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  1. 1. Yeah, those are theories, not facts. To be a scientific fact you'd have to have a complete understanding and explanation for how/why they work, which we don't. 2. Proof on paper isn't proof, it's just more theory. It can be "proven" on paper that 1=0 or that 1+1=3 but that doesn't make it true. (Google it.) 3. "The scientific method is a body of techniques for investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge, or correcting and integrating previous knowledge. To be termed scientific, a method of inquiry is commonly based on empirical or measurable evidence subject to specific principles of reasoning." How does this not support exactly what I said? Without evidence it can't be considered scientific fact. I think we've all derailed this guys thread enough, My main point was that since KSP as a game only covers one solar system, the odds of discovering life again in a system that already has it is pretty darn slim. thus making the entire mod concept a little unreasonable. If any one would like to continue discussing what is/isn't scientific theory/fact or what forms of life are likely to exist or not I suggest you make a new thread in the "Science and Spaceflight" section.
  2. The basis of all scientific discovery is a hypothesis which is then proven to be fact. I have no problem with theories, and I never said they should be "discarded" but you can't present them as facts or even as viable alternatives to proven facts. Saying "Silicon based life is probably possible" is very, very different from saying "I have found silicone based life and thus proved it's existence." So yes, there is reason to assume that Earth like life is the only form of life because it's the only one we've actually proven. That's how the scientific method works.
  3. You are welcome to your opinion. However the facts available to humanity at the present; point to life, and life supporting worlds being exceedingly rare. The only known, proven form of life is carbon, which requires (among other very rare things) some form of liquid water. While liquid water can exist outside the habitable zone, it will be found in the greatest amounts and with the greatest ease of access inside them. Making life far, far more likely to be able to develop within the "Goldilocks zone" than anywhere else. If you have evidence to the contrary, perhaps you should be so good as to share it with the rest of the scientific world?
  4. Here's an Autohotkey script that claims to do just that for any Windows program. You'll need Autohotkey obviously: (It's free.)
  5. Personally I recommend: Not only will you get better performance, but I think the style/artistic direction is superior. (Also you don't need Scatterer to go with it, unlike other cloud mods.) As far as your issue with clouds, I'm not sure if that mod comes bundled with EVE, but I'm pretty sure you need it. (You also need Scatterer I think, but it's been so long since I installed this lol.)
  6. So beautiful.... Words fail me. They should have sent a poet.
  7. - I think you underestimate the difficulty of adding any new feature to a game. You are welcome to mod it in yourself if you think it's so easy? - I'm not sure life on other planets is really a "question" given the infinite nature of the universe but that's besides the point. Since Kerbin would be the only planet in the "Goldilocks zone" it would be the only planet capable of supporting life, you'd have to travel out system to find any possible alien life forms. - We have an overabundance of Science points and ways to get them as is.
  8. At 2:25 in the second vid you activate the root tool and assign a new root part, this may have caused your issue?
  9. You're welcome.
  10. Considering the same Kerbal would say he could see his house even if asked twice at opposite ends of the planet I don't think there is much information we can glean from that statement in general.
  11. I like your idea, and your logic; but... The only Kerbals who can take reports are Kerbonauts, who as we all know live in the Astronaut Complex. Thus if they can "see their house" we could assume that just means they can see the KSC. Not saying that's conclusive, but I doubt we'll ever truly know, or get a straight answer from SQUAD either way.
  12. Something like this maybe? (Found this google searching for "underground city")
  13. You are in school so I assume you have a pencil and a piece of paper? Design your rocket with those, refer to the wiki on your smartphone if you need details on a given part. I keep a notebook in the bathroom for just such a reason...inspiration often strikes at the most..."inopportune" of times.
  14. Like I said, from a min/max standpoint, it's not actually "the best command part in the game." As you point out it certainly has it's shortcomings but heat protection isn't a big deal; A heatshield with most of the ablator stripped off can protect a command chair well enough while de-orbiting, drag's effect on DV is small in the grand scheme of things, RCS/Reaction wheels aren't really needed for simple re-entry and if the actual space faring vessel needs them, it's likely going to need more than the basic command pod provides anyways. Not to mention you can just throw the chair in a service bay, or under a fairing. Ultimately, the command chair's inability to be crewed from the VAB/SPH clearly cements it as a secondary command module for rovers and orbital tugs and such, leaving little room for a player to misunderstand it's intended use. I think this is an important distinction for the game to make.
  15. I'd like to see a memorial wall as well. Perhaps it would be part of upgrading the Astronaut Complex?