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  1. I found a new Nova system in space engine, and it's glorious
  2. Test Ing Test Ing Oooh.
  3. @sal_vager What does 'Days won' mean?

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    2. legoclone09


      It's the new Leaderboard section. How many times you've been in top 3 or 4 for rep gained per day it seems.

    3. sal_vager


      I wonder what other new stuff we got from that update.

    4. legoclone09


      Yeah. Wonder if there's a changelog.

  4. Thanks And, small request, can you remove the chapter from your quote? All you need to do is click on the box a couple times and backspace.
  5. One week until a possible booster re-flight!
  6. Chapter 6 of Infinitum is up :D


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    2. TotallyNotHuman_



      By the criterion 'of the same species', I have none.

      If the same criterion is removed, then... Well, I have several positive connections with various electronic devices (i.e. my iPad and custom-built rig at home), and I also have two goldfish. Oh, right, and my potted plant.

      Well, at least at school. I have plenty of friends on the Forums.

    3. Spaceception


      I've finished over 1.3k words on the 7th chapter :D

    4. Spaceception


      Almost 3k words on Chapter 7, and almost 25k overall :)

  7. Chapter 6! Now, you might be wondering, why is this text red? Well, one section in the chapter (You'll know it when you see it... I hope) might be fine, or it might not be, and I really need your guy's opinion. Anyway enjoy Also, over 21.5k words finished
  8. 1.3k words finished on the sixth chapter!

  9. Nope! @StrandedonEarth
  10. Some pics, we all love those beauty shots
  12. There's life out there, IMO we're going to find it before 2025 with advanced telescopes like the James Webb, and E-ELT
  13. Would you like to be added to the PM group?
  14. So, after some consideration, I've decided I'll only put up the first 7 chapters up, and the first two 2nd draft chapters up when they're finished. I'll still do progress updates, however, and publishing updates when the book is complete, and I'm looking to publish it. @Findthepin1@TotallyNotHuman_@Andem@ProtoJeb21 & @Atlas2342, you guys will still see the full novel, every draft so I can get tips on how to improve it
  15. So, after some consideration, I've decided that I'm only going to put the first 7 chapters up here, and once I'm done with the 2nd draft, I'll put the first two revised chapters up. I'll still do progress updates, however, and publishing updates when the book is complete, and I'm looking to publish it. @KAL 9000 @0111narwhalz You two will still see the full book, every draft, so I know how I'm going to improve it, and to everyone else, I'll give two more spots in the PM, the first 2 to ask can get added