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  1. Have you tried object thrower in the alt-F12 menu? Leave the menu open, change "unarmed" to "armed", then middle-mouse your way to cleaner lines on your ship (maybe practice first haha)
  2. Just to elaborate on (and reiterate) what sebi.zzr said above (in case you didn't do this too)...disabling the torque in the command module (and reaction wheels if you have any) should stop any pitching forward. It does this because it doesn't know it's not a plane/rocket, and 'W' usually means 'pitch forward'. I believe you can also get rid of this problem by driving in docking mode (is docking mode still a thing?)
  3. Love this.. Thanks!
  4. Ah ok... thanks heaps for taking the time to reply
  5. Let me preface this post with "I know absolutely nothing about the inner workings of the device that allows me to play KSP". As far as I'm concerned, it works through magic. So if what I'm about to write is mind-numbingly bone-headed and has absolutely nothing to do with anyone's KSP crashing... forgiveness please. I go through periods of intense play, then a month off, repeat until computer outdated, upgrade computer, etc. I was playing the current version a month or so ago, getting some crashing quite often (no doubt due to mods - I play with a lot... I think stock is beautifully stable) so I took a break. For absolutely no reason other than I know nothing about computers, I uninstalled KSP, reinstalled it (same version), and freshly downloaded and reinstalled all my normal mods, plus a few more new ones to try... (ps anyone seen Recoupler?!). Because I'm an idiot I think that once the installed version of KSP has crashed it's now "unclean". However, this time I did something different. Normally with the mods, I do the typical thing where you copy the required folders/files into GameData - whatever the particular mod has, I put in. BUT, as quite a few of my mods require Module Manager, this would sometimes result in 2 or 3 different versions of MM in my GameData folder. My reasoning/understanding was that there was a specific version of MM required for each mod, so they all need to be there (I think this happened when different mods had different versions of MM bundled with them). This would result in a glitch on the loading screen, when MM is loading all the patches, it would say "3403 patches loaded" (or however it's written) and then there would be the same writing over the top of that. I'm guessing one of the other MM versions loading ...other assets? The same assets? Dunno. Anyway, this time I just put the latest version of MM and didn't copy over any older ones (ie ones with lower numbers... this took a lot of strength on my part, to deviate from the instructions of the mod makers). But now my KSP has no crashes at all (again, all the same mods as before plus extras), and I don't get that weird "writing on top of writing" in the loading screen. Just wanted to put it out there in case anyone else does the same thing and maybe it's a fix? (Until I find out that I absolutely needed all those MM versions and everything gets stuffed :p)
  6. Shut up and take my money!
  7. Fantastic ...thanks so much for the quick reply
  8. 100% agree this should be stock - thanks so much for this! One question - the mod comes packaged with Connected Living that essential for Recoupler to function? Just trying to keep the mod list from growing exponentially haha. Thanks again
  9. How'd you do the rotating pieces?!? So impressed! (And a little depressed... I thought I was good at KSP)
  10. Hi and welcome to the forums We definitely need to see pictures of your rocket to be able to help properly... The only thing I can think of would be that you have a massively overpowered rocket with a TWR of like 7, and huge immobile fins at the bottom. That would make it hard to turn. With pics we will be able to help much more! Edit: Ninja'd by the great @Snark himself
  11. Ahhh I love gravity assists too! Feels like you're doing real mission planning. I recently read this tutorial: about using a Kerbin assist to get up to Jool. Maybe not quite what you're after, but way easier than planning an Eve-Kerbin-Jool one since you only have to wait for 2 planets to be in the correct relative positions, not 3. Also, Juno did this and Juno is awesome!
  12. I have had this problem too - completely destroyed the undeployed solar panels on my Duna probe. As @Majorjim, upping the separation force helped. The other thing I did that also helped was using a payload adaptor, as I think the problem occurs near the bottom of the rocket. Also, since the problem is reproducible (ie no matter how many times I reloaded the exact same thing happened on fairing separation) I now always test them on the launchpad with hacked gravity just to make sure they separate cleanly.
  13. That is one is really awesome! Thanks for sharing
  14. Ha I always thought so too until I started reading this forum ...and I'm a physics teacher! That's why KSP is so great!