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  1. Hey. Hello after my long absence. Unfortunately, I will not be able to work on this modification with such intensity. Are there people willing to help with the further development of this mods?
  2. ORION currently has dimensions of 2.5m x 1.25m. I also think that the main tank will have a dimension of 3.75m
  3. Total sorry, but I have to rest a little from KSP. For now, I spend their free time for other action. I hope, however, that it will soon return to work on SLS
  4. @Glonor Yes. If you don't know how to build one yourself rockets You should load craft files then remove all tanks LiquidFuel and Oxydizer.
  5. @Glonor Compatible Craft Files can be made available as soon as the RO for 1.2.1
  6. @Glonor If you play with RSS, so the RO is required. You will also need to download the RO cfg from my Dropbox. Link can be found on the first page of the thread. That's all for now compatible with 1.1.3.
  7. @Glonor Are you using craft files? Craft files are not compatible with the RO. In RO, you have to build yourself the same rocket.
  8. @NathanKell Are you going to continue to use Reflection Plugin? I could restore the shiny parts using Texture Replacer. If you're just interested.
  9. I think that the update will be ready for next weekend.
  10. Block 1 is ready for the next update:
  11. well i use 1.1.3 so no kerbnet 

  12. @iplayksp Check the first page of this thread required and recommended modifications. Then install them and enjoy the game. @NapalmPK I think everything should work properly. Only Orion may not have access to KERBNET.