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  1. Well, to this round-cone fuel tank that goes from 1.5m part to 0.625m part. The wheel is aligned to the ground. Okay, I will try that. But what about horizontal stability? Even now, the plane is very hard to keep on the runway, it wants to steer off. If I bring front gear closer to CoM, won't the issue become worse?
  2. Okay, I will try that when I get back. But the plane is already horizontally unstable (doesn't want to keep heading on ground).
  3. Sorry, I'm now on another computer with no KSP. The CoM marker is just a little forward of the main (wing-attached) gear. The front gear is as far from CoM as it could be.
  4. Well, if I'm already landing at absolutely minimum vertical speed and completely flat land, what else can I do? As I said, any other larger gear can take massive crashes without toppling the plane, but with LY-10m no matter how careful I am, the plane still goes over 90% of the time.
  5. Please see my reply just above yours...
  6. I am landing with 0,5-1m/s vertical speed at most, 60m/s horizontal speed at flat land. I even tried landing at 0,1m/s in Kerbin's Poles with Pilot's Assistant, and still crashed because of the bounce. So I don't think the piloting is the problem. With larger gear, I can come crashing down 5m/s vertical at 100m/s horizontal at hills, and have no bounce at all.
  7. What exactly broke it? Can we expect it to be repaired anytime in the near future?
  8. Lol So, what's up with these wheels anyway? It has been a problem for as long as I can remember, why doesn't Squad fix this? Is this another "Unity bug"?
  9. Well, my plane is only 3 tons, and I'd like to keep it that way... Lightweight exploration bird, you know? Clearance is plenty. I tried increasing both springs and dampener, but it only makes the wheels jumpy. "Kind of wonky" doesn't even begin to describe it... I mean, they are unusable for light planes as they are now. I land with brakes off, and only turn them on after the vessel is stable on the ground.
  10. I run KSP 1.2.2 with a bunch of mods, but none that would influence this. All I want to do is build a small plane with LY-10 gear. Now, regardless of what suspension settings I use, my plane always bounces on touchdown. It has 4 undercarriages - two on wings, one on the nose, and one below the engine, just to protect it (it doesn't touch the ground). I slow my plane down to 55 m/s (just a little above stall speed), and descend at 0,5-1 m/s. Main wheels touch down, okay. Nose wheel touches down, and then it sends the nose flying into the air, as if some bomb exploded under it. It is obvious that the plane shoots up with far more kinetic energy than it had on landing. I don't get this problem with any other gear (medium, large, extra large), just the small one, LY-10. I tried all suspension combinations - default, default springs + low dampener, default spring + high dampener, low spring + high dampener, low spring + low dampener, high spring with high dampener, high spring with low dampener... Nothing works. Sometimes it only makes it even bouncier. How the heck do I use this landing gear? I've been working on my plane design for 3 hours now. When I land, I do so as slowly as possible, with very, very gentle vertical speed. And yet, it bounces, crashing my plane. P.S. Before someone says it - the plane is level on the ground, meaning nose is at 0° pitch.
  11. Okay, I see. Now it works! Speaking of which, a lot of addons have the exact same issue of reverting back to stock toolbar. Maybe this fix would work for other addons as well?
  12. Windows. We're talking about PluginData folder in KSP directory, right? Not the TWP folder? (there's no PluginData folder there)
  13. I saw it, and created that settings.cfg file in the PluginData folder, but it didn't fix the problem. TWP still doesn't write anything to that file.
  14. Wow, I just discovered this mod. It is amazing! One question: is it compatible with Outer Planets?