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  1. CryoEngines is not a dependency, we use our own boiloff code. There's an updated 1.3 BDB.dll on GitHub in the Extras folder for testing. The boiloff slider in settings is still screwed up so I'll see what I can do about that. You can play without B9 for fuel switching but there are a few parts that use it for mesh switching and lack the NEEDS[B9PartSwitch] clause so they throw errors. You also need ModuleManager 2.8.0.
  2. The plugins (B9, DMagic, and ours) need to be updated before this will load on 1.3. Then we can see what might be broke in the configs and models. Hopefully nothing.
  3. Unless the parts have something unique about them like a name prefix (PART[MunarInd*]) or an author or manufacturer that you can pickup in a HAS[#author[linuxgurugamer]], you can't.
  4. Maybe but it's a mess. It has two NEEDS, a FOR and a BEFORE. I'm pretty sure FOR, BEFORE and AFTER are mutually exclusive. Edit: If you're expecting @PART[*]:FOR[MunarIndustries]... to only process part in that mod, that' not how it works. Try NEEDS[FTT]. RoverDude uses FOR[FTT] in one of the files. NEEDS[UmbraSpaceIndustries\FTT] won't work because module manager only identifies first level subdirectories of GameData for a NEEDS clause. Not the subdirectories of those. If you have a mod installed in a subdirectory like that, and it has neither a .dll or a FOR clause anywhere there's no way to confirm it's presence with MM. You can ask the mod author to add a do-nothing MM patch with a FOR[ModName] clause in that case.
  5. Let the ckan people know. They might be able to fix the sorting. It must be pulling that from Spacedock, the "v" prefix is on ckan Github . I suppose we could release a patch.
  6. I can't think of a reason something like that would only fail on BDB parts. I assume KER still has the partless option, you shouldn't need anything but a checkbox for that. This is my standard MechJeb-For-All patch. Never had an issue. @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleCommand],!MODULE[MechJebCore]]:NEEDS[MechJeb2]:Final { MODULE { name = MechJebCore } }
  7. KSP issue. 1.2.2 broke percentage sliders. They know about it.
  8. NM, glitch gone. You'd think I'd know how to update my own mod by now. There's some stock-alike real fuels configs in extras on github.
  9. CGMonitor Paste a direct link to the image in your message. Yours was http://i.imgur.com/VWUIayh.jpg. Imgur will give you one with a little hunting.
  10. Updated to 0.2 with an experiment, ModuleJmTweakableTransmitter. This is a drop in replacement for ModuleDataTransmitter that allows adjusting the data rate and transmitter power. Since real probes reduce the rate of transmission as they get farther away rather than lose data to signal quality I thought I'd give this a try. Adjusting the power works like it really would, 4x the power gives twice the range rating, 1/4 power gives half the range. This could be useful to reduce EC usage with strong connections. I'm not sure what makes the most sense with data rate, so I went with simply dividing the range by the data rate percentage. 50% data rate gives twice the range, 5% gives 20x the range. The catch here is while the data is moving slower, the EC usage per second is the same, so your EC cost per Mit goes up. You can easily drain a battery transmitting the temperature on Minmus. Only works while the vessel is loaded. Can not be used to extend the range of a remote relay. MM to try it: @PART[longAntenna] { @MODULE[ModuleDataTransmitter] { @name = ModuleJmTweakableTransmitter } }
  11. It's PART, not part. This is the basic idea, but will give errors when values in the base module are not set and left to default like DeployFxModules and antennaCombinableExponent. I'm not sure of an elegant way to handle that. SelectableDataTransmitter inherits from ModuleDataTransmitter so it should be safe (famous last words) to just rename it and leave everything in place. PART, not part. I think there's a setting for requiring connections for probe control. You're missing opening and closing braces.
  12. Get Tweakscale. Fairing bases would be a natural place for general purpose IUs.
  13. You want to increase ModuleAblator's pyrolysisLossFactor by maybe 25-50%. This is how SMURFF handles heatshields.
  14. Yeah, I stumbled into that as I was finishing this up. I couldn't find any stock parts that use it though and haven't had a chance to stick it on something and see if it works. Doing this through that interface would be a simpler but would be an all or nothing approach.