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  1. I remember reading somewhere (I can't seem to find it anymore or remember where I read it) that if you placed the "default" folder in the SQUAD folder and just overwrote the default files instead of going through texture replacer, you would get better performance/less RAM usage. Is this still true? If so could you please elaborate on the exact details/method/benefits of this? The reflections make my game a little bit laggy in the SPH/VAB, it's not as bad in actual flight for some reason? Anyways it's nothing major, certainly not bad enough for me to give up those amazing reflections. Just curious if I could improve it a bit, thanks!
  2. Agreed. I've never had an issue getting perfectly circular orbits manually. Maybe it just stems from impatience? Lol. As soon as Ap hits 70k I time warp till I'm about 30-45 seconds out from it, then I get oriented and do my burn. That said; I've got no issue with those that make maneuver nodes, I used to when I was learning and I can see how it would just become a habit after a while. Personally my computer isn't the best and swapping back and forth between map view and flight view while in atmo can be tedious and awkward so I got away from doing it.
  3. This guy took the words out of my mouth. Love the mod, love the concept, but it didn't do what I was really looking for, which is just organizing and sorting my relay's into groups so they made more sense at a glance.
  4. Agreed, I really like the simple, bright, almost "cartoon" look of this pack. Some of the super realistic GFX mod effects can actually detract from it rather than make it look better. (Although I do recommend PlanetShine to pair with it, looks really nice, no performance hit either.) Sometimes less is more!
  5. Are you using this by any chance? Minmus looks just like that for me with DOE.
  6. It's one hell of a Necro, but I'll bite. I'm gonna lump myself in with @Archgeek at 3.9.
  7. I used to have the same problem with switching between my computer and my phone, it would log me out of which ever one I wasn't currently using. Stopped happening a while ago though and now it keeps me logged in on both. Not sure why.
  8. Yeah, because it's the meat and potatoes of the game. In a stock game without KIS/KAS stuff (I don't use either), there really isn't much use for an EVA'd Kerbal except to move him to another craft without docking ports. Complicating this with fuel requirements really serves no game play purpose. By comparison building rockets with the right combination of weight, fuel, and TWR to get the Delta V you need is literally the point of the game and has actual game play with challenges and choices.
  9. Can confirm it works great, green outlines show up and everything. Nice work guys!
  10. I've been using it in 1.3, seems to work fine mostly. Although maybe I never noticed before but I have like actual 3D clouds I can fly through on Kerbin, I thought this pack only had 2D clouds? I don't remember them being there before.
  11. Assuming the craft has some use for it, I leave it in. I only put RCS on things that need to dock/rendezvous typically. Or maybe if the ship is just extremely large and takes forever to turn. I have mixed feelings about the Kerbal EVA fuel issue. Personally I don't really see a lot of fun stemming from having to keep track of EVA fuel, but at the same time, infinite pushing is still an exploit, (albeit a mostly useless one) and that kind of irks me.
  12. I play on fairly under-powered hardware, so I'll be giving this a try later. Kudos for trying to help other people get better performance out of their game!
  13. The most important thing when going to Duna or any other interplanetary destination is WHEN you go. Besides that it's not terribly complicated, if you can get to the Mun/Minmus manned no problem, you should have an easy time sending a lightweight unmanned probe to Duna.
  14. That would probably make it easier to pilot. 4 boosters/ 4 fins is far more user friendly than 3/3. Triangle formations are certainly doable though, but you want to carry the heavier side either on your rockets "belly" or it's "back" it's easier to compensate for that way.
  15. Keep an eye on your "time to AP" you want to be somewhere between 5-20 seconds from it while circularizing your orbit (You can check time to Ap in stock by mousing over the Ap node in map view.). Raise your nose to increase time till Ap, lower it to decrease. Imagine your craft is "pushing" it along on it's nose.