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  1. Me too. Does this happen for everyone? I have seen screenshots so there must be a tweak I missed? -GTX 1080, 16GB RAM
  2. I use this all the time
  3. Damn those choppers are hard to control. Veers off sideways mostly
  4. Hmm the CoT isn't displayed for the propellers when I click the button
  5. So it was time to try a chopper build, but my attempts just flops around cartwheeling on take-off. How do you place the CoL / CoM?
  6. Has the atmo, solar curves and antennae ranges been tweaked accordingly?
  7. @Ger_space seems legit. I even tried this on another screen (monitor) to check what my absolute fps is, not being limited to my big screen's 60Hz. -120fps when not panning the camera directly at ground objects, and 80-100fps when ground objects are in view (my previous findings of poor performance with still stand on this much more capable screen)
  8. Just to confirm: I just did a clean install and a 100% new and untouched persistent save with only KK and KerbinSide. Same thing as last time, just marginally better with 10fps. Removed the two mods to verify the results - got maximum fps again.
  9. I experienced this first with the -nologs parameter enabled. But yes, most certainly a conflict. I am off to work in 10 minutes so I cannot do much more in 8-9hrs time.
  10. I am experiencing a truly massive performance hit with the new KK and new KerbinSide. It drops from 45fps down to 3-5 on my i7 4790K + GTX1080. If I pan the camera away from land it gets somewhat better, 10fps. This happens all the way out to Kerbin's end of SOI. If I delete these two folders everything gets back to my normal 45fps during ascent again. (60 fps in space which is my 65 inch TV's limit) Logs:
  11. Fed up with stock Kerbin being so darn small and lifeless. Kerbin-Side mod is a step in the right direction, but it should be stock and 100 times more of it. Still, with Kerbin-side and SVE plus 80 other mods installed to the brink of my PC collapsing, the homeworld is dead except for some generic and repetitive survey missions. As for stock Kerbin being so small, 10x mods look disgustingly horrible from low altitude and surface. -I guess what I want for KSP is optional multiplayer with state of the arts graphics like i.e star citizen, or at least half way there, and 10x being a stock, polished option for experienced players. I need to feel like I want to stay on the surface of any planet longer than the usual grab of science and flag planting. (Hey @SQUAD, please use some of your sales income to hire some graphics designers with 2017 skills) I am at the point where immersion is lost from the lack of something beautiful, dynamic and alive. That is my burn-out.
  12. @Padishar Did you pinpoint the source of this issue? Tried to google this and all that came up was this old post. Getting spammed by this lately (scene change does help)
  13. Why should we choose at all between the two? The textures (GPU) are barely making a dent on the game's smoothness. We just have a poorly optimized game AND sub par textures on older parts. My PC is almost idle when running the game but still stutters (approx 20% used cpu, and my graphics card has not even revved up the fans) when things get crowded. (i7 4790K at 4,3GHz + GTX1080)
  14. A lot of opinions and passion. Why? Because we love this game. Simple as that. -And one thing we all can agree on is that beautiful graphics add to the immersion. So more of that please and less of the old designs and early low-res textures. They are in fact not up to today's standards by a long shot. Period.
  15. Looking at the changelog, is this an update (except new flare) mostly to implement MM? Or are there config tweaks to the visuals as well under the hood?