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  1. My sanity requires it. If I would want to perform same repetitive actions dozen or two times per day I would better be paid for it, because it sounds like work.
  2. Follow instructions from step 8 and 9. It wont be "store install" but KSP is drf-free so you can unpin it from Steam.
  3. I build big space stations and big spaceships. 20 launch, encounter, dock... in a row can simply get boring I leave preparing maneuver nodes to eggheads in flightcontrol and executing them to computers, just like in real space programs :>
  4. You may have forgotten to match orbital planes and match orbital velocities When in doubt, fly with MechJeb
  5. Spaceplane with MkII parts. Drag from lifting body screws up everything.
  6. @danielboroEwww, those two would make me angry ';..;'
  7. Change your "meta gaming", it will affect game more than mods. Career or not, KSP is still sandbox. People make trains, Rubik cubes, tanks, space disco, submarines without mods. For example: I landed on few bodies in classic way, got bored, so I made up my own rules. Now I build career-driven spaceships and spacestations without, science strip mining, lab abuse and ISRU or other "cheats". Stock game limited my possibilities so I gathered few mods to help me do what I want: Gigabyte or two of part mods. Station Science gives sense to building and revisiting big stations Life Support (TAC LS this time) makes you take care of station and space ships, vanilla Lab is sooo cheaty. Life Support makes even classic rockets more complex, you can just land on Eve with just Mk1 Command Pod and waiting 20 years for encounter (been there, done that, stranded Kerbal there) DeepFreeze. Because cryopods are scifi and life support have bad influence on rocket equation Joint Reinforcement. Because phantom forces ripping your station to pieces and rockets strutted like ham with bondage fetish get boring after few years. MechJeb. Offload repetitive task on computer, thats what they are made for. This station and ship on picture? Few dozen launches of same rocket with different payload. And that much yet again after I took that screenshot. And twice as many before I can launch my ship. BOOOOORRIIING. No, its not cheating. At the very least autonomous rockets are more realistic than nibbling stick while fighting cartoon physics. Ten encounter and docking maneuvers in a row with stock nodes? Never. New Horizons (or other planet pack of choice). Because after few years you can get bored even with prepending that Dres exists. Research Bodies . Not knowing how solar system looks makes you truly explore instead of just looking around in tracking station, and it helps with narrowing objectives to prevent being lost in plethora of targets. Tweak Scale. See that orange tank? Its our little cute toroidal tank. I wanted big foily tank, but there was none, so I made one! Possibilities tend to be better than limitations when you want to have fun. Near Future, or Interstellar if you want more SciFi, mods Interplanetary Launchpads when you are bored of launching from Kerbin. (I think ab KIS/KAS - it kinda suck to lose mission because KSP bugged out and broke antenna under fairing on ascent. Orbital repairs give (me, at least) a bit more immersion. Infernal Robotics. My spaceship engines can fire retrograde!
  8. Win 10 Pro, because I need Hyper V. Its all good and fun until update removes half of control panel applets you got to know over last decade just to replace it with weird touchscreen things with half of options gone. And then some bugs breaks your user profile a bit and all metro apps stop working, which includes control panel part for user management so you can't just create new user, that renamed IE thin without proper drag&drop and proper keyboard shortucts (in case you ever thought that googling out your problem might help), revert/recovery and even clock and calendar. Ugh. That was "fun". Good thing I know Konsole-Fu, but in retrospect, format c: would be easier and faster
  9. I "solved" this issue by adding bunch of CO2 scrubbers and opening solar panels. Upgrading to dev version might have helped as well, have you tried it? From what I can tell "air toxicity" death occurs when I run out of electricity, not when CO2 is full. As TAC background processing does not support nuclear reactors I just had to open some solar panels to maintain status quo, reactor is only required when cyclotron runs at full power.
  10. Its so cute I want to take it on my space cruiser for a trip! May I ask for craft/part files?
  11. Well, no Saturn V for me today, but I did launch something big! Continuing from yesterday... I fueled up Zenith OMS tank, mounted custom built OMS engines and... ENGAGE! Custom OMS for Zenith passed all tests successfully. Infernal Robotics allows for thrust offset compensation, be it with variable thrust or its geometry, in quite compact frame. With current configuration OMS tank gives 2440 DeltaV starting at decent TWR of 0.64. Of course rotating 250 tons of spaceship is not most efficient way for maneuvering but such problems are nothing for Zenith OMS! Full thrust reverse! (Although those two tug drones should find new place to dock) Zenith is currently parked in 1000x1000 orbit, waiting for its interplanetary engines and cargo for its tour of Sonnah moons. Moar pics here. Current loaded with: OMS tank+engines (not yet welded with main hull, might grow a bit in order to maintain deltaV and TWR while cargo grows ) Comm Tower. Four left over tug drones. Bill in his Grasshoper engineering craft. Valentina with Lanfen as copilot.
  12. Thanks Sadly inline Mk1 sucks for returning from EVA, gotta weld some ladders for grabbing. There is also amazing Kerbonov cockpit, but I have not used it in 1.x since I discovered it could aeroaccelerate on reentry. I'll try it again as it seems it got updated recently. Do not forget that this station design is not only cool, but functional as well! Even with Persistent Rotation its easy for docking if you keep it aligned to normal axis. When docking, as long as berthed spaceship does not screw CoM too much (one of reasons why I keep redocking Zenith), I can just (slowly) rotate station to present viable docking port to new module instead of going around breaking solar panels. (Yeah, my station design covers for my bad docking skills, which I can partially blame on low FPS near big station)
  13. Last episode in docking modules at 8 fps.... And now Zenith grew nice CommTower (its docked "upside down" because 0g is cool :]), first tank (equal to five jumbos!) of revised propulsion section and some cosmetic changes. It also got two parasite tug drones left over from module delivery. In order to make this all happen Bill got new toy KIS/KAS capable cute little tug. Tomorrow it will be fueled up, equipped with temporary OMS and when finally flight worthy moved to private parking orbit for remaining dress up. As you might guess, it starts to screw up my station CoM
  14. Continuing from yesterday, I made more stuff and then I placed it in space! Zenith corvette bow is now welded together with cryogenic chambers in center and life support in aft. to reduce number of redundant probe cores I switched to bundling modules with micro tug drone. Ship core is now complete, now I need to dress it up for voyage. Featuring, from bow to aft: Port for Spartan aerobraking autonomous module. Living space for twelve. Four standard and six junior docking port on girder for random pieces of small cargo. Living space for another dozen. Two horizontal and two vertical crew hatches for long term modules. Cryo chamber for six Kerbs. Life support supplies for few hundred days. Four offset slots for switchable engine gondolas. (I think standardized engine sections will fit this career meta nicely) Extension weldable docking port on aft, in case I will want to make it longer Sneak peek:
  15. My little eye spies vertically challenged lander