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  1. I'll build a gold Saturn V as a tribute. Gheghe. But serously, take it easy! Thanks for all the work you've put into SSTU. It's by far the greatest mod out there for me.
  2. Tenth launch completed, three more launches and then off to the moon to fill up all the tanks and inflate the torus. I'm calling it a night... Having tons of fun with customizing the colors and parts!
  3. SSTU color combinations: - Copper: 189, 135, 102, 255- Bronze: 157, 125, 86, 255
  4. Recycled old russian space tech. Just add a blue paint coat and slap on a huge ion engine and you're set to go exploring Pluto.
  5. I need to check Mage's other posts more often. Just discovered the landing legs
  6. ^ Whut he sed! I now have a nice spherical container for all the particles I collect along the way, and each ship gets it's own particle tank so nothing goes to waste Hey, I need something to do in my free time
  7. @SpaceKadet Just a tip: You should try these MJ ascent settings: Prevent overheats Limit Q to 22.000 Limit max acc. to 20m/s Remove force roll Remove limit AoA Set ascent curve to 55-60% for stock. Now you should have a smooth and more efficient ascent without re-entry effects or super sized circularization burns.
  8. Is it possible to transfer the CP resource outside the VAB somehow? I get you don't want people adding CP while in the VAB, but I think this means you can not transfer it in orbit either?
  9. I could use that as a model.
  10. LOL, I spent 40 minutes looking through all the parts and even cfg files to see where this was used... This would explain it I'll patch a large spherical container where I can offload the CP when I dock to a station. Get a head start
  11. Squad, Can you buy decent forum software? This thing is a [less than optimal]. - You need to search twice, because the first time always goes to your own daily activity for no freaking good reason - Most searches take forever, if they even give you a result and not an error page. Anything over 4 syllables and it's safer to use google. - When you type a long story, chances are high that the page will magically jump to something else, causing you to lose all your text - Yet a lot of times when you reply, some old text gets copied into your reply box which has no relevance at all and is annoying as all hell. - The "Insert media fro URL" doesn't work most of the times, after you enter the correct URL it will just not accept it. Using BBcode tags always works. I can probably come up with more but honestly I am waiting for the page to magically go somewhere else again and when I hit back to get some old text I typed a year ago but has no relevance. Stop being cheap-asses and get decent forum software. I never got why you switched to other software in the first place.
  12. what a PoS forum software... typed a story 3 times now and it freaking refreshes the page after 2-3 minutes for no reason. I'm doing this via github now...