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  1. I havn't really uploaded anything in a long while, except for a couple really quickly put together and hardly "quality" jets, I would like to know if anyone would like to see a 2000 ton lifter, or a more efficient 1000 ton lifter? I would like to get back into KSP and develop something new on Sunday, not sure what I'll make, let me know if you guys think it would be cool for me to do something like the above. Oh, and as for a WIP build, this thing crashes my PC every time I load it into the hangar, so I cannot work on it any longer, but it needs 3x the amount of engines it currently has and about 2.4x the fuel to take all 300,000 tons of cargo it has to orbit, I doubt any machine could load this beast. (All fuel tanks shown except those the engines are attached to are the cargo)
  2. It wasn't based on the F-15, I just built until I came up with an airframe that performed better than my previous one, and put some engines and placed fuel in specific places to shift the weight around. Let me know if you'd like a F-15 replica, because I see very few similarities to the F-15 in this.
  3. My lifter can take 1000 tons of cargo to low kerbin orbit (70,000m, or barely higher, it requires a good pilot.) https://kerbalx.com/He_162/He969-MJ
  4. Upload them to imgur, and then open the image into a new tab, take the URL, and post the URL into the thread. Gallery photo's are broken at the moment, so single photos is the only way at the moment.
  5. Insert ailerons inside the fuselages the engines are connected to, and moved them as far back as possible, whilst still being hidden, and not coming out of the engines, then insert wings there as well. Use auto strut to hold them there, and to prevent them from peeking out, and you should be set.
  6. Indeed, although, I do not take back my opinion. This case however, is provable. It is indeed plagiarized. As far as I know, no credit was given, and no permission was granted, or even asked for.
  7. Someone may have taken this design, and decided to make it stock, then claim it is theirs. They say in the description that most F-22 replica's look alike, but his exactly matches the one in the OP in quite a few spots, and not just similarly, exactly, the parts are the exact same, dimensions, width, and angles, everything. It seems he just modified your craft, and took credit for it, is what I am saying, although, a similar incident has happened in the past, and I was wrong about that, but this one seems much more realistic. https://kerbalx.com/QRC2003/Lockheed-Martin-F-22-Raptor If I am wrong, sorry, but this seems too much of a "coincidence" for me to leave alone. Let me elaborate: The length has changed, but height, and wingspan is the same. 90% or more of the body has the exact dimensions, not including the parts removed, or parts added, but for the most part, all of the main structural parts of the fuselage are all the same. The wings are identical with a few minor angle changes, simple rotation, or offset by a tiny bit. They are within 1 part of each other, cost similar amounts to build in the hangar, both have 28 struts, and here are the parts lists: They are identical except for a change in the nosecone to stock parts. (Copy F-22 is in the OP's spoiler for some reason) OP's F-22:
  8. I believe that the i7-7700K has been known to hit 5.5, and 6 ghz with really good water cooling, and a delidding, but I suppose this isn't a tech forum eh? So I brought a screenshot along with: The first being a lifter that was supposed to be capable of bringing 3000 kT to orbit! Yeah! But it crashed before I could get enough engines in for the correct t/w ratio. The second being the "design" I am going for in these super heavy lifters that is taking me so long, I want to drop as much excess weight off as it becomes unnecessary, so I am finding a balance between decoupler count, and tanks dropped per stage. Here is the general idea: De-Coupleable fuel tanks lifted by a puller type rocket.
  9. I was just suggesting, since most people don't have amazing single core performance, unlike I do with a Pentium G3258 at 5ghz, or my other PC with an i5-4590 at 4.1 ghz (I BCLK overclocked it, and it works!)
  10. I imagine larger helicopters could be made less laggy by making multiple smaller engines rather than one larger engine, or a couple large engines, since multiple craft on multiple cores is better for frames than just two craft (engine + craft)
  11. <|HE|> Low Orbital Station 1 +Launch vehicles for station / crew (single launch station construction!) https://kerbalx.com/He_162/LOS-1-Station-Launcher https://kerbalx.com/He_162/LOS-1-Crew-Launch-Vehicle
  12. -=RK=- Presents the RK-11 fighter Not for those who want to have fun, but those who are daring to make it so! https://kerbalx.com/He_162/Rk11
  13. A sneak preview of a 700 +/- 10 parts count rocket, weighing 6537 tons, and having a payload of 1000 tons, this rocket has a 15+% efficiency in any 1000 ton payload, and a 14%+ efficiency in 900+ ton payloads. Check out all the parts saved on autostruts... Keep in mind, stats shown are in pictures are not finished product stats, and any and all pictures are WIP from the incomplete build. Here is an explosion to take in, rather interesting. http://imgur.com/a/XUHFr (click for album of explosions)
  14. Aren't all non replica launchers scrapped together?
  15. Sounds like a job for my 1 kT refueling lifter. https://kerbalx.com/He_162/He969-MJ Or maybe my 200 ton lifter: https://kerbalx.com/He_162/He710 I also have this reusable lifter, if you can land it! Just take the science "hub" for my station off, and put a fuel tank in there. https://kerbalx.com/He_162/N3-l6