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  1. I don't think there's any options to create alarms on *background* events - you have to have the vessel focused to make an alarm for it. But there is an option to make an alarm for SOI changes automatically. So if you do a burn and end up with an SOI change in the future there will be an alarm for it.
  2. As has been said, EL support is present - but the parts (other than the Pioneers) are being phased out. If you don't like the EL parts, take a look at this part pack - it's basically dedicated EL replacement parts:
  3. For one-off small parts like that, I'd suggest looking at OSE Workshops. It lets you 'print' single items into KIS inventory - so if you've forgotten a solar panel or something, you can make one and attach it. You'll want an ISRU as well - something with Logistics hub ability. You'll want to keep track of machinery - things will loose efficiency as their machinery levels drop - but the 'automated' line has a large reserve store of machinery so they'll be good with only occasional service runs. (Note that you'll want an engineer on the service run - send them with the machinery, have them service the drill platform, and then bring them back.)
  4. Time to atmosphere sounds fun - and is often something that I wish I could check easier. It's rarely something that I need to know exactly - but it's often something I need to have general knowledge of, and there's not a good way to do that at the moment. Time to apoapsis and time to periapsis I don't see a need for here. There are several other mods that can provide that with convenient and fairly minimal UI (I have it in an KER HUD, for instance - though I know MechJeb has something as well, and I think VOID has something, and there are probably others). The 'burn to circularize' vs. 'burn to capture' is also one where to me the obvious solution is 'put in a maneuver node for what you want' - and then BBT already handles it for you. The time to apoapsis in a launch (that is, while on a suborbital trajectory) could be a good special case however. (Though I'll admit I use GravityTurn, which handles it for you - including putting a maneuver node in to circularize.)
  5. The moderators liked it. Every month they pick a few, and pin them for the month. This month this thread was one - and it was up to date at the time it was pinned.
  6. On EL: The sliders to transfer resources don't apply to survey builds (where you're using the survey stakes). Resources are only auto-transferred to the new vessel if it's built attached to a launchpad. (I recommend Keridian Dynamics for some better launchpad parts.) Some resources can be built into new vessels (solid fuel, ablator), but that depends on whether there's a recipe for it. (This is OT for this thread though - if you have more questions on EL, I'd suggest you take it over to that thread, as it's not really supported in MKS any longer. The MKS way to build things is with GC, and it can transfer resources to newly built vessels remotely.)
  7. Honestly, I don't actually see #1 as a problem, per se. This design is obviously more for maneuverability and terrain-handling than speed - It's not efficient or desirable to fly long distances using rotors in that manor, so this is for delivery to moderately nearby (a couple hundred kilometers, max, really) - but hard-to-reach - locations. As such size, weight, and maintainability would be primary concerns, not top speed. So what if the design limits the speed? It makes it easy to reach the parts, and keeps it out of the way in use.
  8. Never had that problem when using those versions in my game. I'm guessing it's someplace else.
  9. Those are useful. They're normal as the game loads all the parts you have - so the *next* one after the final entry is the part that's causing an issue. Parts are loaded in filename-alphabetic order, so the next file in the same mod or the first file in the next mod is where you should be looking.
  10. The underscores to periods thing I believe is normal - check other parts with underscores in their names. (I know there are a couple of places where KSP won't use underscores in names - so periods get subbed in.)
  11. What @KerbMav said. You'd have to check each converter for the rest, but in general if there's no more place to put the 'main' output then the converter will shut down.
  12. I’d make the argument that MaterialKits in any extensive game are essentially free - Once you get a small ISRU setup in place, you can make the rest. (Less than that with MKS, as you can turn spent landing stages into MaterialKits...) I'd balance on the mass, making sure the total mass of the vessel/parts is the same no matter how it's built. In fact, for a full balance what makes sense to me is to basically price/mass the DIY kit as if it were made entirely of SpecializedParts. (Basically the old OSE recipe.) That would be a bit more complex a calculation - trying to balance both mass and cost at the same time - but is arguably the most realistic.
  13. There's been some back and forth on what should be displayed there. After all, a lot of players will want to see what the hab time will be quickly, and use launching to test. Some of these I'm not sure exactly how they're shown at the moment unless I take a look. (Is Kerbin special cased? Is the launchpad special cased to show more than Kerbin? etc.) Showing on the launchpad isn't a problem. (It might even count down...) Just note that hitting zero on the launchpad - or on the surface of Kerbin - doesn't actually trigger any issues, even if it does count down. You have to be above the surface for it to matter. (Default height is 20km - though that's configurable. This means you can run out of hab on an areobrake and they'll return to work just in time to fire the parachutes - assuming you've got your capsule oriented correctly to survive reentry, of course...)
  14. The recent version of Janitor's Closet will hover up a tooltip saying which mod is from when you mouse over a part in the VAB. It's not 100% accurate in some edge cases, but should do most of the time.