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  1. While being further developed into the Tempest I can imagine the Hawker designers thinking... "The sabre is a complex engine, we need an alternative for a Tempest II". Then someone from Bristol, "Here, have this stonking great big radial. We call it Centaurus, we just took the Hercules and made it bigger! POWER!" "But how are we going to get that in to a Tempest? We want it to be aerodynamic and faster." The quiet one at the back says, "The Germans have a radial engined fighter...." The room goes quiet. "we can just see how they did it."
  2. Finished this earlier tonight. additional message: I need a new exhaust for my car but cannot afford it. Please buy my cards or share the store link if possible: http://kokorocards.etsy.com/
  3. This evening I have made the jump from Photoshop 7.0 to CC2017,.... While I dont know everything about the new software or every new option but just now I wanted to link 3 layers. As far as I have tried you now select the layers individually and click the link button at the bottom??? what? why? thats 4 clicks for the layers. In PS 7.0 you click once and slice up, ONE CLICK ! And in PS7 you can click once and slice to change layer opacity, it doesn't work in CC and you need to click twice to select the slider and slide it. I thought UI was meant to improve with newer software. Is there any options i can select to get these old behaviours back? And the right-click layer menu, it is huge. In 7 if I want to delete a layer, right click and delete is almost under the pointer, in CC you have to drag the mouse a mile to get to the delete layer option.
  4. Making up an order of cards for an etsy customer.
  5. I took 36 cards in to a shop in Cowbridge that had ordered them on Saturday. I had already given them some sample cards and had offered them for free but they insisted on paying me for both the batch they ordered and the samples.
  6. https://ukdefencejournal.org.uk/raf-scrap-sentinel-surveillance-aircraft-due-cuts/ The Raytheon Sentinel Fleet is going to be scrapped for real this time. Only 9 years old. They were under-budget and delivered on-time and have been in constant use all over the world. My theory is that the pen-pushers dont know what the platform does so they want to get rid of it. "It doesnt carry bombs or missiles or cargo or vehicles so its a waste" Probably, in a few years time, we will get hand-me-down E-8s.
  7. If you have a drawing to post, post it. Don't be embarassed. my recent junk: ......quite. And this is my space shuttle inspired drawing I was thinking of colouring next: i might have shared it here alread,y cant remember.
  8. I got to see Argonaute last year, just a walk around, not inside unfortunately. It was on my to-do list when I went to Paris. Yeah, it isnt just the buying of these vessels. It is finding a berth for them and having a business plan so they can generate enough income to be maintained. This was Vikrant's problem, it had deteriorated a lot aparently. It's interesting, both Viraat (as Hermes) and Vikrant both had battle honors yet it hasn't been enough for them to be preserved. Vikrant, was a Colossus/Majestic Class. 16 built, serving in 8 navys, 0 preserved. Not even a piece. It is impractical to conserve them all but none does seem such a shame. Foch/Sao Paulo is up for scrap too. Ocean may join them in a few years.
  9. This picture on reddit titled Viraat/Hermes whereas the picture is actually of Vikrant/Hercules. Viraat can still be saved from scappies but no-one who cares has the money.
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Rail_GT3