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  1. There's this thing you can do with a Sharpie pen, baby oil and talcum powder which makes anything you draw on yourself last for around a month. I forget how it's done now but I'm sure a quick google would tell you. I had a pretty simple tattoo idea a while back so this ^ is what I did to test it. 3 weeks in, I hated it and all the questions people asked about it (it was a symbol from an unknown book so no-one recognised it). Dodged a bullet there.
  2. Is there a place where handy info such as DeltaV requirments / solar panel efficiency / synchronous orbit heights / distance from Earth to each planet is?? Thanks.
  3. Hi guys, looking at finally investing in a gaming computer so i can actually launch rockets without watching a slideshow. Trouble is, I know very little about PC components. Some quick background: KSP is the main game I play, and i want the PC to run a heavily modded save and launch 200+ part rockets without breaking sweat. I also want the pc to be pretty quiet. Audio quality isn't a priority. Budget is around £700 for just the PC. I'll purchase the monitor/keyboard later. I'm currently building my own pc on PCSpecialist.co.uk (is this recommended, or should I be buying a ready made PC for my first time?) and have the following set up of components: Intel i5-6500 (3.2Ghz) quad core processor ASUS H110M-R motherboard (the motherboard is the thing i know least about) 8GB Kingston dual DDR4 RAM 2GB Nvidia GTX 1050 graphics card 1TB WD SATA harddrive 450 W power supply (will this be enough to power it all?) Corsair H60 Hydro liquid CPU cooler (liquid cooling is quiet right?) Standard thermal paste (never even heard of thermal paste) Standard audo/wi-fi/usb options no operating system Logitech speakers All comes to around £700. Is there anything i'm missing? And are any of these components too powerful / not powerful enough for this setup? Appreciate the feedback / recommendations.
  4. Are there any tutorials for using the SRB thrust-curve GUI? I'm struggling to get my head round it. I'm looking to make my SRB's produce close to full thrust for around 80% of their burn, but then lose thrust over the remaining 20%. So far the thrust begins to fall away too early with any curves I've made. Appreciate the help.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion - I'll give it a go
  6. I had a quick idea for a mod similar to Kerbal alarm clock, but instead of the mod alerting us for user-inputted events such as maneuvers, it will alert us over naturally occurring events. The idea spawned because I have a probe in a highly eccentric orbit of Kerbol, with it's apoapsis out beyond Eeloo and its periapsis closer than Moho. Basically, i think it would be awesome if while i was playing the game, i could get alerts when this probe is about to make a close pass to any of the planets. Kerbal alarm clock will send out an alarm for a closest approach to a single target, I'd like alerts for closest approach to every planet. Expanding the idea a little, the mod could alert us of eclipses, planet / moon alignments just so that every once in a while, you can switch over to a vessal just to watch the kerbol system being epic.
  7. The mod is falling over with the Anomaly surveyor, Spacetux (rover missions & unmanned) and random contracts from the KerbinSpaceStation contract packs. These packs don't really use parameter payouts so no issues there. I have tried to write an MM patch to remove rewardFunds from these packs but i have very limited experience with patching so it didn't work - never too late to learn though.
  8. I'm using monthly budgets in a career save alongside multiple contract packs. I have to option to remove contract rewards active however the mod isn't applying this to all contract packs successfully and it basically makes the mod pointless (these contracts have big rewards and practically double my budget). Does anyone know a fix / is anyone good with patches to make a general patch to remove reward funds? Thanks.
  9. Been waiting for this one. Thanks Linux, you're awesome man.
  10. I like this idea, although one problem would be that persistent save files / part config files are too easy to modify and cheat with in a multiplayer situation. Also I think the milestone comparison would be awesome if KCT was a standard mod.
  11. So this is an idea I've had for a while now, i was thinking about how cooperation and competition breed incredible space achievement - The Apollo missions were born from competition between the USA and the Soviet Union, while SpaceX have largely relied on contracts with NASA and other agencies to fund their Falcon 9 development and Mars objectives. This gave me the idea to add another, completely computer controlled space agency into the game and give you the opportunity to interact with it in multiple ways. You may enter fierce competition with it to complete certain goals first, or you may delegate missions to resupply your space station to it - the choice is yours. It would breed a completely new gameplay mechanic - perhaps your comm-sat coverage is having problems so you reach out to them for help with connection / maintenance etc etc etc. I think this idea would also help solve the 'lack of storyline / end-game' complaint that some people have with the game. Let me know what you think, or if its even a viable thing.
  12. Using the SC-E more today and I'm finding a few issues when docking: 1) When controlling from the SC-E docking adapters, distance to target is incorrectly shown. Even when i was touching the target docking port, the game showed a distance to target of around 10m. I was trying to dock to a ST-DOS module, so this might be an explanation if this distance calculation is done by COM as neither docking ports were individual parts? 2) When controlling from the SC-E docking adapters, the SAS could not lock to target. I know this is a stock bug, but it was definitely amplified using SC-E parts as i was consistently pointing about 45° away from the target docking port. Again, I know this is an issue with stock, so its more of a heads-up. 3) *this one isn't specific to SC-E* There are certain orientations in which SSTU docking ports wont dock together. I have it set to a max capture roll angle of 90°. But I'm finding that SSTU docking ports wont dock if the 2 bars in the center of the port are the same orientation - they have to be 90° from each other in order to dock. (< let me know if this doesn't make any sense, I'll grab some screenshots to explain better)
  13. Downloaded the SC-E stuff today to give it some testing. It reenters and lands really well. The only problem I've come across is that every time I load or launch my shuttle, the wheels will be deployed, even if it is saved/launched with them retracted.
  14. For a heavy lifter I'd go with 'Titan'.
  15. Yeah I guessed as much, already going through the process of removing mods and restarting the game.