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  1. This is the dev topic of SCANsat. The official release of this mod is already on CKAN. Just look for SCANsat (but the current version does not support 1.3.0 yet.)
  2. Again, thanks for the video, @allista. After looking at it, I have something almost functional. Just some strange things (and different of your video) with engines activation/deactivation/thrust. I think after some tweak, it will work.
  3. Wow @allista Thank you very much for the video. I will have a close look to it. Vive_moi
  4. Hum, I think I see what you mean, @allista. I think I have to practice again the transition with these new information. Also, I did not notice TCA can be toggled with action group. That's nice. Thanks for advice @allista and @ss8913
  5. Hello, I have a H/VTOL configuration problem with TCA. No problem with VTOL but I cannot HTOL with TCA or use TCA in normal fly with V-engines off. My question is: how to configure TCA correctly to VTOL then fly horizontal normally with V-engines off and at last re-VTOL on arrival ? There are some images about my craft : (1: plane config; 2: vertical take off with only v-engines; 3: horizontal flight but v-engines running; 4: v-engines manually switched off => control lost) Thanks for any help. Vive_moi
  6. Hello, Seems functionnal on my save (60-70 mods). (AG config save by vessel, no UI glitch...) Thanks for the recompile. Vive_moi
  7. Interesting mod. I second this ^. If I understand correctly, the kerbals gain their stripes when validating the x th flight and y th flight hour when returning home. Wouldn't be an idea/way to gain the stripes also in a lab (just as stars/level up)? See you, Vive_moi
  8. Stockalike station parts 1.2.2 works fine for me in 1.3 even if not released yet. Also KJR 1.3 unofficial works great for me. Thanks for the recompile. See you, Vive_moi
  9. @Blouup, I loaded my 1.2.2 save with space stations using this mod parts without any problem. So, yes, I guess if it worked for me it must be ok for others. But, be careful and backup your save before the first loading.
  10. Hello, Despite a "unsupported version" warning, it run normally on 1.3.0, MM 2.8.0 See you, Vive_moi
  11. Hello, Seems to be ok under 1.3.0. See you. Vive_moi
  12. Hello, Fresh 1.3.0 x64, MM 2.8.0, Firespitter 7.6, KAX 2.6.4 1 pod, 1 tank, 1 intake, 1 rotor : Running normally expect lots of NRE just after start (staging) the engine. [ERR 22:20:28.981] Module FSplanePropellerSpinner threw during OnUpdate: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at Firespitter.engine.FSplanePropellerSpinner.OnUpdate () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at Part.ModulesOnUpdate () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 craft/log on demand if needed See you, Vive_moi
  13. Thanks for this information. Did not know that.
  14. Hello, I use RemoteTech but I guess the CommNet structure I use would also work with stock comm system. For almost full coverage of the Kerbin system, I place 4 CommSat around Kerbin on a 700km height equatorial orbit with multiple (2-3) Comm16 and a dish (HG-5 ? Check the distance). Two opposite sats have their dish pointed to Mun, the other two to Minmus. Then I place 3 stats at also 700km height equatorial orbit around Mun and Minmus with Comm16 and a dish (all dish to Kerbin). This way, except for the pole at low altitude or landed, you have full and permanent coverage. All mission vessels will only have omni antennas. So you will lose transmission during transfert. But, I usually don't have to do any maneuver during it and you will recover control before entering Mun/Minmus SOI. See you, Vive_moi EDIT: oups did not see the previous answer. Post not usefull...
  15. Save file editing (RT adds a part in it with the location of the ground station. Don't know about the stock system.) I added these ones :