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  1. @AndrewDrawsPrettyPictures BIG NEWS! BIG NEWS! There are NINE NEW RED DWARF PLANETS! A total of five systems, with three extra known planets. Guess what system has a fourth planet? GJ 3293! Planet E orbits about every 13.25 days with 3.28 Earth masses. The other three planets now have slightly different but more precise orbital and physical parameters. Some screenshots in the spoiler if you want some creative juices. Here's the published research paper if you want to take a read:
  2. *screams like a little girl*

    Two planets for Luyten's star, one potentially habitable! A new planet of GJ 3293! One more two-planet system and two three-planet systems! All around red dwarfs! How did this slip under the radar of online news outlets!

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    2. electricpants


      I might recreate the Luyten's Star system with Kopernicus...

      It just interests me more than GJ 3293 for some reason.

    3. electricpants


      ProtoJeb, what's Kerbol's sze compared to the RL Sun? (10x the size?)

      Just wondering so I can get the correct size.

    4. ProtoJeb21


      @electricpants About 0.376 times the size of our Sun.

  3. Mission control has been working on an interesting Minmus project and a Moho orbiter, but that's not what I'm talking about here (yet). I'm here to show off some Kopernicus eye candy! I just have too many Kopernicus-related screenshots to let rot in my KSP Screenshots folder...which now has something like, what, 1300 pics? I lost count ages ago
  4. Absolutely! We already have some good lore as well for Septis and Rekiesse. Also, shot of Septis transiting Phoenix:
  5. This place needs some more attention:

    It's a forum ENTIRELY on exoplanets!

    1. NSEP


      Something for you!

  6. Global warming doesn't actually exist. It is a figment of your imagination. You thought Harvest was real as well, the planet rumored to orbit in the same place as global warming. It was just a recolored picture of Tylo, just as pictures of global warming are just manipulated pictures of Earth. You fell for that, didn't you? It could happen to the best of us. Just remember that global warming doesn't exist; never has, never will. It is a figment of your imagination. Do you get what I was referencing? All jokes and weird animated Kerbal emotes aside, I just HATE how the snow melts. When I see patches of grass from where snow (that used to be a FOOT HIGH) has melted, I have the same reaction as someone who finds their dog chewing on the science project they were working on for 3 weeks and counts for 50% of their final high school grade.
  7. What. The. Kraken. Okay, I'm a fan of doing things overkill, but something tells me you went a bit too far. Have fun with the stuts on that thing I'm also planning on doing the Jool-5 soon in a Sandbox save. I've played KSP for the past two years, so I HAVE to do this sooner than later. @sdj64 is mining and ore processing allowed in the Jool system?
  8. It must have to do with the position of your drill. With my Rhea Base on the Mun, my drills, when extended, are too close to the ground and push the base upwards. Is this happening with you? If so, it means you have to either rebuild the base or just simply replace the original drill module with a new one.
  9. I use my space station - named Kupole Station (after one of my disproven planet candidates) - for refueling, crew transfer, and science deposits/research. I'm planning on either re-modeling or moving it, possibly into Munar orbit. I'm already setting up a new station around Minmus. This time, it's smaller and can act as a lander as well!
  10. Abraxa and Septis have new textures. A's terrain is more complex, while S is completely revamped. Height map made by @electricpants, which I used to create color and normal maps with Kittopia. I didn't get to Rekiesse yet. The nitrogen planet (let's call it N2 for now) has a spin-orbit resonance. This is where it's rotation has an integer ration with its orbital period. For example, N2 rotates three times every four times it orbits Phoenix. Mercury (and quite a lot of space engine planets) have similar resonances.
  11. @electricpants I'm releasing version 0.4, which adds in the tweaks I made to Abraxa, Septis, and Phoenix. I'll get to Rekiesse later on. Also, I have an idea for an ocean planet with a 2-3 spin-orbit resonance. But it's not an ocean world of water...but of liquid NITROGEN! (Name is up to you)
  12. It seems to be the close proximity to Phoenix. I did lower the star's temperature down to 1800*K (which is the temperature of a real-life L dwarf), but I believe the corona might be too hot. I'm thinking of re-sizing Phoenix to Kerbal scale while its mass would be 1/100th real-scale. How about, in real life, Phoenix would have 0.06 solar masses and 0.1 solar radii? Also, I think Septis needs to be retextured. Try making a new height map, this time with more deformity (more apparent high and low regions) and NO volcanoes. When I create the color and normal maps with Kittopia I can add volcanoes with VonoroiCraters.
  13. @electricpants I've finally gotten some time to work on this. I decided to help improve Abraxa's texture - enhancing bumpiness while not making mountains and stuff too sharp. Note: When exporting textures with Kittopia, always set "Normal strength" to about 7 or 6. @StarCrusher96 does that, and textures come out a lot better. So, back to Abraxa. Here's how it looks now: The surface is more complex. and the impact basin now has liquid ammonia bleeding into it. Also, there are a few tiny lakes strew about once you get into the atmosphere. I had to increase Phoenix's light intensity, because 0.1 was too low for the planet to even be illuminated. Phoenix has now been changed to appear more fiery red-orange, both because of its namesake and how L-Type brown dwarfs appear in Space Engine. What do you think? Should we keep this changes or remove them? In the mean time, I'm going to take a look at Septis and see what needs to be fixed. Also, imgur album!
  14. KOLASI TRANSITS! Much to my delight, the planet Kolasi (HR 8832 c) was recently found to be transiting Niobe (HR 8832 A). It turns out that it is rather large and dense - 1.511 times the size of Earth with a density of almost 7 g/cm^3. This will help me make the planet better in upcoming versions of IA-Revived. In fact, version 1.3.0 is going to be a statistics update, fixing some planets based on newly gathered data about them. These will include Carphos (which is able to hold a moon) and Cheimon (whose orbital period and radius have finally been pinned down). Anyways, back to Kolasi. From this new data, I'm going to make it an unusually dense, volcanic planet well worth of its name. Kolasi is a Greek word which translates to inferno. I always thought of this world as the hottest in the system because of volcanism and greenhouse effects. It turns out this may be the case Goods news: I've made each star to have a CUSTOM sphere of influence, so that they don't have huge SOI's due to high mass and distance from Kerbol. Altering their orbits won't change SOI. Bad news: Hyperedit is known to mess up where your crafts are . I'm not really too sure how to fix that - maybe FlightGlobalsIndex values, but they aren't the greatest things in Kopernicus.
  15. Same here. All I want to do is look at my Kerbal Space Program screenshots and pictures of Jeb being quantum entangled to death (aka Kerbal spagghettification), but NO. People just HAVE to use an image hosting site for all the wrong reasons and instead of looking up gifs of cats doing stupid things they use it for other stuff that the school doesn't like...which may include cats doing stupid things purely because cats have no educational value, which is sad but true. Speaking of cats, it's really annoying when my cats keep scratching at the door for five minutes to be let into places they like to go and then TEN SECONDS later they want to come in.