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  1. I only did a simple Mun landing
  2. That is a solution I was thinking about too, but I want to keep this as autonomous as possible
  3. Thanks again. Still fighting with scaling down the ISRU lander... I want to have a large drill this time, to have a refueling time of less than 4 years.
  4. Thanks! Do you have the twr too? You can't land using the debug tool, you will need to install hyper edit and use the ship lander function. Thankfully @Stratzenblitz75 posted these coordinates on reddit: -25, -158.45 If your ship jumps or explodes on landing, set the altitude to 10 or higher. If it brakes apart on hyperedit landing, use alt F12 menu and activate unbreakable joints until the ship is resting on the ground.
  5. Thanks! The hardest part is finding the right angle and speed to switch to prograde hold.
  6. Thanks! I'm surprised, too. Did not think it's possible with the increased pressure. I'm not at my computer right now, but it's really easy to build: "small nose cone" Mk1 command pod (empty monopropellant!) C7 brand adapter Mk3 to 2,5m adapter Mk3 to 3,75m adapter S3 7200 tank S3 14400 tank Mammoth engine I would be interested to see those data too!
  7. What about SSTOing from Eve in the increased pressure atmosphere in 1.2.2?
  8. I was able to scale it down to a single mammoth again plus making it manned.
  9. I sadly did not find the time to finish the video today, sorry But it will be up this weekend
  10. It's more simple than I thought. basically it's two of my 1.1.3 unmanned SSTOs strapped together, a really flat gravity turn, and a carefull finger on the throttle. I can't imagine, that the reason this works is just because I'm saving the weight of one 0.03tons nosecone compared to the single body rocket. It feels like there is an aerodynamic advantage by strapping them together. I'm at work right now, but will post details later, as soon as I find the time.
  11. 1.2.2 can't hold us down on Eve!! It has been done again! At least an unmanned SSTO launched from the highest mountain. (Landed by hyperedit) Hope i can post a Video tomorrow, and afterwards we need some upscaling to make it manned again
  12. Last time I proved this wrong Still not sure about this time my best ascends are still 200-300m/s short
  13. I do have really really bad news for us all. Kergarin Aerospace has made some research, and the atmosphere on Eve has changed drastically over the last year. The pressure in 1.2.2 is much higher than back in 1.1.3 when i made my SSTOs. The Mammoth is not producing enough thrust anymore. While it was almost impossible, when I did it, it is now even harder. See this chart starting at 7500m. Don't even think about a lower place.
  14. Thanks for mentioning me I'm actually scaling this down to the smallest possible SSTO that can refuel by isru in a short time. There is a lot to optimize
  15. Well, it is really nothing that special... But has someone before launched a science container from an unmanned rover back to kerbin?