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  1. You and me both, brother! I just wish I could use tweakscale on the floats that come with Lack's Stock Extension (SXT). That would solve most of my flying boat needs.
  2. Relevant video (Read the comments on the first one if you want to see commentary by people who worked on them. This one has sound and gives some idea of how it was developed.
  3. The only problem I experienced was resolved when I removed the '.txt' extension my text editor had "helpfully" added to the '.cfg' extension you specified. It works. Thanks! Now I can make that FR-1 homage without the engine sounding like it's gasping for breath all the @#$% time.
  4. Roger, copy! I'm winding down today, but I'll give it a shot tomorrow. I already created the file and put it in Gamedata. We'll see how it works.
  5. It would be nice if it stopped dropping off at some low amount that allowed the engine to idle instead of cutting out, like maybe 3-5% or thereabouts.
  6. Ducted fans would be cool, once he gets the tilt rotors sorted. He might be able to use the tiltrotor as a starting point. Maybe if we ask real nice and don't pester afterward? May we have ducted rotors PLEASE? Like that.
  7. Not bad. Most of my VTOL experiments end up at ground level (or below) shortly after take-off.
  8. It's been updated. Have you looked for it here in the forums? I got it through CKAN.
  9. I have that mod. The only quibble I had with it is that you have to add separate landing lights. Since I downloaded a parts pack with some useful lighting, it's become a barely significant factor.
  10. It looks like if you hinged a second ramp to the end of the first, that might give you all the length you need. Also, if the ramp supports the weight of the aircraft, the person building the plane can just extend the ramp and have the front gear bound to an action group with it so he can extend the ramp to the ground and simultaneously raise the front gear, similar to how the C-5 does it.
  11. ISTR that the front ramp on the C-5 is longer because it folds. Each part is half the length and there's (maybe) a third part about a quarter as long as the first two that actually touches the ground when it is extended. I'll go find a pic. *looks* Hey! I found a video of one deploying the front ramp. It starts at about the 2:10 mark.
  12. I always thought the original cockpit canopy for the P-75 looked like something right out of Buck Rogers. I don't bother making accurate copies of real planes. The best you can do without parts modeled on the exact plane you're doing is an approximation anyway. It's kind of like building with Lego, in that respect. You can only go so far before you have to willingly suspend your disbelief that the plane you just made actually looks like the real one.
  13. The Stryker Mod seems to have several cockpits (postwar era) with "razorback" bits. Some of the command pods (1.25M) have the beginnings of a razorback on the back (with an additional attachment node at the upper back, for the razorback pieces), and there are straight and tapered razorback parts that can be attached to the upper node at the back of the cockpit, so you can run the razorback all the way back to the tail, if that's what you want. I'd like to see a piece that can substitute for the first razorback bit that could fit onto the back of a cockpit and make it look like the upper left side view in following image: And cockpits appropriate to the interwar and WWII era for them to attach to would be nice, too. Love the above suggestion for a tandem-seating trainer cockpit. Does anyone have plans to make a 1.25m inline cockpit with side-by-side seating? That way I could make a BAC Lightning Trainer homage. Like this guy: