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  1. OKAY! Idea! This is for an antihero novel, I guess it could be sci-fi in some respects, but basically, it'd follow a vigilante who figures out how to give himself the ability to control people (Like Imperio in Harry Potter) and uses it to stop crime in his city, in rash and sometimes cruel ways, other than that, he's pretty normal, and is just extremely skilled in hand to hand, as well as gymnastics. He also implants a device that takes control of his body so in situations where emotion can hinder his abilities, it shuts off some of them like compassion, and he basically gets an artificial alternate personality that will do anything to stop crime, including murder. What do you guys think?
  2. You know the NASA press release tomorrow?

    I think there's some new HZ planets :)New Results from the PHL on Thursday, February 23, 2017

    Is it too much to hope the count goes above 50?

    1. ProtoJeb21


      I hope we get some PHEs. It's been too long without a new one - the last new PHE was Proxima b, if I'm correct.

  3. Really? Why aren't you a scout anymore? Aged out, or quit?
  4. There's classic Orion, Medusa, and Mini-mag, there might be a couple more, depending on what you consider 'Orion' (i.e. Daedalus, antimatter catalyzed, etc).
  5. I'm an idiot, in chapter 2, Mimas spaceport was 200 km wide, Mimas itself is 198 km wide. I changed it to 60 km instead, a little less than a third of Mimas' size, and much less massive. Also, it isn't mentioned, and should be obvious when you think about it, but it's in a trailing orbit around Mimas, not directly orbiting it.
  6. I'm wondering, but what's your favorite iteration of Orion? To stay on topic, why can't I write faster?
  7. Okay, well, when possible, try to see exactly how much you have, create an inventory, and figure out what metals you need for each component.
  8. How much volume (Cubic feet or meters) does it fill up? You can probably get a ballpark guess if you know that.
  9. No I mean tonnage, how many tons is it?
  10. @alpha tech Like using liquid O2 in the nozzle, I believe the Space shuttle did that, I may be wrong. Okay, that's decent, Any guesses on weight?
  11. How much? What kind? Is it rusty? How easily (Relatively anyway) can you melt it down?
  12. Well than you may not even be able to get into orbit, but again, you could look for sponsorship's with companies like Home depot, or Lowes, or anywhere that sells industrial grade metals, you may not be able to get it for free, but it could be cheaper.
  13. That's crazy. Maybe you could build a probe and pay someone to put it on the Moon who already has a working rocket, but you're not going to the Moon on your own.
  14. What kind of orbit are you going for? 100 x 100 km, which is the minimum altitude of space, or something higher?
  15. Oh. Okay, what's the concentration of alcohol? Is it good enough for a rocket fuel? Here's a possible helpful link