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  1. What do you mean by good? Our engines lose power exponentially at increasing altitude. I haven't seen any turboprop aircraft that can reach that height.
  2. Dude iz just a game. duddnt have to be realistic. Plus when i said it would be great for turboprops i meant cause turboprops mimic piston engine of the real world. The P-47 had a turbo-supercharger system that gave it all 2300 horsepower up to 36 thousand feet. The Cessna 182 Sky lane's turbocharger gives it all 350 horses up to 19 thousand. Our engines are basically naturally aspirated. So a SSC Ultimate Aero (most powerful naturally aspirated car) would have similar power drop off at altitude as our engines do. That's no way to fly a plane amiright?
  3. Mod request: A turbocharger system / part that allows small engines like Junos and Wheesleys to produce sea level power up to 20 - 25 thousand feet. Would be great for turboprop planes. Edit: Could have a PSI boost to increase overall power output.
  4. @klond Did you ever put the engine from your Motorcar on a plane? Cause i went ahead and did it for you. First inline powered aircraft? if not, definitely the first twin.
  5. Beginnings of a Sudo-muscle car creature. Top speed of around 160 mph. Incredibly fun to throw around corners and jump over building. Super durable, lots of features. Planning on functional T-top Gullwing doors in the future.
  6. I am thoroughly blown away. amazing job!
  7. Looks great
  8. finally got my game working. celebrated by whipping this up in a couple hours. 1450 parts, super durable, fun to throw around'
  9. i know but its still weird
  10. definitely not the case. it was repeatable under different conditions. I take back what i said. This one definitely weirder.
  11. One time when i was working on one of my free-prop planes the prop duplicated itself when the physics loaded. Took a game restart to fix it.
  12. I used to use elevons to block thrust to control yaw on tailless aircraft. Works basically the same.
  13. Dang that progressed quick. The record was around 250 since last September i think. Me and Azimech and another guy raced to the top for a good couple weeks.