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  1. The alternate way to handle it is by pinning windows open, rather than using Alt (mod). But yeah, the point is that you need to have the context menu of a fuel tank on the tanker ship open at the same time as the context menus of the empty tanks of the recipient ship.
  2. If you want to make the game better for other people, you ought to post your savegame and a copy of the vessel. Preferably on the bugtracker.
  3. I've heard some people saying one per planet, or one per celestial body. But I actually don't know.
  4. And look for the buildings. There are no obvious ground markings.
  5. You are restarting the game in between adding/removing each mod, right? Are you adding and removing the mods in the same order each time? It is often easiest to remove half the mods each time, between restarts. Sounds like maybe you need multiple restarts between mod removals?
  6. It will definitely work, yes. Depending on the TWR of your microscopic probe, the burn may be fairly long -- for a long burn, a prograde lock may be somewhat less efficient than a maneuver lock. For a burn of less than maybe 3 minutes, a prograde lock can actually be more efficient than a maneuver lock. But the difference is only maybe 30 dV. But if you ignore the minor efficiency difference, then yes it always works. And I disagree with the "wasting fuel" argument. A probecore capable of maneuver hold generally weighs more than one that can only do lesser modes. So what you gain on the maneuver node efficiency, you lose on dragging around extra mass.
  7. Also, it's rare to actually need Maneuver Hold. Usually, prograde/retrograde/normal/antinormal are perfectly sufficient. There are times when you want to combine several axes into a single burn, but it's rare.
  8. 1: MK1 & cargo means that you use an interstage fairing as your cargo bay. You can fit as much as you want inside the fairing, provided you have enough clearance on the wheels to get it off the ground. 2: That's not exactly how you use a klaw. To attach to something with a klaw, you don't need to be anywhere near the CoM. All you have to do is find a flat spot, and be perpendicular to it when you touch. That's all. If the Wheesley starts to spin, touch the 5x timewarp to stop it spinning, kill the timewarp, and try again. But the back end of the wheesley is the flattest spot, and you just need to make sure to be perpendicular to it.
  9. They also make a very convenient set of alternate landing legs when you open the doors.
  10. As Abastro said (but didn't emphasize enough) MK2 parts are pretty, but are extremely draggy. If you redesign your plane with MK1 parts, it will zip to orbit with immense amounts of dV to spare. Climb gently until you are at about 15km before lowering your nose and really starting to pour on the speed. Let it continue to accelerate and climb gently until 20km. As ForScience6686 said, don't pitch up. Any maneuver other than lowering your nose wastes immense amounts of speed (that took a lot of work to build up). Your nose will rise all by itself over time. Just set SAS to stability mode and wait for 30 seconds. And adding one or two degrees of incidence to your wings will probably help a lot, too. But that will move your CoM, so you will need to shift things around a little afterward.
  11. Surface attached parts do pick up a lot of heat from skin conduction, though.
  12. I agree with Spricigo -- if you want to optimize, then forget the second stage separator, the drogue chute, and the heatshield. Even with an engine attached, it will come into Kerbin nose-first. And it will slow down very fast all by itself, and probably won't have a single heating issue because it will be so light and will slow down so fast. And yes, I figure about 850 deltaV to return from the Mun, as IncongruousGoat said.
  13. Really, they don't do a lot. You can stick a command seat inside a 2.5M service bay to make a cheaty low-mass command pod. If you have to attach a small part to a large stack, you can put it inside a service bay to help keep your stack from being too bendy. For extremely heat sensitive parts they provide protection. If you go for lithobraking, the service bays make nice soft pillows for the rest of your craft to land on top of.
  14. Technically, for that contract, all you are supposed to need to do it put the ore anywhere within Kerbin's SOI.
  15. You get World's First funds bonuses for finding each anomaly.