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  1. Wow, I guess I'll try this night and report the results. Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone! @Ger_space, thank you for supporting KK and KerbinSide, those mods are really add a lot of fun in game. However, last time I checked (a while ago...) KerbinSide did not work well with rescale mods (I mean Sigma Dimensions) - because parts of buildings designated in absolute position, not related to some origin point. Recently I've found this post by @Sigma88 Means somehow KK and KerbinSide may support rescaling by Sigma. I'm sorry if it was already discussed and I failed to find related posts. But again I want to point out that KerbinSide is way more relevant for upscaled Kerbin, because you can get anywhere so fast on stock planet size....
  3. Sukhoi SU-27 "Flanker"
  4. Разве не разумно что разработчики хотят кушать?
  5. @rsparkyc , congrats and thank you very much for giving PF fairing some love! Do accept feature requests? If you do, then: 1) Now PF fairing side panels works in that way that you cannot have stack node below side panels attached points. Which means those wonderful KW fairing bases cannot be used properly. I mean those https://goo.gl/images/nnfnPK I use to have variety on bases/shapes/textures 2) An idea for career. For PF fairing now there are limitation for fairing base diameter, but it would be cool to have limitations for PF fairing a) length b) expansion rate Many people love challenges implied by limited fairing sizes, you will make a lot of people happy I guess. Even if limited in config file... 3) Can be those additional nodes (stock-a-like) be disabled by default (please ). Even cooler to have trussed non-physicless procedural adapter part instead of bunch of nodes floating in the air Thank for reading anyway!
  6. T2 have also published XCOM and XCOM2 For first one, modding was more like hacking (hex modding anyone) and still it is considered as legit. And 100% mod support for XCOM2. Soo, blame studio, not the publisher
  7. I remember the time when it did worked (AFAIR on version 1.0.5 of KSP) After that - nope O'k I guess I'll try nd report (unfortunately it my happen week later or more... as I'm on biz trip) Still excited as TR (R) needs some love.
  8. Will it work for changing navball texture and stock parts textures? Anyway, great news, thanks. Additional point for name.
  9. Have you checked Airplanes Plus?
  10. Here you go: There's wood to chop, guys...
  11. Half Life 3 KSP 2 confirmed!
  12. X cancelling time warp is a feature of KAC Never mind, I'm so slow... Feel incredible lazy to update my 100+ mods setup. But I like changelog for 1.3. a lot. UI looks less messed up (except pin icon - Y R U so HUUUGE?....) . Alt-C to view interiors. Whooah... Thanks, @SQUAD May be when DLC will be ready... Or my rover flips again on a seem... Or my plane will flip again on a seem... Despite the fact Russian localisation sucks, but if you don't know English, but love rockets, it's still better than nothing I guess.
  13. May some tricky MM patch can do it?
  14. Thanks for reply! However, simply going to main menu does not re-enables old stations. But then I tried to re-launch the game and it worked.