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  1. thanks, but i think i have them all already? or did i miss one? 14 bodies should mean everywehre
  2. Here is my entry. not exactly a toaster, but verry simple for what it is, and makes a high minus score Using 194 parts (from which 8 are unnecessary launch clamps ) Going infinitely reusable to: Minmus: 5 points Duna: 10 points Ike: 10 points Gilly: 15 points Eve: 25 points Gilly: again, no points i guess? Moho: 15 points Minmus: again, also no points i guess? Laythe: 25 points Vall: 25 points Tylo: 35 points Bop: 20 points Pol: 20 points Eeloo: 35 points Dres: 15 points Mun: 5 points back to Kerbin 194 parts - 260 points = -66 points ( -74 if unneeded launch clamps don't count ) Any extra points for the rockets ability to repeat this endlessly?
  3. Thanks! Yes it can land on Eve in one piece, but then it will be stranded there. That's true. There are so many videos which say "to everywhere" in the title, and then you have to read "except for ... and ... and..." in the description.
  4. Ok, you are right. It is truly a honour. Big thanks to all of you Thanks! I can't tell, because I never had a dV display in the game. The most quicksaves where while designing it, figuring out the out the launch window and the optimal height and angle. But while recording it, there were also "a few" Hm, makes sense, it does not say Single Stage from anywhere It is already here: Please read the instructions. Especially setting the control to the right point is important.
  5. @Nefrums Congratulations That's the smallest closed capsule Eve lander I have ever seen, and I think it's also the smallest no ISRU grand tour Did you do all the dockings just using the landers main engine?
  6. Thanks. That's also a good idea Thanks! I had to blance the orbiter between the agility to catch the lander and the endurance to get to get to Gilly, and also needed high efficient engines to make it to Moho, Rhinos where the perfect match. they have the highest Isp of all conventional engines in the game and enough thrust for the job. In my first grand tour I was using nukes. I had to do burns of 40minutes an more, and that in an old 32bit KSP version plus ~400parts, so the burns where hours of real time. So I kept my fingers away from them Yes, makes sense by this definition. Thanks Thanks! This sounds interesting too, and it will be less boring to watch than the same ship landing again and again. Would like to see this Ist this so rare?
  7. Yes, that's what still stops me from calling it so. But thanks
  8. Well, without ISRU this SSTO just makes it to Minmus. But i have two Duna Cargo SSTOs using a different approach than usual Duna SSTOs.
  9. Thanks hm...nothing negative so far... Maybe I will start calling it so soon Thanks If you like more inspiration there is also my old SSTO Spaceplane based grand tour, which has disposable landers for Eve and Tylo, and it does fly and land in different ways depending on the atmosphere and gravity. So it's a lot more variation than my new one
  10. I hope this is the correct part of the forum for this question Some may have seen my newest grand tour, featuring a stock ship that can endlessly reusable travel between (and land on) every moon and planet: Some viewers call it the first real SSTO to everywhere, SSTE/A or something like that. But I'm hesitating to do so because at Eve I split up into a lander which is then recovered by an orbiter from a suborbital trajectory. Doesn't this disqualify it from being an SSTE/A, even it is completely recovered?
  11. You have to touchdown verry carefully but that's just practice. On my first grand tour I had landing legs plus one extra set of 4 landing legs that act as retractable dampers.
  12. I just landed everywhere in a single and completely reusable ship, which can endlessly travel between all planets and moons. Completely stock. And yes, this includes Eve.
  13. This is not really an Eve SSTO, but it includes another way to get to and from Eve completely reusable, if someone is still interested
  14. Thanks @Stratzenblitz75 was the first to do suborbital docking at Eve using three vessels and no ISRU. I originally planned to use my Eve SSTO for this tour, but due to the atmospheric changes in 1.2.2 this would have become insanely large. To keep a decent size and quick refuelling, I changed it to this suborbital lander, and therefore balanced the orbiter between the agility to catch the lander and having enough dV to reach Gilly. So I was able to do the suborbital docking plus escape by 2 vessels and mining at Gilly.
  15. Here it is. My second grand tour