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  1. First off, try taking them out for a walk - just put them in a part, launch, EVA(?), and recover. Often that's enough to reset them. Otherwise - if things are working, there should be a field in the savefile with their old occupation. Presumably however if that doesn't reset them then things aren't working...
  2. Actually, try here: https://youtu.be/hBwFFm9j_64?t=14m13s (Starting at 14:13.) Freighter MedBay module is one example, another being 16:07, the Passenger Cabin.
  3. I wasn't even talking about those. I meant the larger ones - most were fine, but there were a couple with obvious gaps.
  4. A quick note: I noticed while watching the review that some of the utility modules didn't line up with their space correctly, leaving a bit of space at the top. (Besides the ones Kobbatos mis-oriented and attached wrong.)
  5. Thanks. I'll admit at this point I haven't been doing much to even look at the balance - first trying to make sure I understand how it works, so I can then abuse it without breaking it for the industrial parts. So, from your statement there, if the refinery was 20 tons, the final efficiency would be 125%? (As the mass/eMultiplier of the base part goes up, the effect of the efficiency part goes down.) And if there were two efficiency parts, the total efficiency of the 10 ton version would be 200%, while it would be 150% on the 20 ton version? (Add up the eMultiplier for the efficiency parts.) Ok, that seems to make sense to me. Now, how to abuse... Hmm. The 'Kerbal, with automated support' will probably work fairly well directly, as the 'automated' part can be very heavy, and the part which holds the Kerbals would be very light - and an efficiency part that's got more mass than the base part would result in a very high multiplier. The 'automated, with Kerbal support' parts will be trickier - simplest would be to give them each other's eMultipliers, but not sure if that's a good idea long run. (Of course, none of these will share eTags with MKS parts, so they won't interfere there.)
  6. Kerbalism will likely require a *lot* of extra work, as from what I understand it replaces all of the built-in converters with it's own versions.
  7. Slow progression - largely bookkeeping setup so far: I've got a project set up on GitHub, issues created for all the parts, etc. Started collecting info on what's needed for the efficiency - there's a new reference text file here that lists all the efficiency tags in USI and what they're for, so we don't have to search everywhere. Also added the efficiency support for the greenhouses - including our three, and the greenhouse container. (These could likely use a balance pass.) On the subject of balance passes - does anyone know what 'eMultiplier' means, or how it should be used? It's obviously an efficiency multiplier for that part, but what it should be related to is something I'm not sure of yet. (I looked through the balance spreadsheet, but if it's there I need to go re-watch RoverDude's video to know where.)
  8. A slightly more complicated process, but basically what you're asking for:
  9. The file doesn't actually exist that I know of - it's just how KSP behaves. (There's probably some memory buffer being read into or something.)
  10. I haven't double-checked recently, but I believe I recall that should work - that's USI-LS, not MKS. (Although MKS expands on it.) And USI-LS is supported, generally.
  11. Probably less, actually: As I mentioned, PL will only half-empty a storage container. So it depends on what you mean by 'room' here: If you have one storage container with space for 100 and zero at the start, during the first period you will produce 100 and store 50. During the second period you'll produce and store another 50, etc. If by 'room' you mean you have a storage container that's half full with 100 units extra space, you'll produce and store 100 during each period. (For 400-ish), etc. And of course some things will auto-shutdown if they can't store their excess, and I've seen them shut down during the first catch-up period and not turn back on for the second...
  12. It's intended as a sanity-check to make sure your parts don't expand beyond what's reasonable. Are you sure they should be expanding that much?
  13. The catch-up processing happens in 6-hour batches. (As as been said by the ninja. ) As long as you have enough space for it to handle six hours of work (note that's free space, and PL only pushes *half* to storage...), you won't lose anything. If you have less storage space than that, things will run out. It will do everything multiple times if it's been more than six hours - but it doesn't scale that size. I'd make sure your outposts have enough storage for *13* hours (six hours processing, store half, and give a bit of a margin...). You'll need to jump to it as frequently as it's production can be used up, so higher production is good.
  14. In theory copying/replacing the GameData folder should work, as long as you start from a clean stock install each time. Something though isn't working correctly for you here - I'm completely overloaded with mods and it still doesn't take more than ~30 minutes to load, and from the loading screen to the start screen is nearly immediate. I would recommend you start with a clean install of KSP and try there, to make sure you haven't accidentally messed something up.
  15. There aren't any, actually... You can get some as a byproduct of nuclear reactors from USI I know, and there might be some other mods that add it in, but by default in CRP I don't think it exists in the wild.