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  1. You need a separator just above the fairing in the stack -- otherwise an interstage fairing always remains attached to anything just above it.
  2. The thing is, I do that all the time. I have plenty of ships where the root part is an engine or a docking port or something -- because I have used merging to create the ship from smaller pieces. And I've never seen this bug in my life. So it has to be something more than just that. But I never stage ships after they've docked! And in any case, if I can find any way at all of making this bug happen reliably then I can show to the devs and get it fixed.
  3. Oooh! Thanks for the reproduction info! I'll try it and see what happens.
  4. To a large degree I agree with you. Most of the fun of KSP is that it's silly. Silly and sensible are basically opposites. The more logical the game gets, the less fun it is. But I'm fighting the good fight! Trying to keep the silliness in the game! It's all the other guys who think things that don't make logical sense are bugs.
  5. It only works sometimes. I haven't bothered to figure out the pattern yet.
  6. This is old info. Asteroids have a fairly low heat tolerance now, and tend to overheat and blow rather easily on reentry to Kerbin.
  7. Under normal circumstances, you do not lose complete control of the ship when you go outside signal range. You go into "reduced control" mode, unless you changed the default settings. It is still completely possible to do satellite contracts or to land in reduced control mode. You may need RCS or some other low-power thrusters for doing careful orbit adjustments. So you do not need to do the mission manned, or to make a comm network. Just use the reduced control mode you already have.
  8. Yeah, I need a craft file. craft files are just text files -- so you can upload them to anyplace that accepts text files. I like to use pastebin. Open the craft file in a text editor, go to pastebin, and then copy/paste the entire document's text into the browser's window.
  9. You just need 1000 to 1500 m/s of dV to burn retrograde to slow you down before you start Eve entry. If you're going to be doing Eve ISRU anyway, then you don't need to save any that you reached Eve with. Once you slow down, a planet with thick atmosphere is easier than one like Kerbin. The only reason you could be burning up is if you are trying to reenter with full orbital velocity. Slow down first, and come in with either a maximal drag or maximal lift attitude.
  10. Clipping a bunch of parts around the decoupling point can also cause RUD issues. But I suspect HvP has the right answer.
  11. There are several Windows companion apps that will swallow the Alt-F12 and prevent it from being used in KSP. NVidia GeForce Experience is one, if the machines have NVidia graphics. I know there are other "hotkey" programs that do the same thing. And the game has no console codes. All the cheats are displayed wide open in the debug menu.
  12. If you are landing somewhere steep with stock legs, I find the best thing to do is make the legs on each side be individually retractable. Generally, that means that you need to place them on your vessel without using symmetry.
  13. Playing with spring and damper settings is mostly black magic. I'd say higher damper will probably help the most.
  14. Unless you count automobiles as Earth rovers.