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  1. My ISV Venture Star is taking shape thanks to this mod. Only propulsion section made, for now...
  2. I agree with this, I always have downloaded the default MRS mod, and deleted some of the parts that I think doesn't fit very well on a stockalike installation with other mods: - Fuel Tank Folder: Because if you have installer Fuel Tanks Plus and Color Coded Canisters, most of them are already there with better textures; also the radial mini tank have variants in the SpaceY mod; and the 0.625 Jet tank is stock now. - Docking Helpers, personally, I have never used this ones... other people that are not so used to docking may use this. - Cargo Bays: Really useful, but I think that the should have some color change to match the services bays of SpaceY. - RCS Blocks: Useful stockalike addition, 45 degree ones and 5 way (Apollo Like) ones; unless you use RLA stockalike, because it has already a bunch of stockalike RCS Blocks. - Jet Engines and Intakes: Stock KSP already has a 0.625m jet engine, and the same for air intake. 0.625 turbojet is useful as is its pointy intake, but black models should really be updated, they are still the old ksp non-Porkjet look. - Various Adapters: They are somewhat useful, but if you use other stockalike mods like RLA, there are already 1.25 to 0.625 adapters. The rest of the parts are pretty "integrated" with otehr stockalike mods as well as the "Necrobones Family Mods".
  3. This is what can be done with this awesome mod! Falcon 9 First Stage "replica" (Has only 7 engines I know ). Landed in the SpaceX Barge with point accuracy with a bit of help from Mechjeb. Mods used for the replica: Kerbal Reusability Expansion, Fuel Tank Plus, Color Coded Canisters, SpaceY Heavy Lifters, SpaceX Drone Barge (KK Static).
  4. I always wanted to do the Normandy SR1 with OPT SpacePlane Parts: Tomorrow, I'll try to make the Tempest Using the new H Fuselage
  5. Yeah, I had the pic for the Northern UFO, and I didn't know about the second Green Monolith...
  6. Here are the new easter eggs: Moho: Green "Moholith" | -66.77 -51.62 Also there's a anomaly at the North Sinkhole, but there's nothing there, this anomaly is only for location. Eve: Green Monolith | 33.10 -146.59 Gilly: Green Monolith | -67.76 163.09 Kerbin: KSC Mk1 Pod Memorial Monolith at the Mountains West of KSC | -0.6 -80.7 Island Airfield Northern Monolith | 35.57 -74.98 Southern Highlands Monolith | -28.81 -13.44 KSC-2 | 20.58 -146.41 Desert Pyramids | -6.51 -141.69 Mun: Armstrong Memorial | 0.7 22.75 Small Crater South Munolith | -9.83 -5.87 Mun Arch East of Armstrong Memorial | 12.44 39.18 Western Mun Arch | -12.44 -140.82 East-Side Crater Rim Mun Arch | 2.47 81.51 Northern Mesa Munolith | 57.66 9.14 South Deep Hole Munolith | -82.21 102.93 South Pole UFO | -70.96 68.14 Minmus: Old Monolith | 23.77 60.05 Green Monolith | -0.22 45.41 Duna: Curiosity Cam (New Model!) | -30.34 -28.81 Duna Face | 17.06 -85.46 Duna SSTV Mountain (Now sound is above ground!) | -66.05 -160.88 Duna Green Monolith | 0.23 151.94 Ike: Green Monolith | -31.30 16.50 Dres: Green Monolith | -31.30 16.50 Laythe: Green Monolith | -9.77 162.41 Vall: Vall-henge | -60.3 84 Green Monolith | 33.42 164.41 Tylo: Tylo Cave | 40.2 174.14 Green Monolith | -15.14 108.63 Bop: Dead Space Kraken | 68.2 118.4 Green Monolith | 6.24 -81.27 Pol: Green Monolith | -18.75 16.30 Eeloo: Green Monolith | 44.34 -62.69
  7. There's some new easter eggs now in version 1.2 (well the prerelease builds), and I'm not talking about the new dishes around Kerbin, I'm talking about green monoliths on near all the planets and moons that didn't have any easter egg. I'm still researching and scanning the planets but tomorrow I can show here some pics and the locations...
  8. Wow, this last command console addition is awesome! Now this mod is like a pack, it has features from life support, realistic radiation, part failures, crew sanity, and now a console to program automatic action in a similar way to kOS. Yeah, this mod is a must have for realism...
  9. Here is the meaning of the config for Radiation Emitters And here the example:
  10. Now that Kerbalism has a new radiation model that allow parts to emmit radiation, you have plans to add a MM patch to make the RTG and the NERVAs in your mod to emmit radiation?
  11. There's a new version of the Kerbalism mod that support radiation from parts, like NERVAs. I wonder if you are going to make a MM patch for this 4 engines.
  12. I think with this new "Far Future Tech" mod and NFP mod, you have covered near all types of advanced and exotic propulsion, the only ones that are left are the Quantum Vacuum Thruster, EM Drives or my favourite the Bussard Ramjet which can be used in conjuntion with the beam core antimatter rocket to reach near 0.2c first and then big fractions of the speed of light.