way of protecting Kerbals from solar storms? I mean, they are very frequent, and what if I'm making a many-year long trip to outer planets? Solar storms are bound to happen, and more than once for sure.
  11. Well, I can get the black sun symbol appear in the active vessel, but I'm not getting that electricity symbol that you have. It's just just not there, I've tried pretty much every combination I can think of. If I hover over the black sun symbol, I'm just getting the "in shadow" message, and nothing else.
  12. Still nothing...
  13. Yeah, that might be it. As I said, not a major issue, I'll wait for the next release. Thanks!
  14. No, really, I'm not getting it. I have the unlit sun symbol appearing and disappear on various crafts, but nothing else. Here's a pic:
  15. Um... I'm not getting this electricity symbol on any of my ships. So I need to have some instrument onboard for this to show up?