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  1. I've got a pretty good moon idea. It should be finished by tomorrow or Friday...
  2. I'm not yet finished with the special surprise I mentioned in a status update a few days back...but it's coming fast. For now have a little teaser of what's coming to the Niobe system in 1.3.0:
  3. *very heavy sigh* I've had a case of planets spontaneously breaking. Like I give them a quick edit - improve atmosphere gradient colors or change PQSMods - and next thing you know they don't load at all. The two in question are Eotia (HD 219134 b) and Mikrogi (HD 219134 g II). You know the drill: configs, output logs. Tagging @The White Guardian and @Gameslinx and @Thomas P. for help. Three things to note: I was adding clouds and dust storms to Eotia with EVE when it broke, and I had also just edited its atmospheric gradient colors. Mikrogi broke after I cut+pasted every PQSMod except for Vertex Height and Color Map into a separate text document. This had worked for every other planet/moon I did it with...but not this one. Yes, I really named a land class "Meow". Deal with it .
  4. 2061: Rep Odyssey Three. 

  5. The power to hear colors but only when they are vegetables.
  6. The power to potato.
  7. The power to summon infinite hamburgers without bacon or unions but only when you're being attacked by a bear.
  8. Inspired by the hilarious website of a similar name, this thread is where users post the most pointless and stupid superpowers they can imagine. Just remember that all powers must be forum-appropriate. No insults or foul language or anything against another race. I'll start: The power to exist but only when you're dead.
  9. Work in progress HAT-P-22Ab: Tomorrow I need to continue trying to add a working shadow to this planet. Even with @The White Guardian's tutorial, I just can't seem to trim out the parts that go off the planet without screwing things up. But it does look quite nice for what it is as of now.
  10. Finally got to the 2k rep group a few weeks back...
  11. I'm glad he survived. He's quite lucky to be without incredibly terrible injuries, considering how small he is. Hope he recovers well! Just to lighten the mood, I know someone whose boxer got loose and was hit by a pickup truck, but since the dog was so big it walked off with very minor injuries and actually left a dent in the front of the vehicle! It was ridiculous how durable that boxer was - you could hit it with a 2-ton truck and it'll go on like nothing even happened.
  12. *cough* Upsilon Kandromedae Mod *cough* The first version of UK is almost ready. Currently @AndrewDrawsPrettyPictures is taking a look at the v0.1 test version.
  13. So I was preparing a...special surprise...when THIS happened:





    *go to Space Center*


    *launch a rocket*




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    2. Cabbink


      Speaking of speed, what's your fastest speed that you accelerated to? Mine is mach 330 on kerbin.

    3. cratercracker
    4. Cabbink


      My true top speed is over 1.5 Million C, and i reached lich in ~1 minuite. :D

  14. Did you get that halo ice giant idea from "How The Universe Works"?
  15. Based on what Mendez said on the official Barnard's Star search press release, it seems like there is a possible super-Earth mass planet in that system. I believe it may be a gas dwarf due to the low metal content of Barnard and how it was said that this candidate was in the cold region of the system.