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  1. im getting back to ksp after a bit of a break and I love you mods btw. Is NFLV only 1.3.0 or is there any 1.2.2 version? Sorry for the stupid question but im not sure when patch hit and mod was released.
  2. Thanks alot man
  3. Ive always asked myself what that thing is on the top of Columbias rudder that no other shuttle appears to have. She didn't have it in the beginning from early photos. Here is a link so you guys know what I mean. http://prnt.sc/f4xfrp
  4. Messed around with blender and added seats. I used the seat model using props with the positions from https://mods.curse.com/ksp-mods/kerbal/235281-seat-mk3-cockpit to make it an 8 seater maybe you could have it set up like this. Thank you btw man!! http://prntscr.com/er95in Here is a screenshot
  5. I know that, I would love to know what people use them for. I use them if I send 2 probes The decouple when fairing is gone does not work for me with the interstage fairings, I used to disable the fairing base in editor so I had less staging icons and the fairing walls did the job
  6. yeah im currently making a custum drag cube to fix it
  7. the orion heatshield seems to be broken, causes no drag at all
  8. i just figured out that it was another mod that uses you parts but I deleted it now anyway,
  9. any way you can have it with 6 seats and all six on the flight deck like https://spacedock.info/mod/252/6 Seat Mk3 Cockpit
  10. Hi, I would like to edit the shuttle cockpit so that it can use the 2 seats in the back of it like the the mk3 can be a 6 seater with mods. I have been looking all around your files and cant find the shuttle cockpit cfg.
  11. I know that, I would love to know what people use them for. It would be handy if they separated when the fairing opened.
  12. What are the interstate nodes used for? The ones released in the last patch since they dont sperate the craft from the fairing base? http://prnt.sc/dvwet9 and after separation the craft is still attached. I know i could use separators but Its a bit unreal Maybe Im using them wrong http://prnt.sc/dvwfpu
  13. I just tryed this mod out and cant discover anything, not even minmus. Ive seen others report the same issue so I'll wait for release and see again.
  14. is there a way of disabling the control surfaces in a vacuum like in 1.05? I cant seem to find and option or have you left it out?