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  1. Maybe New Glenn and Falcon heavy will complement each other, I mean, isn't New Glenn launching in the early 2020s? SpaceXs Falcon heavy will be doing daily flights by then (Hopefully), so there should be some competition by then. I guess it depends on how things play out in the next few years, but it could at least launch multiple payloads, and smaller ones further out.
  2. Yeah It was a proof of concept, it was one of the ones more out there, but still. I think the revamped Icaris is more realistic, I haven't looked at it *Goes to atomic rockets*, but yeah, all that mining would've been insane, but the time it was built, we may already have ftl. Oh, wow, so if a ship would to impact it, it would probably cause a small nuclear winter? Hahahahahahaha
  3. But it can sustain fusion, which makes it a star
  4. Love seeing all of this development These parts look stunning.
  5. That star will be around for awhile, wonder if there's any planets, I heard it was like, what, over 100 ly out? But since it's so small, transits/radial velocity shouldn't be too difficult with next gen telescopes.
  6. That was addressed in a previous page I believe. Eventually, yes, it will be.
  7. US2, and Space Engine, I've never played Stellaris, but I really want to.
  8. So what will BFRs little sibling look like? SO, could the subscale BFR replace the FH? Or would it just be a step up from that?
  9. Okay, I'll figure something out.
  10. Hey guys, I know this isn't my typical thread, but have any of you taken the GED? And how did you study for it? What can I expect from questions? A few days ago, my parents dropped a bombshell on me, and I found out I have less than 2 months to prep. I could really use all the studying and focusing tips you guys have! I'm also really nervous about it, and I'm afraid I might have a mental breakdown near the test (And I've never had to deal with anything like that before) so anything you guys have to deal with stress would help as well. This also means I won't be able to work on my novels. Thanks guys
  11. This looks even better than before! All the new stuff that was added since I first looked at it. How stable is it?
  12. I can't wait for it, the visuals look stunning, and even though I haven't read it in a long time, I could pick out some moments I remember from the book, like that 'perfect' neighborhood. When I was younger, I imagined it dark, but it's actually way more creepy in bright daylight.
  13. Huh, well, since this has been revived, I'll bring my opinion. I actually liked Voyager, and I thought the premise and everything was cool (Fight me ). Enterprise (The prequel thing) was really cool imo, and I don't know why some people didn't like it. TNG was really good, and I don't mind it took itself seriously. I, of course, liked all the reboots, in fact, that's what got me into it in the first place. I've never really seen TOS or animated series. Or DS9. Or most of the older movies aside from first contact.
  14. Yeah, I'm expecting that, and I have a little platform I'm trying to build. In any case, I won't be ready for at the very least a few months, so I have some time to build up, and research.