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  1. Time to time (when I have central engine's fins really close to the SRB), I make the above suggestion and I decouple the boosters about 1s before the SRB entire burn. This way, the decoupler will incline the SRB slightly outward and its motor will push it away. But, be careful, you must not have anything in front of the SRB as it will go away with very high TWR. (Don't work with LFO engines that will stop immediatly.) (In real life, the boosters are decoupled before their entire burn (but also for some other reason.)) See you, Vive_moi
  2. Hello, Thanks for the suits. I've done a Texture Replacer cfg for them to avoid to add it by hand. Here it is (GDrive) if you want it. For a new game : just put the file in the Texture Replacer folder. For existing save : backup your save, open the persistent.sfs and look for ClassSuits, paste the lines from ClassSuits block in the KolonisationClassSuitsSettings.cfg to the ClassSuits block of the sfs, save, play. See you, Vive_moi
  3. Hello, You have a lot of biomes (33) right at KSC. Add the Kerbin's Shore just around the KSC, the water about 2km out the runway and the grassland about 5km away, you got 36 biomes available just with a small rover. Anyway to go farther, you can try a VTOL or a very small low speed conventional plane. See you, Vive_moi
  4. Hello, Angle snap is also available in Roverdude's Konstruction mod. But it's a big mod just for that. See you Vive_moi
  5. Hello, Just tried the update. Works fine in my career (no more spamming, all options displayed in the window). Thanks for the fix. Vive_moi
  6. Hello, I tried this yesterday and seen I was wondering why I had a blank option panel in my career save. (I do not play the other modes.) But I did not have time to look closer to the problem (helped by the fact, I am in the very beginning of my new career and do not have all options researched.) I have a heavy modded 1.2.2 game (75+ mods (gameplay, parts, visual enhancements, data display enhancement...)) Anyway thanks for the workaround. See you, Vive_moi
  7. Hello, Are you on OS X Sierra ? I don't if this has been corrected by Apple/Unity: See you, Vive_moi
  8. Whoo great. Thanks a lot. Vive_moi
  9. Hello, There is a workaround I found on the Karibou's Github. I confirm it works on my heavy modded install. See you, Vive_moi
  10. Hello, I usually configure my booster (SRB or LF) as FullMetalMachinist do, but if generated separation forces are not enough (rarely), I stage the decouplers just before the booster cutoff (about 0,2s). This way the booster, lightly rotated by the decoupler, will get a small shoot away from its engine. Note: the booster, when decoupled, will go out and forward largely faster than your rocket. so you cannot have any part directly on front of the boosters, else they will destroy it. See you, Vive_moi
  11. Hello, The only thing I saw a kerbal carry is the science crate from the Roverdude's PackRat. In space, you can try to attach the chute somewhere between the container and the destination, then move your kerbal and repeat the previous step a little farther. In space too, you can also try some kind of cheaty way I used some time to gain time. Place your kerbal in container range and open it. Then aim your kerbal toward the destination and give it some speed right way. Then, grab the chute in the container before the kerbal is out of range and wait the time he will be in range of destination. But it need some practice, because when you have a part grabbed, you cannot correct the movement. It also work when you grab a heavy part whit multiple kerbal. (The grab range and weight is, I guess, only tested at the grabbing moment, not later i.e. at attaching moment (at this moment the attaching range is tested). This is why I think it is some kind of cheaty way.) Landed, you can also let the chute fall on the ground between the container and the destination, move and repeat. See you, Vive_moi
  12. Hello, Here is sum fun I've got with KIS. After assembling my Kerbin Space Station mk1 in orbit and added an MPL stranded from a kerbal rescue contract with KIS. I wished to upgrade this station from some experiments in supplies production, maintenance and to be a small refuel station. I got only one Kraken attack due to heavy intersection between a kerbal and a KIS assembled part. The kerbal got ejected and half of the station vanished. I got some small bugs with SAS and RCS activations probably due to heavy vessel/kerbal changing. See you and thanks again for this must-have mod. Vive_moi
  13. The Anomalies Surveyor contracts pack can help you. I found this spot during a contract (and have some luck too).
  14. Hello, Here are some screenshots from a journey to Kerbin eastern mountains. Thanks for the mod. There are lots of eye candy scenes. See you, Vive_moi EDIT: Can't find how to insert the gallery in the post.
  15. Hello, If you play with mod, you can try KIS. You will be able to attach/detach parts anywhere in flight. This way you may had a temporary docking port anywhere convenient on the incoming module and dock a space tug with RCS on it, When you have assembled the module on the station, you undock the tug and detach the temporary docking port. If you go without mod, you can had a docking port dedicated to handling (again with a space tug) on a free side of the module. But this one will be permanent. See you, Vive_moi