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  1. Awesome! @DiscoSlelge, you did a great job! Side note, FIRST!
  2. rip in pepperonis gregmore "insert sad airhorn song here"
  3. OK. I might attempt this...quick question: Can this be in multiple launches, like an ore re-entry station, a refuel-able ore hauler, and a mining outpost on Minmus?
  4. Did he add it because you suggested it @CairoJack, or did you just miss it?
  5. I'm sorry to see this happen.
  6. I do actually have Kerbal Engineer installed. My Mun mission has...oh geez...7000+ dV.
  7. What are your KSP habits? I notice that I have a habit of packing WAY more DV than I needed for the mission at hand. Take for instance my Mun orbiter. I completed the contract, and my transfer stage was half-full, so I did what was obviously the right thing to do at that point...accepted a specific Minmus orbit contract and planned what might have been the least efficient burn I could've planned. I got there...and I had only used half of my probes on-board fuel supply. Oh boy.
  8. Probably Engineer. I spend a moderate amount of time making sure that my rocket/plane is ready to fly...and then that ONE THING blows it all up. I go and fix that, and it works...semi perfectly.
  9. Everyone else is telling about how the found KSP through Scott or Youtube, and I'm just sitting here thinking on how I got into it thru Welcome to the Kerbal Kommunity @SecantSystems! EDIT: Wow, 2 dots already, you're moving along!
  10. lol
  11. Welcome, @Presari, to the last place you'll ever need! JK, welcome to the forums! We're glad to have another social member of the Kerbal Kommunity(TM)!
  12. I am making this post to apologize for my behavior on this question, and to get the attention of a moderator so they can close this question, as it is no longer relevant. If I break a rule doing this, than I'm sorry, for I can't mention somebody without making a post. @Deddly It's up to you now.
  13. Yes. Thank GOD that I always play on at least 100% rewards. 10% would be a nightmare. A nightmare that you're living in @xendelaar. Have you ever tried 1000% science? It makes the game too easy!
  14. Nice! Can't wait to see more!
  15. I'm considering using one for a contract to bring something from a fly-by of Ike back down to the surface of Kerbin. A small probe core is really all that is required...or even an experiment box, idk.