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  1. The ablative heatshields have such low drag that they simply won't slow you down much unless your Pe is pretty deep in the atmosphere. For most missions in Kerbin's SOI you don't need a heatshield at all, so the best strategy is not to use one. Players overuse heatshields IMO. If you don't have one, then you need to build your ships for high temp resistantance, and high (or variable) aerodynamic drag. If you are coming in at interplanetary speeds, then ablative heatshields are certainly going to be necessary for your first pass through the fire, to get captured into the proper SOI. Maybe two passes. But then you dump them, and do the final reentry using (once again) heat resistant parts and aerodynamics.
  2. You should be able to find the basic info here. That's where the devs found enough to work with.
  3. I recommend not using landing legs. I know that they are traditional and all, but until the PhysX wheel bug is fixed, they cause too many problems. I use wing parts as alternate landing legs.
  4. Should be soon, I think. Not nearly as many changes to the API as in 1.2, for example.
  5. Yup. Gap between near and far cameras is fixed. You can see it in the shadows of the buildings, too. The unity guys finally made a workaround for it, and told everyone basically what needed to be done.
  6. When a version goes into prerelease, that's your friendly warning that it's imminent.
  7. It should only need beta keys for actual beta versions. "Previous" versions should queue for download when you select them, without needing a key.
  8. I assume you are on steam, and didn't save a copy? Probably best to save a copy of your current 1.3.0. Then in the client, right click on KSP, select Properites/Betas -- and select "Previous_1.2.2".
  9. Downgrading back to 1.2.2 is just 3 clicks away, and then it should work again. But as said above, after you do it -- copy it out someplace else on your disk, so steam doesn't overwrite it.
  10. I'm not sure he meant "reset camera focus". That resets it to the ship, not to Kerbin.
  11. OSX has some guardian software that prevents untrusted apps from running. And things downloaded off the internet are untrusted, unless they've got a valid trusted digital certificate, AFAIK. Which KSP got recently.
  12. Have you added KSP's digital certificate to your trusted keychain? @adsii1970 was thinking about making new ones. I hope he does! I'll add it a second after I see it.
  13. Well, the modders seem to prefer these days to wait until the build is released before they even start updating. The breakage is actually very small. AFAIK, it took less than an hour to update mechjeb. I think most mods will be quite easy to update.
  14. The more the better, of course. If possible. German is a little tricky, because the UI has some limits and some german words are really long. You know how to spell scientist in german?