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  1. I could be wrong, but isn't that a stock bug? I think go to Space Center and return clears it.
  2. https://github.com/CobaltWolf/Bluedog-Design-Bureau/issues/323 Try the latest. That's supposedly fixed.
  3. You either a) Still have a RealPlume folder in GameData, b) Did not remove the RealPlume-Stock folder when you uninstalled, or c) Have some other mod that uses FOR[RealPlume] instead of NEEDS[RealPlume,SmokeScreen] in it's patches. The existence of an empty RealPlume folder, or the use of FOR[RealPlume] in a patch will trick mods into thinking RealPlume is installed. If you like B9 then Nertea's CryoEngines mod would be your best bet. It's fairly lightweight and adds fuel switching to all tanks. It includes the necessary code to avoid colliding with other mods that also use fuel switching.
  4. I don't use it so I don't know what if any special handling it needs, and no one has ever complained. Sigma based rescales don't need anything, we can read the system size from it.
  5. You've got two options. You can remove the SMURFFExclude flag and set the systemScale variable to 1 to allow SMURFF to run and disable BDB's stuff. @PART[bluedog*,Bluedog*]:BEFORE[SMURFF] { !SMURFFExclude = remove } @BDBRESCALECONFIG:AFTER[zzzBluedog_DB_0] { @systemScale = 1 } Or if you just want to change how engines are handled and leave the rest as is you can set the engine multiplier directly, possibly with a value pulled from the SMURFF script. @BDBRESCALECONFIG:AFTER[zzzBluedog_DB_1] { @engineFactor = 0.5 // Adjusted engine mass will be mass * engineFactor }
  6. Type "S4" in the search box and you'll see the parts that go together in that stage (all of the Saturn stages should be searchable this way: S1, S1C, S2, S4B, ect). There are two tanks. The S-IV is in Heavy Rocketry. It's engines are in Precision Propulsion with the Centaur parts. The bigger S-IVB stage with the J2 engines is in Heavier Rocketry. CTT does not change the placement of any Saturn parts. Look in GameData\Bluedog_DB\Compatability\CommunityTechTree\CTT.cfg.
  7. Down boy. We would need someone who uses FAR to provide a working patch. If I'm reading the FAR docs correctly all the lifting surfaces will need an adjustment.
  8. Turn on advanced tweakables in settings. Right click on the parts that wobble and pick autostrut to heaviest part. For Saturn just do it to the LES and the fuel tanks above the first stage and you should be ok. The big heavy solids will need it as well on Titan rockets.
  9. Can't really troubleshoot a setup with that many mods installed. Try a clean install with just BDB, the latest Procedural Fairings and Firespitter, and the PF configs. The Firespitter core included in that download is for 1.1.3 I think. Perhaps I should update that. I haven't had an opportunity to play with procedural fairings with 1.3 so I have no clue if those configs still work.
  10. Since there is a wide variety of other parts that carry fuel it wasn't added to reduce clutter in the menus. If you've got a life support mod those resources will show up in the cargo containers, but you can set them up to carry anything you want. Under the Bluedog_DB\Compatability folder the supply.cfg for the individual life support mods sets up the cargo containers. This bit of MM will add LFO and MonoProp. Just stick it in your own cfg somewhere in GameData (I make a folder called zzzMyMods for personal configs).
  11. Final 1.2 re-release (to fix the spacedock version number snafu). KSP 1.3 release Changelog
  12. We're good. They work fine on a clean install. @Dark_Dragon26 latest versions are fine for part mods (those without DLL's). For plugin mods you'll want versions updated for 1.3 or you'll likely have headaches. The update plan is wait for @CobaltWolf to finish cleaning up the graphics files, do a final 1.2.2 release, then update the plugin and do a 1.3 release. And I need to try to get the slider for the boiloff settings working again.
  13. I would love this for supply containers. Unload Food/Water/Oxygen, then switch it to Waste. Have you put any thought in to what the UI might look like? I can't see the current control widget fitting into a multi step "Are you sure?" process. Perhaps some event hooks could be added? I could see wanting to do something additional on a tank change, like enable/disable other modules.