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  1. I've noticed you have very strict weight limit on launchers suggestions, but sometime it is needed to put heavier payload, assuming payload can compensate lack of launcher dV
  2. Is it possible to fix that EVA Kerbals lose EVA propellant on even slightly contact with something?
  3. Hello @EnzoMeertens! Glad to see this wonderful mod updated! I've noticed you packaged MM 2.8.0, but 2.8.1 is latest one
  4. SQUAD should repaint and remodel all rocket parts...
  5. I like what you've got! I'm definitely will try your mod because I use launch vehicles sub-assemblies anyway like "Titan (family name) 2 (model name) A (modification name) 10 (10x100kg = 1ton) 7000 (dV for given payload). And sometimes similar for upper stages I don't see dV mention in your screenshots.
  6. Planetshine has settings menu. I always use maximum values for planetshine strength
  7. Both are very cool in different way. Worth to have both.
  8. @Kerbas_ad_astra also I have noticed that Soyuz heatshield is too small and does need to be upscaled about 1,09 to protect capsule from reentry heat. Noticed it when start playing with 6.4x rescale, capsule get eposed skin and eventually explodes.
  9. Yes, orbital velocity is about 6km/h. Actually I think I managed to balance things in the way I like. Took a lot of trial and error though This involves changing KScale64 atmospheric settings (make it stock-a-like up to 70km and the gradually thin out till 100km), and increasing machconvectionfactor, reduce skintointernal and reduce ablator loss factor accordingly, so for mk1-2 pod LKO reentry I go with 400/800 ablator on heatshield and need full 800 for mun reentry, depending on periapsis ofcause. That all with Realheat installed. Peak conduction flux at approx 52km, then deceleration kicks in really hard. Mk1-2 without heatshield heats up to 2380K with 0km periapsis from LKO, so it actually has good chance to burn up with those settings. Anything with maxskintemp 2000K burns up (2000K - "not rated for reentry") I guess I'll play career and see how it works with spaceplanes / interplanetary reentry / aerocapturing ....
  10. I suspected that, thank you for clarification. Still, the plugin is great.
  11. The shapes are not all procedural generated, the size is. The shape is ruled by config: @MODULE[ProceduralFairingSide] { %density=0.1 %specificBreakingForce =2000 %specificBreakingTorque=2000 %noseHeightRatio=2.2 %baseConeShape=0.3, 0.3, 0.9, 1 %noseConeShape=0.54, 0, 0.52, 0.035 %baseConeSegments=2 %noseConeSegments=10 %mappingScale=1024, 1024 %stripMapping=992, 1024 %horMapping=10, 490, 500, 980 %vertMapping=10, 170, 694, 1014 } This one for soyuz shape. @MODULE[ProceduralFairingSide] { %density=0.1 %specificBreakingForce =2000 %specificBreakingTorque=2000 %noseHeightRatio=3.5 %baseConeShape=0.1, 1.0, 0, 0.7 %noseConeShape=0.1, 0, 0.7, 0.667 %baseConeSegments=3 %noseConeSegments=11 %mappingScale=1024, 1024 %stripMapping=992, 1024 %horMapping=10, 490, 500, 980 %vertMapping=10, 170, 694, 1014 } This one for Atlas. But I guess the answer is still no?
  12. Hello @blowfish. Stupid question - can this plugin be used to change procedural fairing sides shapes and textures? Instead of having bunch of configs like this mod has?