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  1. My first LF only SSTO, around 600m/s in LKO, 2400m/s refueled in LKO https://kerbalx.com/PointySideUp/Tantrum-SSTO
  2. Watch the tail on takeoff, still needs some tweaks... PreProduction model here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4cWPL5TKXgVZVlNa240dXVJNFE/view?usp=sharing
  3. A big refueler I've been working on for a little while, 2 of the largest fuel tanks to orbit with around 1000dV
  4. Have you tried auto strut as grandparent part?
  5. Yo Dawg, I heard you like Ion craft, so I put an Ion craft in an Ion craft
  6. By request, I have uploaded my large fuel depot/refinery SunBurst Station. It is pretty mobile with it's own Vector and Dart engines, and can fairly easily be brought out of Kerbin SOI by towing it with a tug while pushing with it's own engines (thrust lowered). https://kerbalx.com/PointySideUp/SunBurst-Station I have also released the Mun Raider light cruiser with its Mun Mite lander and small relay sat array. It has ~5000 dV in orbit and a mobile lab, no refinery equipment to save some weight. The Mun Mite is rated for Duna landing and return, made easier by using it's EDL helpers in the Raider's side bay. Dock the mite to the EDL module, and use it's parachute and small fuel reserve to do a semi-powered landing. When returning to orbit, the Mite should use the remaining fuel then jettison the EDL module. https://kerbalx.com/PointySideUp/Mun-Raider Rounding out the package is my Mun Fueler refueling system, capable of refueling the Mite, Kricket, and Ant landers while on the surface, or a ship or station back up in orbit. Launched separately and tugged to far-flung destinations with any of my large nuke-drive equipped tugs, cruisers, or frigates. https://kerbalx.com/PointySideUp/Mun-Fueler
  7. Awesome ship! Love the extras!
  8. Wow, flashback to an awesome mission led by @Rune Thanks to his awesome craft with power and efficiency, and his skilled guidance, I performed my first gravity burn and Tylo landing last spring break! https://kerbalx.com/Rune/SSTO-Mk-LXXX-Arrow
  9. Sadly, I seem to have lost most everything from that old 1.05(?) folder with the SKAT drive craft. The Bulldog and a few others on a Google drive are all I have left from that era. I may toy around with a rebuild, it never flew very well anyway
  10. Great to have you back submitting crafts @Jett_Quasar!
  11. Thanks guys, glad you are enjoying them!
  12. I've launched 2 more mini crew spaceplanes, the Avenger and Valkyrie mini shuttles! Both use a Terrier and 2 Junos for flight and have ~1600 dV and 50 parts in orbit. https://kerbalx.com/PointySideUp/Avenger-Mini-Shuttle https://imgur.com/a/KulPT https://kerbalx.com/PointySideUp/Valkyrie-Shuttle https://imgur.com/a/pLh1H
  13. Thank you @_Rade for the nicely designed propeller engine. I had been looking for a powerful, compact electric engine to make an Eve ocean exploration vehicle. I stripped off all of the plane parts, and ended up with an amphibious craft that can do a sustained 20m/s across Eve's ocean.
  14. Thanks for the kind words @Dafni I had enjoyed making and flying the Proton and a few others enough that I decided to release a couple of them. I may have a few others to polish up an release later
  15. I released two new mini shuttles, Kricket and Proton Kricket Mini Shuttle 51 parts, rocket and jet powered for easier landings https://kerbalx.com/PointySideUp/Kricket-Mini-Shuttle Proton Mini Shuttle The Proton shuttle is a sleek, small 1 seat shuttle, only 28 parts, 2442 dV https://kerbalx.com/PointySideUp/Proton-Mini-Shuttle Albums http://imgur.com/a/m8qHS http://imgur.com/a/fMsyj