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  1. ...is somewhere where math classes arent boring. I am in a building that...
  2. ...is on Jool this space station...
  3. We've all seen that Kerbal mindset at play: everything is possible, efficiency is my middle name, explosions are AWESOME, we love glitches and bugs as long as KSP doesn't crash, etc. This is also present in basically every video from a KSP youtuber. So, if you have any quotes in this theme, please post them below, and it will be included. (if you ask and is about the kerbal mindset) @DrLicor "If you can walk away from a landing, it was a good perfect landing." (edited) @rkarmark "It went well until it exploded, then it was awesome!" (edited)
  4. Thanks. Video should be out later tonight/afternoon depending on where you live.
  5. All conditions will be met. Impossible mode with extras will be fulfilled, with extras. All will be done with stock parts. (I will use vessel mover though.)
  6. thank you thank you
  7. I just made this drawing of a kerbal facing a kraken: It is my submission for Fanwork Friday
  8. this mod is now run by @KSP Bros KS
  9. you guessed it. @Andem
  10. No, not effects. look it up on google. its completely fine
  11. This is sooooo obvious. He used a mod that made parts that look like the planets
  12. You can't. It's impossible in KSP.
  13. Perfect! Can't wait!
  14. Hello, mate! May I post a few short videos (2 to be clear) in your thread "My Youtube"? These are rly too short so i'm certainly not sure that i should place them in "Cinematics" thread. Or if you can please give me an advice where am i to put them to... Thx in advance!